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The nurse has a soft heart

The nursing profession that nurses are engaged in is a lofty and loving cause closely related to life and health. Nurses must fulfill the mission of “maintaining life, alleviating pain and promoting health”, not only to have solid medical nursing theory knowledge and excellent nursing operation technology. What's more important is to have the "five hearts", that is, to have a heart of kindness, kindness, tolerance, softness, perseverance, to carry out the humanistic spirit to the care work, and to serve human health wholeheartedly.

The nurse has a kind heart. Kindness means to be good and good, to be considerate in the process of doing things, to take care of the overall situation, and to proceed from good wishes and do your best to satisfy yourself and others. Nurses have to contact a large number of patients every day, and they have to cooperate with other medical staff in the hospital. Only by focusing on the hospital’s “patient-centered” service, with a kind heart, we strive to do a good job in nursing. If you win the satisfaction of all parties, you can use your medical ethics and moral standards to strictly demand yourself in words and deeds. Only when you encounter problems, difficulties, contradictions and disputes can you recognize your own deficiencies and be able to put yourself in the shoes of the other side. More satisfactory results. If the patient’s family says that the nurse has given the patient a bottle of medicine, we must say to the patient’s family in a responsible manner: “Master, don’t worry, I will check it first.” Instead of refuting: “No less medicine. Don't believe you to check it yourself." Then, we found that there was no problem, and took the infusion card and the medicine bottle to the family, and explained: "Master, this is your father's today's infusion card and all the needles. Every time we dispense a bottle, we have a nurse check. You see that there is an executor's signature and time. It's true." This way of speaking with facts, the patient is extremely convinced by the family, and apologies: "I'm sorry, sorry. It may be that we have made a mistake. "If you ignore the consequences and ask your family to check the problem yourself, then the phenomenon of family members going to the nurse station will be continuous, and the situation of tension and even deterioration of doctors and patients will not be alleviated. Therefore, having a kind heart is the basis for building mutual trust with the extremely family members of the patient. It is the basis for striving for cooperation and achieving good results. Only when the foundation is firmly established can we actively respond to the problems in work and life, step by step. Go on the ideal shore.

The nurse has a loving heart. The patient came to the hospital with illness and pain, and sought medical staff to help solve the problem. The nurse who has the most contact with the patient can only care, sympathize, understand and help the patient with a loving heart. The doctor's advice allows the patient to get the best therapeutic effect with the least amount of money: the shortest hospital stay cures the disease; there is no harm caused by antibiotic abuse such as liver and kidney damage; the mood is comfortable, and the hospital environment and medical staff attitude and technology are satisfied. For example, an elderly patient with a femoral neck fracture came to the hospital. When the patient was admitted to the hospital, the nurse smiled and said, "Where is the old man, where are you hurting? How long has the fall hurt? What medicine is used in the local area, is there any feeling of discomfort? How did they move you here? I will give you a look at the temperature and blood pressure of the individual. If you don’t move, if you move it, your pain will be even more painful. Please help the family and take him. The body temperature is clamped." The whispered whispered like a spring breeze, the patient answered the nurse without compromise, and said: "Prostitute, you are hard. After listening to you, my illness is half better." Also nodded next to it. In fact, people are the same, mutual, you are good to me, I will give you a good return. These inquiries and examinations related to understanding the patient's condition, the nurse can not copy according to the doctor's medical record, the nursing assessment must be true and reliable. With a loving heart, the nurse asks, examines, and observes the patient, and establishes a close relationship with the patient. The patient's family members will abandon all concerns, truthfully reflect the condition and family economic situation, and further improve the care plan and implement nursing measures. Complete various treatments, clean up the obstacles, and make the patient feel at ease in the hospital. The family is willing to pay a deposit to treat the elderly. If the medical staff is indifferent to the patient from admission to discharge, the doctor has prescribed the doctor's advice, and the nurse will infuse the patient. It is distressing to treat the patient irresponsible. It may lead to aggravation of the patient's condition, or inadvertent hospitalization and repeated transfer, or even no longer believe in the hospital, would rather delay at home to death.

The nurse has a tolerant heart. In the clinical nursing work, the nurse often encounters troublesome things. For example, it is difficult for the child to have a scalp needle. Because the family is holding the child running around, the needle is running for a while, and the nurse must not only serve the child many times. Puncture, but also to bear the temper and more explanations with family members; some reasonable charges such as secondary care costs, surgical materials, etc., some patients' families will find the ground to the nurses station repeatedly asked, the nurse can only be a tolerant heart Treat them and try to meet their reasonable requirements and achieve their satisfaction. There are also patients who have unfortunate accidents during their hospitalization. They may have acted excessively. It is strange that the hospital has not been able to cure the disease. The nurse must first understand the painful and sad mood of the patient's family and give appropriate appeasement. It is not possible to generalize and suspect that the patient's family is unreasonable. It should be analyzed and processed according to the specific situation. To treat the patient as a relative and friend, the patient suddenly passed away. We are in the same mood as the patient's family. Just because of professional needs, the nurse has to be stronger than the patient's family.

The nurse has a soft heart. Nurses work in hospitals for decades. Hospitals are just as important as homes. Medical staff are like family members. Nurses have a soft heart that can bring together medical staff. The nurse regards himself as a part of the whole family of the hospital, and works with the medical staff of the hospital to make concerted efforts and do their best to do the daily work. Nursing work is ordinary, trivial, boring, and neglected by many people. It is also an important, great, noble, public service that requires dedication to life. The nurses who undertake nursing work are mostly women. The innate tenderness-like nature gives the nurse the spirit of maternal love in the world of softness and fraternity. In any environment, they are beneficial to his feelings and are willing to use idealized words and deeds to save the people who need to be saved. "In order to work, I am talking about things, and I have not said how you are doing. You treat me like this, indicating that my head nurse is incompetent. Hehe..." "You are incompetent, specifically looking for my nephew, deceiving me. I am an afternoon. Change the shift with others, and push it to my head. Usually, so many people have problems, why don't you criticize them?" The head nurse is difficult to do, there are many things to do personally every day, but also to manage the ward health, care safety, treatment Various problems, contradictions, and disputes have caused the head nurse to be overwhelmed. The nurse did not do it right. The nurse head was raised in time and was attacked by the nurse. The head nurse cried and cried very sadly. "You as a head nurse, criticizing the education of the university nurse is a common thing, you are right. She is such a straight person, likes to argue with anyone, after the dispute is the same, nothing. I last quarreled with her, You saw it, and you persuaded me. Don't cry, nothing.” The older nurse patted the head of the head nurse and collected the items for the head nurse. The department restored the harmony and liveliness of the past. Cooperation, due diligence.

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