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You are really indifferent, really low

I saw a publicity advertisement in a beauty salon a few days ago. It took about five minutes to talk about the different treatments that the same woman encountered when borrowing money from strangers before and after makeup: always refused before makeup, and later makeup Many people are willing to lend money to her and are willing to stay in contact with each other. Through comparison before and after, I finally come to a conclusion: the value of justice is justice! This view is now recognized by most people. They believe that a woman should always pay attention to appearance, and a woman without appearance has no future at all. For example, recently Lin Xinru Huo Jianhua was married, and some netizens said: Because of her long beauty! So she can marry love! For this kind of remarks, I just want to ask weakly: Are you really Huo Jianhua so shallow?

There are thousands of beautiful women in the world. Huo Jianhua can choose Lin Xinru instead of other women. This is not only because Lin Xinru has a beautiful appearance. Besides the appearance, I think this is absolutely inseparable from her connotation. Not to mention the fact that she has struggled for many years in the entertainment industry, and simply talking about her personal style of work is enough to make us admire. After establishing his own studio, Lin Xinru can still play crazy with the actors, saying that everyone is filming is the process of their growth together. Think about what kind of cultivation this is! Is it true that a woman who is cultivated is worthy of true love?

I really like this sentence: In your present temperament, you hide the road you have traveled, the books you have read, and the people you loved. In other words, a person must enrich his inner self from all aspects, from learning to self-cultivation, from character to morality. Otherwise, even if you have a beautiful appearance, others will only think that you are very low. Is Qiu Yingying in "Ode to Joy" not a living example? She has a low pony tail and keeps the air Liu Haier, looking very pure and cute. However, at the beginning of the TV series, I saw Qiu Yingying and Guan Guan eating Xiaolongbao together. When the last Xiaolongbao was left, Qiu Yingying braved the light in her eyes and stared at the Guanzhong. Guan Guan politely gave her, she was unceremonious, and immediately swallowed a bite. It’s not good for me to impress her, and I don’t think she is pleasing to the eye. Later, five girls on the 22nd floor were trapped in the elevator at the same time. Everyone was nervous. Qiu Yingying did not have a door, but also told the story of the elevator ghost. "Elevator death is the highest mortality rate." What is irritating is that she finally played a big jump in the elevator, making everyone panic. Later, "Ode to Joy" was broadcast, and many people spit out the most dislike of Qiu Yingying. Why? Because no quality is not inside!

Which is the value of the face and the inside? I think that the growing number of medical plastic surgery institutions is enough to prove the views of most people. But is there anything with a representative value? I don't think so.

A friend A around me is a person who is especially in the accident table. She works in a private unit. Although her salary is not much, she never treats herself badly. All kinds of skin care products, make-up gods must drop big cards, clothes, shoes, bags, and the like must also be graded. Listen to another friend, she went to the beauty salon a few days ago, I listened, good guy, really I am embarrassed! Live is exquisite enough, but she is not always the type I appreciate. The reason is very simple, to chat with her, but when it comes to a deep topic, you will have a feeling of playing the cow. In her world, there will always be only a lot of fun, and there is no foam. It is best to eat, who's clothes are discounted, and a new TV show is coming out, and my eardrum is almost out of my voice. Some people may say that this is also a way of life. Why do you have to comment on different lifestyles? Then I want to ask, I don’t know how many provinces in China, I don’t download mobile software, even WeChat has to bind a bank card to teach people. This is normal for a young man in his twenties. ? I remember that I had to attend a psychological training class a year ago and asked if she would like to be together. Guess what she said? She actually said that women learn so many things and have birds? In the end, it is not the same as working for others. In an ordinary city, marrying a woman? I was very speechless at the time, I wanted to know, girl, if one day, your child has the same thoughts as you, I don’t know how to improve myself, I don’t study well, you teach him but he refutes you and says, “You don’t have anything. When you ask me for this one, you really don’t regret that you didn’t enrich yourself?

Another friend B is also a person who does not pay attention to improving the inner quality. I remember that we went to our colleague C's house for dinner a few days ago. When I washed my hands before meals, I saw that her handles were turned to the maximum, and then washed back and forth under the meandering water. The splashing around was full of water droplets. clean. Because she is not very familiar with her, I can't say anything. It may be that life habits are different. Just thinking in my heart, even if I am used to driving to the maximum to wash my hands, isn’t it necessary to control the other people’s homes? Ok, maybe I pay too much attention to the details, blame me.

Later, the master made almost the meal. We all helped the dish and took the dishes. At this time, B suddenly widened his eyes and stared at the dish in the middle of the table. Then he turned and said to us all, look good. Delicious, I will try one! Then she grabbed a piece of fish with her hand and ate it! Eat it! ! ! Then I still don't forget to swear in my mouth: ah! Really fragrant! delicious! At that time, we were so stunned! Girl, do you pay attention to etiquette? Don't you think that this behavior is really low?

I think, women have a lot to learn. Really. You don't have a high degree of education, but you can't even understand common sense of life! You don't have to be elegant at all times, but you can't ignore the occasion! Didn't the book say it, the inner being is not shallow, the years are so quiet, why should you let yourself live so low?

Therefore, girls, if you want to live to be pleasing to the eye, then you should not only pay attention to appearance, and there is always no harm in having time to improve in all aspects. Seriously, you have no inner appearance, really low!

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