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Lei Feng's famous sayings

1. A good piece of wood, there is no eye on it, but why can the nail be nailed in? This is hard to squeeze in by pressure, hard to get in.

2. The nail has two strengths: one is tight and the other is drilling. In learning, we must also advocate this "nail" spirit, good at squeezing and good at drilling.

3. I think that a revolutionary should put the revolutionary interests first and contribute everything to the party's cause. This is the happiest.

4. Think of other people's difficulties as their own difficulties, and regard the happiness of comrades as their own happiness.

5. A proud person is actually an ignorant person. He didn't know that he could eat a few bowls of dry rice. He didn't know that he was just a drop in the ocean...

6. I would like to be a pine of alpine rock, not a willow by the river bank. I am willing to exercise myself in the storm, not willing to spend my life in peace and quiet.

7. The role of a person, for the revolutionary cause, is like a screw on a machine. Because the machine is connected and fixed by many screws, it becomes a solid whole, and it can run freely and exert its huge work ability. Although the screws are small, their role is not to be estimated. I am willing to make a screw forever. Screws should be maintained and cleaned regularly to prevent rust. The same is true of people's minds. If you check them frequently, you will not get sick. I will always make a screw.

8. I hope that every time I recall, I will not feel guilty about life.

9. Eating is to live, but not to eat.

10. Screws should be maintained and cleaned regularly to prevent rust. The same is true of people's minds. If you check them frequently, you will not get sick.

11. Is it a glorious warrior or a shameful deserter? It depends on whether you have a firm belief in the face of difficulties.

12. Without the wind and rain, you can't grow into a big tree;

13. If we really want to learn something, we must be open-minded. For example, if a bowl is full, even if it is delicious, like sea cucumber, shark's fin, etc., it can't be loaded. If the bowl is empty, you can put in a lot of things. The bowl of knowledge, like the "treasure bowl" in mythology, will never be filled with dissatisfaction.

14. A drop of water will never dry up if it is put into the sea. A person can only be most powerful when he combines himself with a collective cause.

15. A flower can't be dressed up in a beautiful spring. A person is always advanced and single-handedly.

16. We are the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere.

17. People's lives are limited. However, serving the people is limitless. I must devote my limited life to serving the people infinitely.

18. Treat comrades like springs, treat work as hot as summer, treat individualism like autumn leaves, treat enemies as cruel and ruthless as winter.

19. If you are a drop of water, do you moisten a inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you illuminate a darkness? If you are a grain, do you nurture a useful life? If you are a The smallest screw, are you always in your position? If you want to tell us what thoughts, are you promoting the most beautiful ideals day and night? If you are alive, do you pay for your future human life? Labor makes the world more beautiful every day? I want to ask you, what brings to the future? In the warehouse of life, we should not be just an inexhaustible payer.

20. Youth is always beautiful, but true youth belongs only to those who always strive for the upper reaches, those who forever forget the labor, and those who are always humble.

21. Power comes from unity, wisdom comes from labor, action comes from thought, and honor comes from the collective.

22. In the work, we must look to the most motivated comrades, and in life, we must be in line with the lowest-level comrades.

23. Anyone who has only a people in his mind and who does not have oneself will be able to receive high honors and prestige. On the other hand, if there are only individuals and people without people in the mind, they will be cast aside by the people sooner or later.

24. The most glorious thing in the world - labor. The most decent person in the world - the laborer.

25. Some people say that they are busy with work and have no time to study. I don't think the problem is busy at work, but whether you are willing to learn or not. There is time to learn. The problem is that we are not good at squeezing and we are not willing to drill.

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