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The famous saying of Shakespeare's love

1. I admit that there is no more pain in the world than the punishment of love, and there is nothing more happier than serving it.

2. Love is a sweet pain, and sincere love is never a flat road.

3. Love is not the sweet words in the shade of flowers, not the secret words in the peach blossoms, not the light tears, not the hard compulsion, the love is based on a common foundation.

4. Woman, your name is weak.

5. The ambition of love makes people suffer.

6. Before the request is made, the vested is followed by the order.

7. A woman who makes a temper is like a turbid water. Even if it is dry, it is not a drink.

8. If there is no reason, feelings will exhaust us, just to stop the absurdity of feelings, we need reason.

9. The power of love is peace, regardless of reason, regulation, and honor and disgrace. It can make all fear, shock, and pain become sweet when you are exposed.

10. The initial indifference will make the later love more intense; if she is false to you, it is not because she hates you, but because she wants you to love her more.

11. Positive love cannot be expressed in words, and behavior is the best illustration of loyalty.

12. If love is noisy and has nothing to do with it, it is not true love. It is the most intelligent madness, the bitter taste of the throat, the honey of the tongue.

13. Love, can create miracles. The love that Qiao Mai was destroyed, once rebuilt, is more magnificent, more beautiful and more tenacious than the original.

14. Love is the spark of life, the sublimation of friendship, the coincidence of the soul. If human emotions can distinguish between levels, then love should belong to the highest level.

15. A successful liar does not have to make a living by lying, because the deceived person has become his supporter, and what I say is also awkward.

16. Too perfect love, sad and hurt, as a child of the rivers and lakes, no leisure time.

17. Survival or death? This is a problem.

18. In the subversion of fate, it is easy to see a person’s integrity.

19. Our body is like a garden, and the will is the gardener in this garden... Let it be ruined and ruined, and it is hard to cultivate it. That power lies in our will.

20. In the dark days, don't let the cold fate sneak up; since the fate comes to us, we should use the calm attitude to retaliate.

21. There is a class of humble work that is endured by hardship and utmost spirit. The lowest things often point to the highest goals.

22. Many things in the world, the pursuit of time is always more intense than the enjoyment of time.

23. The new flame can extinguish the old flame; the big pain can alleviate the little pain.

24. Be faithful to yourself and not deceive others. Habits have a magical power to change temperament, which can make the devil dominate the human soul, and can also expel them from people's hearts.

25. To be a proud person to see his own face, only to use his pride to mirror him; if he bows to his knees, but adds his arrogance, in vain.

26. Panels are often completely inconsistent with the things themselves, and the world is easily deceived by the decoration of the surface. If there is no comparison, there will be no strengths; if there is no appreciation, the song of the crow will be the same as the skylark. If the nightingale sings in the noise during the day, people will never think that it is more beautiful than singing. How many things can achieve a perfect state because of the favorable environment, and win a proper appreciation.

27. The coward had died many times before he died. The warrior only died once in his life. In all the strange things, people's greed and death are the strangest thing. Behavior is better than eloquence, and the eyes of fools are much smarter than their ears.

28. I would rather be a wildflower under a hedge, not willing to be a graceful rose. Instead of welcoming each other and stealing the favor of others, Suining was abandoned by everyone.

29. Wordless pure innocence is often more touching than speaking.

30. Doubt is enough to defeat. A person often loses the chance of success because of the fact that he is cringing. The best good people are those who have made mistakes; one person often shows his cuteness because of a little shortcoming.

31. He rewards you with money, so he is a good person; with people who shoot horses, there are naturally people who love to shoot horses.

32. The world is a stage. All men and women are just some actors. When they all have the stage, they also have time to play. A person plays several roles in his life.

33. Praise is to be reduced from the praise of one's own mouth, and the value of praise will be reduced; the praise from the mouth of the enemy is the true glory.

34. Regardless of how the time of envy devours everything, we must strive to gain our reputation when this interest is still there, so that the time is not

35. It can hurt us; our lives can end, and our reputation will last forever.

36. Death is terrible. The life of shame is especially annoying.

37. A hobby-like person hides a rich coat with an ugly underwear.

38. Take my reputation away from me and my life will be over.

39. Reputation is a boring and unreliable casual reward; often it’s not worth the merits, and it’s not self-defeating.

40. Your own actions, not relying on your home.

41. Vanity is a boring thing to deceive; the person who gets it may not have any merits, and the person who loses it may not have any fault.

42. It is not too late to know how to change.

43. It is the greatest command of the young to cleanse the heart.

44. Regardless of how the time of envy devours everything, we must strive to gain our reputation when this interest is still there, so that the sickle of time cannot harm us; our life can end, and our reputation will last forever.

45. Books are the world's nutrition

46. ​​Don't give up what you were determined to achieve just because of one failure.

47. If love is mixed with calculations that are not related to itself, then it is not true love.

48. The failure of countless people is a failure to do things incompletely, often stopping only one step away from success.

49. What a great masterpiece is mankind! What a noble reason! What a great power! What a beautiful instrument! What a gentle act! How an angel is like in action! How like a god in wisdom! The essence of the universe The primate of all things!

50. The glory of the world is often produced in sin, and sacrifices its conscience for the sake of fame outside.

51. The ugly sea monsters are not as terrible as the ungrateful children.

52. If the ewe can't hear the snoring of her own lamb, she will never answer the cry of a calf.

53. Youth is a short-lived dream. When you wake up, it has disappeared.

54. Life is a shadow of walking. A poor monk who is arrogant on the stage, for a moment, quietly retreats in silence. It is a story told by a fool, full of jealousy. The commotion, can not find a meaning.

55. God is fair, those who control the destiny are always standing at the ends of the balance, and those who are mastered by destiny only understand that God has given him the fate.

56. Love is the same as charcoal. Burn it up, you can't tell it to cool.

57. Money is a good soldier, and with it you can make people courageous.

58. Although power is a stubborn bear, gold can pull its nose.

59. There is no virtue, it is fleeting; but because there is a beautiful soul in your beauty, your beauty is forever.

60. The difference between good and evil lies in the nature of the act itself, not in the presence or absence of status.

61. A woman with virtue, even if her appearance is ugly, is also a decoration of the family.

62. Unsatisfactory marriage is like hell. For a lifetime, chickens fight for geese, and they are not allowed to live. On the contrary, choosing a satisfactory spouse will be a hundred years of harmony and happiness.

63. People can control their own destiny. If we are subject to the rest, then the fault is not in fate, but in us.

64. Don't marry the truth you don't know, or you will compensate your past with the danger of life.

65. Modesty is the highest self-denial.

66. No matter how good a person's talent is, how beautiful his appearance or heart is, he must have a heat in his radiance of virtue, and then the person who feels his heat reflects the heat on himself. Can you appreciate his own value

67. Concealed sorrows, such as the flameout furnace, can burn the heart to ashes.

68. When one thinks too much, he loses the pleasure of being a man.

69. Short life, only virtue can pass it to the distant generations of Liaoyuan.

70. There is no book in life, as if there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just as a bird has no wings.

71. Books are the nutritional products of all human beings.

72. A proud person always destroys himself in pride.

73. Love, like charcoal, burns up and has to find a way to cool it. Let it be free, then burn a heart.

74. Love is not the sweet words in the shade of flowers, not the honey words in the peach blossoms, not the light tears, not the hard compulsion, the love is based on the common language.

75. Loyal love fills my heart, and I can't estimate the wealth I have.

76. Bad habits can hinder you from going to the path of fame, profit and enjoyment.

77. Listen more, talk less, accept everyone's blame, but keep your final ruling.

78. Books that are not frequently read are equal to wood chips.

79. Books are the world's nutrition. There are no books in life, just like there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just like a bird has no wings.

80. The stupidity of a fool is not unusual, and the foolishness of a wise man is a painful belly; for he has proved his stupidity with his full power.

81. Instead of being a stupid wise man, be a smart fool.

82. Honesty will give you more benefits than corruption.

83. Wise people never sit down and wailing for failure, they must be optimistic to find ways to save.

84. You can still say bitterness, the most bitterness is not your bitterness, and you have not suffered hard.

85. When we can't afford happiness, we should never walk too close to the window and stare at happiness.

86. Diligence is a priceless treasure, careful for body protection.

87. A person’s life is short, but if he goes through this life in a despicable way, it will be too long.

88. To be or not to be,that is a question.

89. In delay there lies no plenty , Then come kiss me , sweet and twenty , Youths a stuff that will not endure . Easy to pass.

90. The coward had died many times before he died. The warrior only died once in his life. In all the strange things, people’s greed and fear of death is a strange thing. Behavior is better than eloquence. The eyes of fools are better than theirs. Ears are smarter

91. Everything else has a lost day. A memory that is etched in our mind will be forgotten one day. Those who love again have a day to go. A beautiful dream, there is also a day of recovery.

92. No matter how long the night is, the day will come.

93. To justify a fault, it often makes this fault seem extraordinarily significant, just like using a cloth to make up a small hole, but instead wants to cover it.

94. The equipment is the sun. We are the flowers. The flowers that have lost the sun. They will soon lose their vividness until they wither.

95. Even with 12 locks, the "beauty" is firmly locked in the secret room, and "love" can still open the locks one by one.

96. Love is blind, and lovers can't see the stupid things they do.

97. A less enthusiastic love will last a long time.

98. People can control their own destiny. If we are subject to people, the fault is not in fate, but in ourselves!

99. The honest man is a fool. Although he is kind, he still suffers from his own losses.

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