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Beautiful English sentence 2019

1. If we are children of the time, you can stay there, sit together, listen to those who never old stories side HaoShou slowly. If we are all children, we can stay in the same place of time, sit together and listen to those The story that never goes old is slowly beheading.

2. I looked over to you in heaven, as you stare me with sorrow. I stood in heaven and stared at you as if you were gazing at me.

3. How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads, to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams. How lucky some people are, there is no fear in their lives, no worry, every Late sleep comes as expected, taking them into a sweet dream.

4. Fading is true while flowering is past. Wither is true, and blooming is just a past.

5. All know that the only constant in the world are always changing. The world is changing, the only constant is always changing.

6. After all this time, it's still you. After so long, the person in my heart, or you.

7. You never see my loneliest time appearance, because only you're not here with me, I only then loneliest. You will never see my most lonely time, because only when you are not with me, I am the most lonely.

8. You have to be open-minded when those early opportunities present themselves; take advantage of them whether they're going to make you a lot of money or not. You must anticipate the infinite possibilities behind the opportunity. Decisively seize the opportunity, regardless of whether it can make you make a fortune.

9. You give me a drop of tears, I saw your heart all the oceans. You gave me a tear, I saw all the ocean in your heart.

10. When you really love when you can find the fragility and language. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and powerless the language is.

11. We put in the darkness of the heart is called the moon dancing. We call the heart that dances in the darkness the moon.

12. We like the needle on the surface, keep turning, turn, a time left in a hurry, powerless. We are like needles on the surface, keep turning, turning around, watching time hurried away, but powerless .

13. Trying to please other people is largely a futile activity. Trying to please others is futile.

14. Touch the soul of the heart not sacrifice. Touch the depths of the soul, and give up the heart of the heart.

15. There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction. There is nothing wrong with the change, if the direction is correct.

16. The moonlight stands for my heart. The moon represents my heart.

17. The man always remember, lonely life of every man, as I kept thinking of you! Lonely people always remember everyone who appears in life, just as I always think of you!

18. Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover. Commitments are often like butterflies, beautiful flying circles and then disappear.

19. I heart inspired by you every minute, and I worry about you every second. It is wonderful to have you in my life. Every day is your heartbeat, every moment is touched by you, Every second is worried for you. It feels so good to have you.

20. In life, then boring time, also are limited edition. In life, the boring time is also a limited edition.

21. If you can wait for miracle, I'd rather wait, even a year, or the life! If you wait for a miracle, I would rather wait, even for a year, or a lifetime!

22. Are there only to leave, you will never care about. Is it only if you leave, you will care.

23. Opens the full of trees, pear can never bears apple on a tree full of pears, it is never possible to bear an apple

24. Falling in love with a town,it is probably because someone you love resides in it. Falling in love with a city is probably because there is a person you love.

25. Beauty gets the attention, but personality gets the heart. The beautiful person gets the eye, but the character charm is the heart.

26. The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else. The best way to forget someone is to like other people.

27. The chase was mad, mad now retire. Once mad chasing, now desperately retreat.

28. Happiness is about having each tiny wish come ture. Happiness is the achievement of every tiny wish

29. You're more than a shadow, I've just to believe. I firmly believe that you will not be just a passer in my life.

30. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. Don't wait for the perfect moment, grasp the present and make it perfect.

31. I love you. I leave you. I'll miss you. I loved you. Now I am gone. I will miss you in the future.

32. I only hope to have around you, you can warm my air. I only hope that there is a person around you that can warm my air.

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