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1. The most expensive way of revenge is tolerance. Tolerance is like a cool nectar, watering the dry heart; tolerance is like a warm fireplace, warming the cold and numb heart; tolerance is like a torch that does not extinguish, igniting the kind of fire that will be extinguished under the iceberg; tolerance is like a The magic flute wakes up those who are sleeping in the dark. Hugo

2. Learn to be tolerant, the world will become broader; forgetting to care, life will be happy forever. Ancient Greek philosopher

3. Life is like a vast ocean. Tolerance is a boat, and boating on the ocean, only to know the width of the sea.

4. Life is like a mountain. Tolerance is a small path. When you follow the path, you will know the height and harmony of the mountain.

5. Life is like a cup of coffee, tolerance is toffee, the fusion of the two, only to know the aroma and sweetness of bitterness.

6. People are good to me, I am also good, people are not good, I am good.

7. The human heart is not conquered by force, but by the great conquest of love and tolerance.

8. When one foot is on the petals of the violet, he leaves the scent on the foot, which is tolerance. A mental patient broke into a doctor's house and shot three of his daughters, but he still cured the mental patient. This is also tolerance.

9. If a person chooses to care, he will spend the rest of his life in the dark; and if one chooses tolerance, then he can sprinkle the sun on the earth.

10. Tolerance to others is to liberate oneself and to be pure in the soul.

11. The world's widest is the ocean. The sky is wider than the ocean. The wider than the sky is the human mind.

12. For a moment, calm down and take a step back.

13. With a tolerant state of mind to get along with classmates, friendship can be stable and long-lasting.

14. Tolerance means respect, understanding, trust and communication, but not indulgence, indulgence, or passive inaction.

15. A person who refuses to forgive others does not leave room for himself.

16. I think it is a virtue to forgive the fault that others have realized.

17. Tolerance is chic, tolerance is forgetting, tolerance is patience.

18. Tolerating others is doing a noble thing.

19. Tolerance is generous and tolerance is open-minded.

20. The widest thing in the world is the ocean. The sky is wider than the ocean. The wider than the sky is the human mind.

21. Without forgiveness, life will be controlled by endless hatred and revenge.

22. The spirit of magnanimity is the greatest of all things.

23. The more wise the person, the broader the chest.

24. Patience is painful, but his result is sweet.

25. Those who do not tolerate others are not tolerant of others, but who can say that they do not need tolerance?

26. Sometimes moral shocks caused by tolerance are more intense than punishment.

27. There is no fish in the water until the Qing Dynasty.

28. The gentleman is open and the villain is always jealous.

29. Heaven calls it high, and it is all overwhelming; the land is called its wide, and it is all-encompassing; the sun and the moon call it the bright, and all of them are taken; Jianghai calls it the big one, and it is indispensable.

30. High knowledge is large.

31. Only the width can accommodate people, but the thickness can carry things.

32. My own advantage, to hide a few points, this is implicit to raise the depth. Others are not good, to hide a few points, this is honest to raise.

33. You can’t stand it, you can’t tolerate it, but you can’t take it.

34. More tolerance means less separation in the heart, and more tolerance means more love.

35. The mountain is not high, and the water is not deep. ─ ─ [Han] Liu Xiang, "New Preface, Festival"

36. Discouraged self-painting, the amount is narrow and easy to profit. ──[明]Zhu Zhiyu, "Zhu Xishui Collection·Kang Min"

37. With great compatibility, everything is good. ─ ─ "Song Dynasty facts courts, ancestral sacred martial arts"

38. The wicked are daring, the little is very popular, and the gentleman is large. ─ Chinese proverb

39. It is not worthy of being tolerant of others. ─[Russian] Turgenev "Roting"

40. The chest is wide and wide, and there are often ferry boats. ─ Chinese proverb

41. Taishan does not allow the soil, so it can become a big one; the river and the sea do not choose a trickle, so it can be deep; the king is not the public, so it can be clear. ──[Qin] Li Si's "The Book of Deportation"

42. Taigang is folded, and there is no disciplinary. ─ 》《晋书·刘隗列传》

43. Can accommodate the villain, Fang Chengjunzi. ──[明]Feng Menglong, “Zengguang Think Tank Supplement”

44. Being able to lay down people, so their guilty conscience; their guilty conscience, so they are widely used; they are widely used, so the higher their people. ─ ─ [Ming] Li Wei, "burning books, Gaoyan said"

45. One can support a hundred braverys, and a quiet can make a hundred moves. ─ ─ [Song] Su Shi "Heart"

46. ​​When it is convenient, it is convenient, and you can be spared and spared. ─ ─ [Ming] Wu Chengen "Journey to the West"

47. A great person has two hearts: one heart is bleeding, one heart is tolerant. ──[Lebanon] Gibran

48. Violet left its aroma on the ankle that flattened it. This is wide anger. ——Mark Twain

49. "Tolerance is like the drizzle of the sky that nourishes the earth. It blesses those who are tolerant and blesses those who are tolerant.--Shakespeare's famous drama "The Merchant of Venice"

50. The most expensive revenge is tolerance. ─ Hugo

51. Only brave talents know how tolerant; cowards will never be tolerant, this is not his nature. ——Stern

52. Be sincere and generous. ─ Kang Youwei, the First Book of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty

53. The mind of the person is narrow, and the desire is narrow. ─[清]金缨《格言联合壁》

54. A good amount of work, the tree is well shaded. ─ Chinese proverb

55. It is better for me to argue with others than to be able to argue. I am also a man, and it is better to be able to prevent it. ─ ─ Hong Yi master "Gui Shi Bi Lu"

56. People are not jealous, who can do their best. ─ ─ [Tang] Li Bai "and Han Jingzhou Book"

57. Guan Gong released Cao Yuxiang, and the husband had to have a capacity. ─ Chinese proverb

58. Being good with others means being good at understanding. ─ [Beautiful] Frost "New Hampshire"

59. Patience and mind, troubles do not touch the edge. ─ Chinese proverb

60. Can tolerate the true gentleman, can bend to reach the husband. ─ Chinese proverb

61. With a small suspicion, I will forget the old grace with a new resentment. ─[清]金缨《格言联合壁》

62. The saints are extravagant and the world is stunned. ──[汉]陆贾《新语·术事》

63. The East China Sea is wide and deep, and it is humbled by hundreds of rivers; although the Five Mountains are tall, they do not contradict the scale and dust. ─[[Three Kingdoms] Cao Zhi, "When You Want to Tour Nanshan"

64. Forbearance, anger, forbearance, less. ─ Chinese proverb

65. There is no regret in thinking about things, and people can be self-sufficient. ──[明]Feng Menglong, "Awakening the World"

66. People should have a conscience, and even the most cruel heart will have a short, beautiful memory of forgiveness. ──[Jie] Severte "Tear City"

67. More forgiveness and less forgiveness. ─ Chinese proverb

68. Forgiving an enemy is easier than forgiving a friend. ──[英]布菜克"耶鲁萨冷"

69. There is tolerance, it is good; there is tolerance, and De Nai is big. ——《尚书·周书·君陈》

70. There is room for tolerance and no desire for it. ─ ─ "Ancient and Modern Couplets"

71. There is no rival in the hole, and you have to be spared and spared. ─ ─ [Song] good chess people "quake sentence"

72. The benevolent loves everything. ——《史记·赵世家》

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