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Napoleon's famous words

1. I am my biggest enemy.

2. All political parties should be despised, and only the general public is in mind. Only by relying on the support of the general public can we build great cause.

3. The way to politics is to benefit all the people.

4. The monarch should not aim at domination, but should spread morality, education, and welfare.

5. In 1814, Russian, Austrian, and U.S. military troops were stationed under the city of Paris, and students of the Polytechnic School requested to participate in the war. Napoleon, who faced the catastrophe, said: "I don't want to kill my old hen for the golden egg!" Later, this famous saying was engraved in the center of the ceiling of the Paris University Polytechnic's large classroom, which has always inspired School teachers and students are hard to learn. On the battlefield of love, the only secret to winning is to escape.

6. In the expedition to Egypt, Napoleon issued such an order with only one sentence: "Let the blind and the scholars walk in the middle of the ranks." This sentence became a statement of Napoleon's love of scholars.

7. A person should develop a habit of trusting himself, and believe in his courage and perseverance even in the most critical times.

8. The glory of life, not never fail, but can be defeated repeatedly. Soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers. There are not many people to rely on, and it is only by themselves to survive.

9. I only have one piece of advice for you - be your own master.

10. China is a sleeping lion, and once waking up, it will shock the world.

11. Being smart is smart, planning is smarter, and doing well is the smartest and best.

12. Happiness is the greatest exertion of personal value.

13. Patriotism is the primary virtue of a civilized person.

14. The most important quality of the Commander-in-Chief is a calm mind.

15. The great commander should ask himself several times a day. What should he do if there are enemies in front of or around him? If he is overwhelmed, he is incompetent.

16. The way to be political is to go forward and move forward.

17. Work is everything to me. I was born to work. Even if there is nothing left behind me, even if all my performance is completely destroyed.

18. I am successful because I am determined to succeed and I have not tasted it.

19. No chance! This is really the best pronoun of the weak.

20. Don't take small things as light, then you can become a big deal.

21. The glory of life does not fail, but it can be repeated.

22. There are two ways to achieve important goals – power and perseverance. Forces are only owned by a few people, but perseverance is what most people can own. Its silent power has become irresistible over time.

23. The path to success for those who do not seek lessons from failure is far-reaching.

24. Suffering from suffering requires more courage than death.

25. The most immoral of all immoral things is to do things that are incompetent.

26. Napoleon said a famous saying when he was defeated in Russia: "From great lofty to ridiculous, there is only one step difference."

27. The so-called military command art is that when the number of its own forces is actually at a disadvantage, it can instead become an advantage on the battlefield.

28. The worst thing about the ruler is immorality. The upper beam is not under the beam. If the ruler is immoral, it will affect the fashion and poison society.

29. I think that negative grace is the greatest shortcoming of mankind.

30. I only have my name for my son.

31. It is better not to be born when people are not living for a lifetime.

32. When thinking about a battle, I debated myself with myself and tried to refute myself; when I was developing a campaign plan, I was the most cautious person. I always expand dangers and accidents, even if I look happy, I am always extremely nervous and excited.

33. Diligence is one of the elements that constitute genius.

34. People are impermanent and changeable, and good luck is also. Spirit is better than force.

35. Most people are born with seeds of good and evil, courage and jealousy. This is human nature; how to grow up the day after tomorrow depends on education and the environment.

36. Please believe me, God controls everything, we are just its tools.

37. No one can escape his destiny.

38. Controversy with the world is the category of reason and the true victory of the soul.

39. Frustration also has a good side, it teaches us the truth.

40. People can be happy no matter what kind of situation they are in.

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