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Honoring parents' famous words

1. The nature of heaven and earth, man is expensive; the line of man is no greater than filial piety, and filial piety is greater than strict father. - "Xiao Jing · Sheng Zhi Zhang"

2. Parents, people are also. ——Sima Qian

3. Be respectful and respectful. ——挚虞

4. If the father and son do not believe, the family will not be jealous. - Wu Zetian

5. Who is arrogant and has won three Chunhui. - Mengjiao

6. The guilty person, Jia Daochang. - Lin Biao

7. The heart of compassion, everyone has it. - Su Shi

8. The elders stand, the young ones do not sit, the elders sit, and the life is sitting. Before the eunuch, the voice is low and low, but it is not appropriate. Progress will be inevitable, retreat will be late, ask right, do not move. ——Li Yuxiu

9. If you are a parent, don't love your son. ——Chen Hongmou

10. Serve the pro-intimate, the sound is easy to su, do not scream because of trivial matters. ——Zhou Bingqing

11. In front of children, parents should be good at hiding all their happiness, troubles and fears. - Bacon

12. Mother is the only force that can make death die. - Gorky

13. All glory and pride in the world comes from the mother. - Gorky

14. The death of an elderly person amounts to the dumping of a museum. - Gorky

15. The respect of the elderly is the most privileged privilege of the human spirit. - Stendhal

16. Old age, like a nightingale, should have his nocturne. ——Kant

17. A child who respects others and is responsible is born in a family where love and discipline are properly combined. - James Dobson

18. If the ewe can't hear the snoring of her own lamb, she will never answer the cry of a calf. - Shakespeare

19. At dusk, you collect everything that was scattered in the early morning; the flock returned to the shed and the child returned to his mother. - Suffolk

20. I have seen children who are hungry. I have seen the grief of my mother and my wife. I hate war. - Roosevelt

21. Maternal love is a huge flame. -Roman Roland

22. A loved one will not lose home. - Lincoln

23. The home is the kingdom of the father, the mother's world, and the children's paradise. - Emerson

24. The mother's heart is intertwined with the baby as early as she is pregnant. - Dickens

25. All outstanding and extraordinary people have excellent mothers. - Dickens

26. Without the help of selfless, self-sacrificing maternal love, the child's mind will be a desert. - Dickens

27. Father, it should be a very broad friend. - Dickens

28. The most annoying thing in the world is to look down on your own home. - Dickens

29. Treat your parents with the way you want your child to treat you. - Socrates

30. In the family, the child’s tiniest laughter is the great spiritual impetus for parents to understand that unity can be consolidated. - Suhomlinski

31. Building and consolidating the power of the family – love, the loyal, pure love between father and mother, father and child, mother and child. - Suhomlinski

32. The love of parents should be like this: it can inspire the child to care about the world around him, all the care he creates, and motivate him to serve the people. - Suhomlinski

33. The peace and happiness of the mother depend on her children. Mother's happiness depends on children, children and children to create. - Suhomlinski

34. After becoming a mother, the female beauty is full of power and beauty like a blooming flower. - Suhomlinski

35. As a father, the greatest pleasure lies in being able to inspire and educate children based on the path they have taken during their lifetime. ——Montaigne

36. All outstanding and extraordinary people have excellent mothers who, in their later years, respect their mothers and regard them as their best friends. - Dickens

37. In the child's mouth and heart, the mother is God. - Sacre

38. In this world, we always need to repay the best people. This is the mother. --Ostrovsky

39. It is at our mother's lap that we have acquired our noblest, most sincere and most ambitious ideals, but there is very little money in them. --Mark Twain

40. Communism is not only manifested in the fields and sweaty factories, but also in the family, at the dinner table, between relatives, in mutual relations. - Mayakovsky

41. The ugly sea monster is not as terrible as the ungrateful children. - Shakespeare

42. Both benevolence and beating start first at home. - Bowmont and Fletcher

43. Charity and close relatives, but should not stop there. - Fuller

44. As a person, be respectful to your parents, be kind to your children, be generous to your poor relatives, and be polite to everyone. - Russell

45. For children, the value of a parent's charity is that it is more reliable and trustworthy than any other emotion. - Russell

46. ​​The foundation of the family is undoubtedly that parents have a special feeling for their newborn women. - Russell

47. What is more sacred than the emotions in the parents' hearts? The heart of the parents is the most benevolent judge, the most intimate friend, the sun of love, its light and flames, warm and condensed in our hearts. Deep intentions! - Marx

48. The Son of Wisdom makes his father happy, and the foolish son shames his mother. - Solomon

49. The elders ask, don't bully; the elders order, don't be late; the elders give, don't dare to resign. ——Zhou Bingqing

50. Heavy money, thin parents, not adults. ——Zhu Bojun

51. Losing a mother is like a flower in a bottle. Although there is color and fragrance, it loses its roots. - Lao She

52. Mother has nothing to replace. - Ba Jin

53. In the eyes of parents, children are often part of the self, and children are an opportunity for his ideal self to come again. - Fei Xiaotong

54. Older people are like history and drama, a reference for our lives. - Cicero

55. Let's start, child, start to know your mother with a smile! - Virgil

56. Goodwill produces happiness and civilization brings harmony. - Hugo

57. If a person is saddened by his mother, no matter how prominent his status is, no matter how famous he is, he is a despicable person. - Amicis

58. Being respected by old age is the first privilege that has emerged in human society. - Lafarge

59. We are considerate of the elderly, just like children. - Goethe

60. The filial son is also raised, and his heart is not in violation of his ambitions. - "Book of Rites"

61. There are three filial piety: the great respect and the deity, followed by the humiliation, which can be raised under it. - "Book of Rites"

62. The year of the parents must not be known. One is with joy and the other is with fear. - "The Analects"

63. Meng Wubo asked Xiao, Zi Zi: "Parents are only worried about their illness." - "The Analects of Confucius"

64. Parents love and love, and parents respect and respect. --Confucius

65. Young and old. - Mencius

66. Old and old, and old man; young and young, and young. The world can be transported to the palm. - Mencius

67. The filial son is the most respected. - Mencius

68. Only filial piety can solve problems. - Mencius

69. Fathers and sons have relatives, monarchs are righteous, couples are different, young and old have Syrian, and friends have faith. - Mencius

70. Things are big, things are big, things are big, and they are big, and they are big. Without losing his body, he can be a relative, and I will hear it; if I lose my body, I can do it, and I have not heard it. Do you not do things? The matter is the matter, the foundation of the matter is also; the swearing is not to keep it, to keep the body, and to keep it. - Mencius

71. The benevolence of the benevolent, the dear is also true; the righteousness is true, the brother is also. - Mencius

72. You can't be a pro, you can't be a person; you don't follow a pro, you can't be a child. - Mencius

73. The gentleman has three music, and Wang Tianxia does not live with him. Parents survive, brothers have no reason, a happy also; Yang does not succumb to the heavens, bows to the people, two music also; the world is talented and educated, three music also. The gentleman has three music, and Wang Tianxia does not coexist. - Mencius

74. The secular so-called filial piety five, indolent four, regardless of the parental support, a filial piety; Bo Hao good drinking, regardless of the parental support, the second is not filial; good goods, private wife, regardless of the parents, three filial piety From the eyes and ears, thinking that parents are jealous, four are not filial; also bravely fighting, to risk parents, five are not filial. - Mencius

75. There is no father or no king, it is a beast. - Mencius

76. If you are not good, you can't be apart from each other. If you are not able to live, you can't move your beauty. - "Lv Spring and Autumn"

77. The filial son does not despise his pro, the loyal minister does not blame his prince, and the courtiers are also prosperous. - Zhuangzi

78. In the case of their loved ones, they choose peace of mind and filial piety. - Zhuangzi

79. The ritual, the continuation of the short, the loss of more than the loss, the benefits are insufficient, up to the letter of love, and the beauty of the righteousness. - 荀子

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