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Goethe's famous sayings

1. We must always repeat the truth, because some people are repeatedly propagating mistakes, and not individual people, but a large number of people propaganda.

2. The key is to have a soul that loves the truth, and when it meets the truth anytime and anywhere, it is absorbed into it.

3. Finding out the sporadic truths obtained by the predecessors and further developing them is a credit for merit.

4. Smart young people think that if they admit the truth that has been acknowledged by others, they will lose their originality. This is a great mistake.

5. Truth is a torch, and it is a great torch, so when we try to walk past it with fear of being burned by it, it is difficult to open our eyes.

6. It is much easier to see the mistake than to discover the truth; because the fallacy is in the clear and can be overcome; the truth is hidden deep, and no one can find it.

7. Whoever accepts pure experience and acts according to it will have enough truth.

8. The history of knowledge is like a great polyphonic song, in which the voices of the various nationalities sound in turn.

9. There are many beautiful and outstanding things in the world, but they are not dependent on each other.

10. Although we can grow up with the shelter of our parents and relatives, rely on our brothers and friends, and help us through the help of our loved ones, but in any case, human beings still rely on themselves.

11. How magnificent, vast, and distant my heritage is! Time is my property, my land is time.

12. Save time and save, I am likely to get the most precious diamonds.

13. If you can’t do it today, you won’t do it tomorrow. I can't afford to spend a day. I have to make up my mind to grasp the possible things and hold them tightly. If I am determined, I will not let them escape, and they must implement them.

14. There are sixty minutes in an hour and more than a thousand minutes in a day. After understanding this truth, you know how much people can make.

15. Whoever plays the game, he will never succeed, who can't dominate himself, will always be a slave.

16. Just use time! What do you want to understand, don't go far.

17. As long as we can make good use of our time, we will never have enough time.

18. To be a great cause, you must start in your youth.

19. The cause is the most important, and the reputation is empty.

20. No matter where he goes, no matter what career he is engaged in, he will eventually return to the path of his own.

21. The cause is everything, and the name is just a false voice.

22. The largest in the world is the ocean. The bigger than the ocean is the sky. The bigger than the sky is the human heart. The passage to the woman’s heart is the vagina.

23. No one is benzene. If you don't use your brain, you will be awkward!

24. Who is the happiest person? It is someone who can feel the merits of others and regard the joy of others as their own pleasure.

25. The greatest happiness is that our shortcomings are corrected and our mistakes are remedied.

26. The person who can connect the end of his life with the starting point is the happiest person.

27. When a fool feels that life is difficult, the sage looks easy; when the fool feels easy, the sage feels difficult.

28. Isn't life for the sake of making short things permanent? To do this, you need to know how to value this short and permanent.

29. Although everyone seeks a lot, what is needed is minimal. Because life is short-lived, human destiny is limited.

30. Anyone who has not eaten bread with tears is a person who does not understand the taste of life.

31. Whoever is a game life, he will accomplish nothing; who can't dominate himself is always a slave.

32. Life is good, freedom is good, you have to win every day, and you are qualified to enjoy it.

33. Only such a person is worthy of life and freedom, if he struggles for it every day.

34. A person who claims to be free is at the same time feels that he is restricted. If you dare to claim that you are restricted, you will feel that you are free.

35. It is a nature to tell yourself to others; therefore, it is a kind of education to take seriously what others say to you.

36. True like-minded people cannot argue long-term; they will always say good things.

37. As long as you tell me what kind of person you are paying, I can tell who you are.

38. Friendship can only be produced in practice and maintained in practice.

39. Those who know the danger and do not say are enemies.

40. People should have a love of the truth, and adopt the soul like it when they see the truth.

41. The relationship between mistakes and truth is like the relationship between sleep and lucidity. When a person wakes up from his mistakes, he will move toward the truth with new power.

42. The struggle is the school of mastery, and frustration is the bridge to truth.

43. The love of truth is reflected in knowing how to discover and cherish the benefits of everything.

44. Labor can free us from three major disasters: loneliness, vices, and poverty.

45. If you want to rejoice in your meaning, you must give meaning to the world.

46. ​​Anyone who is self-improving will eventually succeed.

47. A person cannot ride two horses. If you ride this one, you will lose that horse. A wise man will put all the demands of distracting energy out of his mind, and only concentrate on learning one thing. If you learn one, you must learn it well.

48. Fantasy is the poet's wings, assuming a scientific ladder.

49. As far as science is concerned, the fact that the sporadic truths obtained by the predecessors have been found to be further developed is the merit of being rewarded.

50. Fantasy is the poet's wings, assuming a scientist's ladder.

51. There is a long time between today and tomorrow; when you are still in spirit, learn to do things quickly.

52. It is not only that he has everything when he is born, but that he makes himself by everything he has learned from his studies.

53. An experienced person reads two eyes, one sees the words on paper and the other sees the back of the paper.

54. An outstanding philosopher said that architecture is freezing music, and many people are shaking their heads about this statement. This is inevitable; we believe that there is no better way to say this kind of clever idea, that is, to call the building Silent music.

55. Whoever has a brain to think about, in the end he will have nothing but his feelings.

56. When a great thought comes to the world as a gospel, it becomes an offense to the well-regulated masses, but it is a stupid thing to those who read a lot but have little knowledge.

57. It is not how correct, powerful, or beautiful the language itself is, but the power of the thought it embodies.

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