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1. The big thing is not the size of strength, but how long it can last. ——Johnson

2. How can you get a plum blossom after a cold bone? - Song Fan

3. Often the last key opens the door. - Anonymous

4. Do not experience the wind and rain, grow up to be a big tree, not be tempered, and difficult to become steel.

5. “It’s not shameful.” Even if it’s slow, it’s a long way to go, it’s backward, and it’s a failure, but it’s sure to achieve the goal that he is longing for. - Lu Xun

6. Bao Jianfeng is honed from the smashing, plum blossoms come from bitter cold.

7. Surprised, only one minute; it takes many years to make an amazing career.

8. Don't give up! Never give up! Never give up! - Churchill

9. Do not accumulate steps, no more than a thousand miles; no accumulation of small streams, no rivers. - 荀子

10. If you have a constant, why should you go to sleep more than five; the most unhelpful, I am afraid that the day will be exposed to the cold for ten days. - Mao Zedong

11. Success is ultimately patient and waiting.

12. Everything new is always the beginning. There are a lot of people who were enthusiastic at first, but soon they will be cold and will not do it because he already understands that it is impossible to do without a hard work, but only want to The person who did it has endured this pain. - Dostoevsky

13. If you give up time, time will give up. - Shakespeare

14. Although the axe is small, it has been hacked many times and can finally chop a hard oak.

15. Tell you the mystery that made me reach my goal. My only strength is my persistence - Pasteur

16. Revolutionary morality does not fall from the sky. It is developed and consolidated from the daily struggle and exercise of perseverance. Just as the jade is getting more and more bright, the gold is more pure and pure - Hu Zhiming

17. Success is a journey, not an end, so as long as everything goes smoothly in the process of success, it is success.

18. In ancient and modern times, you will go through three realms: "West winds withered trees last night, alone on high-rise buildings, and looking for the end of the world", this first realm is also "the belt is gradually widening and no regrets." For the Iraqi people to get rid of people, this second realm is also; "there are thousands of people looking for him in the crowd, and suddenly look back, that person is in a dim light," this third realm also. - Wang Guowei

19. Patience and perseverance will always be rewarded.

20. The secret of success is to never change the stated goals.

21. Let it be done, the dead wood is not folded; the perseverance, the stone is awkward. ——荀荀

22. The key to the probability of success is that you can stick to the moment when success begins to appear. - Anonymous

23. Poor and hard-working, do not fall into the blue cloud. - Wang Bo

24. Perseverance in achieving achievements is more important than being stubborn and unyielding when you fail. - La Rochefko, French writer

25. People often mix truth and error to teach people, but they insist on mistakes. - Goethe

26. The will to make no decision is not the will of reality; the person without character never makes a decision. - Hegel

27. Talent is long-term persistence.

28. Don't lose your confidence. As long as you persist, you will end up with results. —— Qian Xuesen

29. Success is not something that will come in the future, but it will continue to accumulate from the moment you decide to do it.

30. The most terrible enemy is that there is no strong belief. -Roman Roland

31. Aspirations and perseverance are the wings of a career.

32. Only perseverance will make us successful, and the source of perseverance lies in unwavering determination and resolutely the means needed to achieve success. - Chernyshevsky

33. As long as the effort is deep, the iron shovel is ground into a needle. - Anonymous

34. One day for one day, ten days for ten days. The wire saw is broken and the water drops are worn. ——Bangu

35. Taking the principle of sincerity as the key to self-cultivation, figuring out what is a good act of words and deeds, and is the basis for persistence in sincerity. - Zhu Xi

36. The emergence of the will is not a denial of desire, but a merger and promotion of aspiration to a higher level of consciousness. - Luo Luomei

37. When a person does something, he must carefully consider it before he starts. However, after the plan or policy has been fixed, it is necessary to make sure that the goal is advanced and there is no longer hesitant attitude. This is a firm attitude. ——Zou Yufen

38. If the will is submissive, regardless of the degree, it helps the violence. - Dante

39. Perseverance is a permanent enjoyment.

40. There is no manpower to repel a hope of resolute and determined. - Kingsley

41. The aspiring person has succeeded.

42. The most important thing about my success in science is the love of science and long-term exploration. - Darwin

43. Whenever, no matter what happens, I will never allow myself to be a little discouraged. - Edison

44. Our biggest weakness is giving up. The inevitable way of success is to keep coming back. - Thomas Edison

45. Whether it is the singing of a beautiful woman or the arrogance of a dog, whether it is the tears of a crocodile or the roar of a wolf, it will not shake me. - Chapman

46. ​​Patience and persistence are painful, but it will give you benefits.

47. Life is just like a marathon runner... Only the person who persists to the end can be called the winner. - Ikeda Daisaku

48. The tree of patience, the fruit of gold.

49. Since you are looking forward to a glorious and great life, you should create the happiness of you and mankind from today, with unwavering determination and unwavering faith, with your own wisdom and perseverance.

50. Patience is the foundation of all intelligence. - Plato

51. If you climb a mountain, you will climb to the end and fall into the abyss when you fall.

52. Strike against the water, and squat back. - Dong Biwu

53. Perseverance, the stone is awkward. ——荀荀

54. The ancients learned nothing, and they worked hard. - Lu You

55. Therefore, the heavens will be reduced to the people. Therefore, people must first suffer from their own minds, work hard on their bones, hung their body, empty their bodies, and do what they do, so they are tempted and can not do what they can. - Meng Hao

56. If you are rich, why bother to go to sleep more. The most unhelpful, I am afraid that the day will be exposed to the cold for ten days. - Mao Zedong

57. Perseverers can struggle in the storm of fate.

58. Toughness is the best assistant to the will. --Europe

59. The strong will of the handsome, like the obelisk on the main street gathering point of the city, occupies a prominent position in military art. - Clausewitz

60. People who experience vicissitudes will not be easily discouraged.

61. Sincerely, the stone is open. --CaiE

62. Watching the sunrise must be kept at dawn.

63. The permanence of science lies in the persistent pursuit of science, which, in terms of its capacity, is not exhausted and, for its purposes, is never accessible. - Card von Burr

64. The camel walks slowly but can finally reach its destination.

65. It is not enough to move towards the ultimate goal that is finally to be reached one day, and to treat each step as a goal and make it work as a step. - Goethe, German poet

66. Start with ease and do one thing, but once you start, you must stick to it. - Bias

67. The most obvious sign of a great person is a strong will. --United Kingdom

68. We should have perseverance, especially self-confidence! We must believe that our talent is to be used to do something. - Mrs. Curie

69. To succeed in this world, you must stick to it: you can't let go until you die. - Voltaire

70. A person can achieve his goal with a strong and persistent pursuit. - Stendhal

71. Guilt is human, but long-term persistence is not the devil. - Chaucer

72. As long as you persist and become knowledgeable, you will eventually discover its mysteries. ——Yang Zhenning

73. Great works are not done by strength, but by persistence. ——Johnson

74. For the students to be just and constant, if they are not just, then they will not return. - Feng Zixian

75. Patience and persistence are painful things, but they can gradually bring you benefits. - Ovid, an ancient Roman poet

76. If you deter before the victory, you will often only embrace failure; if you persist in difficulties, you will often gain new success. - Anonymous

77. Life is like the ocean, and only strong-willed people can reach the other side. - Ma Zaisi

78. The rope saw is broken and the water is worn.

79. Failure is a block of whetstone.

80. The cause is often persevering and ruined.

81. The book does not remember, the reading can be remembered; the righteousness is not refined, the thoughts can be refined; but the ambition is not standing, there is no focus. - Zhu Xi

82. Whoever has a hard-working will can achieve any purpose. - Minand

83. Sicheng is the foundation of self-cultivation, and Mingshan is the foundation of Sicheng. - Song Zhu Xi, "The Four Books Collection Notes, Mencius Collection Notes"

84. Taishan does not allow the soil, so it can become its largest; the river and the sea do not choose a trickle, so it can be deep. - Li Si

85. There is no difficulty in the world, only fearful people. It’s easy to be a god, and I’m afraid of careless people. ——Yuan Mei

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