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No results, don't say how hard you work


When I was teaching English, there was a student who was very smart, but very lazy. I didn’t feel relieved about him. Once, I chatted with him, so that he should not be too greedy. After the results improve, the holidays are casual.

He told me that he would try to recite words at home and complete the tasks I arranged.

When he dictated the word, he was still wrong with a large piece, and the correct rate did not go up at all. Oh, that's no way, copy it, copy each word fifty times, don't let it go home.


When I was in college, I liked to go to the playground to practice my fists and wrestles with my brothers. I remember once, I came to a boy of 189 jin. He told us that he is practicing, and that is to practice. For a long time, quite a lot of experience.

Later, he often came to practice together. When he was in actual combat, he did not win anybody. Even some weak people could do it.

In fact, this buddy is very good. It is about fighting. In what he said to us, it is too far from the actual performance.


There is a girl named Baizhuzhu in the short book. In my eyes, she has been working very hard, including running the whole horse, including writing. I have only seen it once with her. These are the things I saw in her circle of friends.

What really made me look at her is what she has achieved so far.

More than three months ago, she began to insist on codewords. At the beginning, the article was very common. In order to make her efforts not in vain, in addition to her daily writing, she also studied more than a dozen writing articles and participated in writing training. read.

Now, she has written nearly 100,000 words in the short book, with nearly a thousand winter powder, and won a copy of 15,000 yuan.

Taiyuan ten-point reading club's class, Xiao Zhu, height 174, a few years ago, she married a baby, weighing 160 pounds, is really a tall and strong woman.

This is definitely not a good thing for girls. It has to be violated by others’ eyes, and it has been a long time.

She decided to lose weight.

She insisted on controlling her diet, exercised every day, and strictly demanded herself. Six months later, she let the female friends around her go crazy – she managed to lose 104 pounds and still stays very good.


Classmate K brother, I was speaking with me last year. When I first saw him, his speech level was really flattering, dull and boring, and he did not take the initiative to applaud him.

He told us that his goal in the year was to train his speech.

At that time, I felt that it was really difficult for this buddy to achieve the goal, because he had never seen him progress.

However, he still insisted on practicing and also participated in a speech club.

There are two or three months in the middle. Everyone is a little busy and has never seen it. Once, we went to the lecture class, and the buddy’s stance on the stage scared me.

The voice is much brighter, the body language is much richer, and I even laughed at you several times.

What happened in the end?

It turned out that during this time he insisted on "playing" seriously in the two speech clubs and giving as many lectures as possible. I also took the first place in the club.

At the beginning of this month, he sent a WeChat telling me that he was already the president of the club.


The last three people, is it more lovely than the previous two?

Hard work is a good thing, but efforts that don't pursue results often lead us to make extra excuses.

Don't take me anymore, just enjoy the process to deceive yourself.

You tell others that you are working hard, everyone knows that you are working hard, but do you know?

To make the world recognize your efforts, you must come up with the results!

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