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Nietzsche's famous sayings

1. There is no such thing as dancing in the curriculum of the still-educated curriculum: dancing with your feet, dancing with thoughts, dancing with words, needless to say, dancing with a pen

2. Everything about a woman is a fascination, and at the same time, the woman has only one answer, and the answer is fertility.

3. The true desire of the true thinker is leisure. Compared with this, ordinary scholars avoid it because he does not know how to deal with leisure, and at this time he is comforted by books.

4. Although a diligent person will damage his insights or spiritual freshness and creativity because of his diligence, he will still be praised.

5. Real men are eager for two different things: danger and game.

6. Convincing is more dangerous than rumors for truth.

7. Many truths are spoken in the form of jokes.

8. Time flies quickly - how much we hope that everything can fly with it.

9. Ever since I'm tired of pursuing, I have learned to get a glimpse of it; since I hit a wind, I have been able to resist the wind and the boat.

10. Many things are thrown away by me, so they are regarded as arrogant by the kings; if you drink from the spilled glass, it is inevitable that many wines will be sprinkled, so don't doubt the quality of the wine.

11. "He is addicted, he falls." You laughed again and again, and you know that he fell above you. He is very sad, but his glare is close to your darkness.

12. Life is punishment, happiness is temptation; passion is enchantment, self-confidence is blasphemy.

13. If you want to go to a high place, use your own two legs! Don't let someone else lift you up; don't sit on someone else's back and head

14. To truly experience life, you must stand on top of life. Late youth is a lasting youth. I am the sun!

15. Desperate wisdom. ---If we are full of ears all over the world, if we even speculate on the thoughts of others in our hearts, then even the strongest people will not be spared! Because other people, only in them Better than ours, we can allow us to live with them; if we exceed them, if we just want to surpass them, they will not tolerate us! In short, let us in a rare spirit and they Get along with each other, praise, condemnation, hope and expectation for all of their comments about us, and even think about it.

16. The idealist is hopeless: if he is thrown out of his paradise, he will create an ideal hell. How can the light of daylight understand the depth of darkness at night?

17. Those things that don't destroy you will make you stronger.

18. Even the most conscientious person, the condemnation of conscience is weak and weak in the face of such feelings: “This or that thing is contrary to social customs.” The strongest is also afraid of the cold eyes and contempt of others. He is one of these people. Educated, but also for the education of these talents. What is he afraid of? I am afraid of isolation! This reason has knocked down the best reasons for being a man and a person!---Our group nature says that we have created a world suitable for life and accepted various body lines. Cause and effect, movement and static, form and connotation. If there is no such credible thing, no one can keep going! However, those things have not been verified. Life is not an argument; living conditions may have been wrong.

19. Where there is domination, there are people everywhere; where there are people, wherever they need servility; where there is slavery, there are few independent individuals; and, this rare individual also has the group intuition and conscience against the individual. . Beware! As soon as he meditated, he immediately prepared a lie. The biggest benefit of a big victory is to relieve the winner's fear of failure. "Why can't I fail once?" He said to himself, "I have enough money now." He is a thinker, which means that he is simple---simple than things themselves--- thing.

20. The most daring way to destroy one thing is to deliberately defend the matter with reason.

21. People need to act for things as they happen. In fact, it is often the fruit of things.

22. People never dream or dream come true; people must learn to be awake: either never awake or awake. Where there is a lack of will, there is a need for faith wherever it is urgent. The will as the emotion of command is the most important sign of autonomy and strength.

23. Those who can't kill me make me stronger! Whoever wants to learn to fly must learn to stand, run, jump and dance: people can't learn to fly from flying! I belong to today and the past, but my Some things will belong to tomorrow and tomorrow.

24. It is easier for a person to be innocent, and it is difficult to change bad reputation.

25. If you want to go up high, use your own two legs! Don't let someone else lift you up; don't sit on someone else's back and head.

26. I love those who make their virtues their goals or destiny.

27. Look at this: This is a new monument. But where are the my brothers who will help me carry it to the valley to engrave the flesh and blood?

28. What is life? Health is constantly throwing away the threat of death.

29. To truly experience life, you must stand on top of your life! To learn to climb to the heights! Learn to look down on it! The value of human beings can only be measured if they are compared with others. The value of a person is also reflected in the dying and decaying lifestyles and the talents and strengths of a new life that is lively and joyful. The suffering person has no pessimistic rights. If a suffering person, if pessimistic, does not have the courage to face reality, there is no power to fight against suffering, and the result is that he will suffer even more.

30. To fill your stomach, it is a reason why people cannot easily see themselves as God.

31. Another reason for living alone. A: "Now you are going to return to your desert" B: "I am not a thinker who is eager to go; I have to wait for myself for a long time---Water is always slow to refuse from my self-spring Spilling out, I often lose my patience when I am thirsty. I am so retired to loneliness that I don’t have to drink from the common sink. When I live in the crowd, my life is just like theirs. Life, my thoughts are not like my own thoughts; after living in them for some time, I always feel that everyone seems to be trying to make me leave myself and take my soul away - I am right Everyone is angry and fears them. Therefore, I have to walk into the desert to get back to normal."

32. You are a lonely weirdo today, you are living in a group, and one day you will become a nation!

33. If you stare at the abyss for a long time, then the abyss will look back at you as well.

34. You must be prepared to bathe in your own flames: How can you be born again, if you don't first turn into ashes? Wisdom wants us - brave, worry-free, high, strong, she is a woman, forever Only love the soldiers.

35. Most thinkers write poorly because they not only communicate their thoughts but also convey the process of thinking. No winner believes in opportunities.

36. Although a diligent person will damage his insights or spiritual freshness and creativity because of his diligence, he will still be praised.

37. Blindly and diligently can create wealth and glory. However, many noble and elegant organs are also deprived of this virtue that can only create wealth and glory.

38. Strong hopes have a greater stimulating effect on life than any kind of realized happiness.

39. Strong hope is a greater stimulant than any joy in life.

40. This person goes to the heights---he should be praised! The man always comes from a height, he lives, and automatically abandons praise, he is a person from a height!

41. Don't forget. The higher we fly, the smaller we are in the eyes of those who cannot fly.

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