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Hard work

1. Poor and shameful, shame is poor and unmotivated. --------Lv Kun

2. The avenues of art are thorny, which is also a good thing. Ordinary people are discouraged, except for those with strong will. -------- Hugo

3. In ancient and modern China and foreign countries, all achievements in human life and human beings are the result of down-to-earth and hard climbing. -------- Qian Sanqiang

4. The ideal book is the key to wisdom. -------- Tolstoy

5. A person who wants to help the weak should be a strong person, not a weak one like them. ---------Roman

6. Roland I never think of ease and happiness as the purpose of life itself - this ethical foundation, I call it the ideal of the pig pen. ---------Einstein

7. Everything must be done in a down-to-earth manner, not in a dream, not in a false voice, but only in a pragmatic manner. If you study at this attitude, then the truth can be seen. If you work with this attitude, you can do it. --------- Li Dazhao

8. Without great wishes, there is no great genius. --------- Balzac

9. Everyone has a certain ideal that determines his direction of effort and judgment. In this sense, I never regard ease and happiness as the purpose of life itself - this ethical foundation, I call it the ideal of the pig pen. --------Einstein

10. For one person, what is expected is nothing else, but only that he can go all out and dedicate himself to a good cause. --------- Einstein

11. We must have perseverance, especially self-confidence! We must believe that our talents are used to do something, no matter how expensive it is, this kind of thing must be done. --------Murrey

12. A person should only think of one thing at a time and persevere, so that there is hope for it. But I think everything, and I can't catch anything. Every time I find out that when a thing I am looking for is at your fingertips, I am pursuing something else. too late. --------Andrew Gard

13. Catch up with the future, seize the essence of it, and turn the future into the present. ---------Chernyshevski

14. A common cause and a common struggle can make people endure the power to endure everything. --------Ostrovsky

15. The vocation of scientists is that we should continue to struggle and thoroughly expose the mysteries of nature. Mastering these mysteries will benefit mankind in the future. -------Jolio. Curie

16. If people's activities are not inspired by ideals, they will become empty and small. --------Chernyshevski

17. A person who is not inspired by the enthusiasm of dedication will never do anything great. --------Cal

18. Nyshevsky's future is bright and beautiful, love it, rush into it, work for it, greet it, make it as realistic as possible! ------- Chernyshevsky

19. The old man is in a hurry, and his ambition is a thousand miles; -------- Cao Cao

20. Unbelief and indecision are a sad mind. -------Bacon

21. The ideal of life is for an ideal life. -------Zhang Wentian

22. The higher the goal pursued by a person, the faster his talent develops and the more beneficial it is to society. -------Gorky

23. There are many people who use the happiness of youth to make a successful price. -------- Mozart

24. To achieve a great cause, you must start small things. -------- Lenin

25. Divine Work In everyone's daily affairs, the ideal future is to start by bit by bit. --------Xie Jue

26. A person who does not pay attention to small things will never succeed in a big cause. -------Carnegie

27. Speak less words and do more everyday things... -------Lenin

28. Only a confident person can be confident in any place and immersed in life and realize his will. -------Gorky

29. Determining a person’s life, and the entire destiny, is only a matter of moments. -------- Goethe

30. Aspirations are the door to career, and work is a journey into the room. --------- Pasteur

31. A great cause requires determination, ability, organization and responsibility. -------- Ibsen

32. Only when the hard work of its development has been completed for a long time and the task of immersing itself in it for a long time is expected can be achieved. -------- Hegel

33. Strong confidence can make ordinary people do amazing careers. -------Malton's determination, work, success, is the three major elements of human activities - Pasteur

34. I might as well play a role as a sharpening stone to make the steel knife sharp, although it can't move anything. -------- Horace

35. The three armed forces can also win the handsome, and the husband can not be ambition. Confucius

36. Yanque plays chopping wood and acquaints with Hongjun. --------Cao Zhi

37. Poor and hard-working, do not fall into the blue cloud. -------- Wang Bo

38. Dapeng started with the wind and skyrocketed 90,000 miles. -------- Li Bai

39. Those who have made great achievements in the ancient times must not only have the talents of the world, but also have the steadfastness of perseverance. --------Su Shi

40. Therefore, those who are determined to be loyal are also the heart of learning; for scholars, they are also determined. --------Wang Yangming

41. Aspirations are high. ---------Zhuge Liang

42. Those who are not strong are not wise. --------墨翟

43. Yan Ke An Zhi Hong Zhi Zhi Zhi!-------- Chen Shi

44. The smartest person in the world is to use the experience of others to smash the bloody experience as his own experience. The most stupid person in the world is the experience of not being beaten by himself.

45. Every successful person has a beginning. Be brave to start, you can find the way to success.

46. ​​Life is not about living long and short, but about the morning and evening of the epiphany.

47. The success or failure of life is often between the thoughts, but most of them are the difference between one thought.

48. There are many ways to make money, but if you can't find the seeds that make money, you can't be a business.

49. The ant colony is small and collapses.

50. Instead of defeating the enemy 10,000 times, it is better to defeat yourself once.

51. Giving people money is the best policy. Giving people the ability is a good policy. Giving people the idea is the best policy.

52. Selling the world's number one product – not a car, but yourself. Before you can successfully sell yourself to others, you must sell yourself to yourself 100%.

53. Even if you climb to the highest mountain, you can only take a step on the ground.

54. The rich make money by capital, and the poor rely on knowledge to get rich.

55. Don't think about building the sea, you must start with a small river.

56. If there is something, the matter will be completed; the boat will be ruined, and the Qin dynasty will eventually return to Chu; the bitter person will not lose the day; the retreat will be daring, and the three thousand will be able to swallow Wu.

57. Your face is to present the most precious gift God has given to mankind - smile, be sure to be the greatest asset of your work.

58. The wise man creates opportunities, the strong grasps the opportunity, and the weak waits for the opportunity.

59. There are two acres of land. One acre of fields during the day fills the stomach, and one acre of land at night is the future of farming.

60. Even an immature attempt is better than a strategy in the womb.

61. Positive people see an opportunity in every worry, while negative people see some kind of worry at every opportunity.

62. Live fish will flow up the river and the dead fish will follow the tide.

63. Mo did not find an excuse to fail, only to find reasons to succeed.

64. If we want more roses, we must plant more roses.

65. Eat the bitterness that others can't eat, endure the gas that others can't bear, do what others can't do, and enjoy everything that others can't enjoy.

66. Go out and walk the road, say good things at the exit, and do good things.

67. It is an individual to grow up with a child, and it is a talent for the child to grow up.

68. Those who feel sincere and who are sincere.

69. Our people are not the model of others in this life, but the mirror of others.

70. Positive thinking leads to positive life and negative thinking leads to negative life.

71. Rich and rich are not content, and expensive is expensive. If you are poor, you will be poor and you will be ignorant.

72. The most effective capital is our credibility, and it works for us 24 hours a day.

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