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Edvard Polk is known as the "American magazine wizard", but his childhood is very miserable. Edvo Pock's parents are Polish refugees. At the age of 6, he emigrated to the United States with his parents. He grew up in a slum in the United States and spent only six years in his life. At the age of 13, he dropped out of school to work for a telecommunications company.

But the poor life and tragic situation did not overwhelm Edvard Polk, who kept his self-study while he was working. At that time, Xiaobo’s weekly salary was only 6 yuan, 2 cents and 5 cents. He used the saved labor and lunch expenses to buy a set of “American Celebrity Biography Dacheng”. Then, he made a move that no one could have expected: write letters directly to the characters in the book, and ask about childhood stories and anecdotes that were not recorded in the book. He wrote to the then presidential candidate, General Gofid, and asked if he had actually worked on the tugboat; he also wrote to General Grant to inquire about the Civil War.

Through this unique method, he met many of the most famous poets, philosophers, writers, big businessmen, military and political officials in the United States. The celebrities were also willing to meet the curious little Polish refugee, and he was interviewed by many celebrities. Edvark sees this extensive network of resources as a rare asset and decides to use these extraordinary relationships to change his destiny. He began to study hard and then self-recommended to the high-ranking people he met, hoping that he could write a biography for them.

Soon after, he received an order like a snow flake, so that he needed to hire six assistants to help him write his resume, while Edvo Polk was less than 20 years old. Soon, this young man who is good at communication was invited to edit by Family Women Magazine. He has been there for 30 years, making the magazine one of the best-selling magazines in the country.

At the age of Edvard Polk, he has already understood the importance of the network and tried to make friends with all classes and created more and more opportunities for himself. With the help of many "noble people", he completed a leap in the career path.

Hollywood popularly says: "A person can succeed, not because you know what, but because you know who." Success, in many cases, is because of the so-called "noble" support. But this kind of opportunity is not the pie that falls from the sky, but the result of constantly trying to manage the network. In order to gain opportunities, in addition to enhancing our own competitiveness and improving our professional skills, we also have a more important one, which is to expand our personal connections and create more opportunities for ourselves.

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