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1. The value of a person should depend on what he contributed and not what he has achieved. Einstein

2. Only by devoting to society can one find out the meaning of life that is actually short-lived and risky. Einstein

3. My philosophy of life is work. I want to reveal the mysteries of nature and serve humanity. In our short life, I don't know what is better than this service. Edison

4. Since thought exists in labor, people must live by labor. Suhomlinski

5. There is no tenacious and meticulous work, even a talented person can become a useless plaything like an embroidered pillow. Stanislavski

6. Don't stay on the scores you have earned, but work bravely, and try to keep the scale of labor in your hands for a long time. Ostrovsky

7. I only believe one thing: inspiration is produced during labor. ... labor, this is the best doctor for all insensibility. Ostrovsky

8. Only under new social conditions can labor be transformed from a heavy burden into a satisfying and satisfying physiological requirement. Chernyshevsky

9. Labor is the source of power that produces all power, all morality, and all happiness. La Jonioni

10. We learn to think in our labor process, the result of labor, we know the mystery of the world, and we really change our lives. Gorky

11. Falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning it into a spring mud to protect the flowers. Gong Zizhen

12. Working hard on labor is the mother of all inventions. Everything works hard in labor, and becomes the truth of things. Tao Xingzhi

13. Labor enables people to build confidence in their intellectual power. Gorky

14. All the good things that exist are the fruits of creation. Mill

15. I am like a cow, eating grass, and milk and blood. Lu Xun

16. When a person uses his work to greet the light, the light will soon shine on him. Feng Xuefeng

17. A person with real talents feels the highest level of happiness in the course of his work. Goethe

18. It should be remembered that our business requires hands, not mouths. Tong Zhou

19. There is no such thing as real value in the world that can be obtained without hard work. Edison

20. To do things, not only do people want me to do it, but people do not want me to do it and do it. In this way, it will be interesting, and there will be gains. Xie Juezhen

21. Labor is always the foundation of human life and the foundation for the creation of human cultural happiness. Macalenko

22. Whoever can work hard and who can make many achievements can be outstanding. Engels

23. Cattle graze, horses eat, cattle enjoy the least, the most powerful, so it is best to be a ox. I am willing to be the old ox for the party and the people. Wang Jinxi

24. It is labor itself that constitutes the main factor in the happiness you seek. Anything that is not earned by hard work will soon become boring and boring. Hume

25. My life is basically just hard work. I can say that I lived seventy-five years old. I didn’t live a comfortable life in that month. It was like pushing a stone up the mountain. The stone kept rolling down and pushed up. . Goethe

26. Things that have been obtained through laborious efforts are more appealing than those that are obtained without effort. At a glance, the truth can be understood without any effort, and it feels temporary pleasure, but it is quickly forgotten. Boccaccio

27. Laziness: It is a special style of attitude towards labor. It is characterized by the difficulty of getting involved in work and the ease of leaving work. Japlitskaya

28. There is always a beginning from nothing; it is made by two hands and a clever head. Songsoneiji

29. Pleasure is only a companion to happiness. If you are not accompanied by labor, then it will not only quickly lose value, but will also quickly make people's minds fall. Ushinsky

30. To work, be hardworking: labor is the most reliable asset. La Fontaine

31. Love labor is one of the main components of communist morality. But only after the victory of the working class, the indispensable condition of human life--labor, will not be a heavy and shameful burden, but become a cause of honor and heroism. Kalinin

32. I have always loved mental and physical labor throughout my life. Maybe even said that I love physical labor more. When I add any excellent savvy in physical labor, that is, when the hands and brains are combined, I feel more satisfied. Pavlov

33. Labour is the foundation and means of human existence and a source of perfection for one's physical, intellectual and moral integrity. Ushinsky

34. Selflessness is a rare morality because it is unprofitable from it. Brecht

35. Labor is the father of wealth and land is the mother of wealth. William with the first

36. If you can successfully choose labor and infuse all of your spirit into it, then happiness itself will find you. Ushinsky

37. Labour is an inevitable obligation of everyone in society. Rousseau

38. Physical labor is a great disinfectant against all social viruses. Marx

39. Inspiration is nothing but a reward for “hard work”. Repin

40. Perfect newcomers should be cultivated in labor and for labor. Irving

41. I know what labor is: labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world. Gorky

42. At noon on the day of the Wohe, the sweat dripped down the soil. Who knows the Chinese food, the grain is hard! Li Wei

43. When I always regard myself as a pearl, I often have the pain of being buried. Let yourself be the earth! Let everyone step on the road. Kong Fansen

44. Only by perfecting their own contemporaries and working for their happiness can they achieve their own perfection. Marx

45. The best things in our world are created by labor and by the intelligent hands of men. Gorky

46. ​​How much life is calculated by time, and the value of life is calculated by contribution.

47. The meaning of life lies in giving, in giving, not in accepting, not in fighting. Bajin

48. Love labor. No power can be a great and intelligent person like labor, the power of collective, friendly, and free labor. Gorky

49. Human life is limited, but serving the people is limitless. I have to devote my limited life to serving the people infinitely. Lei Feng

50. The self-sufficient winner can destroy the public. Lin Wei

51. Labor is the source of all knowledge. Tao Zhu

52. There are thousands of rooms in Ande, and the world is full of happiness. Du Fu

53. I think that the way to find happiness in life is better than respecting labor. All the moral conditions can be obtained by labor, and all sufferings can be freed from labor. Li Dazhao

54. When everyone is good, the world is peaceful; everyone is in private, and the world is in chaos. Liu Wei

55. Only human labor is sacred. Gorky

56. The most important thing in people’s lives is labour training. Without a labor, there can be no normal life. Rousseau

57. There are some words of "once and for all", but there are very few things "once and for all"... Lu Xun

58. The establishment of the socialist system has opened up a path to an ideal realm, and the realization of the ideal realm depends on our hard work. Mao Zedong

59. Knowledge comes from hard work, and any achievement is the result of hard work. Song Qingling

60. When you are successful, don't wait to enjoy the honor, you should do what you need. Pasteur

61. If you want to love your own values, you have to create value for the world. Goethe

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