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a famous saying that overcomes difficulties

1. The seedlings can't grow into trees without the wind and rain.

2. With confidence, it is the beginning of success.

3. The difficulty is the reef, and the sea dares to attack to inspire beautiful waves.

4. Ascend to the top of the mountain, it may be scarred, but it is infinite scenery.

5. Difficulty like a spring, seeing you strong or not; if you are strong, he will be weak, if you are weak, he will be strong.

6. Go upstream and find the source of the water.

7. It is determined that the green hills are not relaxed, and the roots are in the rock. Millions of blows are still strong, and the wind is northeast and southeast. ------ Zheng Banqiao

8. Make up your mind, not afraid of sacrifice, eliminate all difficulties, and strive for victory. ------Mao Zedong

9. There is no difficulty in the world, as long as Kenden climbs. ------Mao Zedong

10. Those who can overcome difficulties can turn difficulties into opportunities. ------ Churchill

11. The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. --------- Cicero

12. There is no flat road in science. Only those who are not afraid of hard work and climb along steep mountain roads can hope to reach the culmination of glory. Marx

13. Not afraid of high mountains, I am afraid that the legs are soft.

14. There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid that there are people.

15. There are mountains and roads, and there are rivers to cross.

16. There is no danger in front of the Warriors.

17. There are only unhappy axes, no firewood that can't be opened.

18. Those who dare to struggle are not afraid of difficulties in their hearts.

19. Only when it is painful, can there be joy. --- Beethoven

20. Difficulties are good things and good things. Difficulties can force people to think of ways. The difficult environment can train talents. ---Xu Lili

21. In the storms of life, we often learn the captain's appearance and throw away the bulky goods under the **** to reduce the weight of the ship. ---Balzak

22. Adversity shows the Wizards, and the good times are hidden. ---Holles

23. Adversity can defeat the weak and create the strong.---Nixen

24. Only through hellish tempering can you refine the power to create heaven. Only the fingers that flow through the blood can play the swan song of the world. ---Tago

25. Bao Jianfeng smashed out, plum blossoms came from bitter cold.

26. The difficulty of being overcome is an opportunity for victory. ---Holas

27. Those who are soaked with tears will surely have a smile.

28. Suffering can test a person's character, and a very situational situation can show a very good condition. --Shakespeare

29. Suffering is a stepping stone for genius. -- Balzac

30. The most difficult time, that is, not far from success. -- Napoleon

31. Hardships can nurture the power of soul and spirit. --Hugo

32. Life is a voyage. In the voyage, you must encounter the wind from all aspects, but every gust will speed up your speed. As long as you stabilize the rudder, even if it is a storm, it will not make you deviate from the course. --West Ches Williams

33. Life in life is not always smooth and beautiful. -- Suhomlinski

34. When people are in adversity, their ability to adapt to the environment is staggering. People can endure misfortunes, but they can also overcome misfortunes. Because people have amazing potential, as long as they are determined to play it, they will be able to weather the storm. ---Carnegie

35. People are stronger and more unyielding in adversity than in their circumstances, and it is easier to protect themselves when they are bad luck than when they are lucky. ---Hugo

36. People's lives are like floods running, no islands, reefs, and it is difficult to stir up beautiful waves. --- Osterloski

37. When people reach the point where they are poor and able to extricate themselves, they are not weak!---Xu Beihong

38. God is solely to strengthen your will, and to set up obstacles on the road. ---Tago

39. When God gives people a hard time, it also gives people a wisdom. ---雨栗

40. Good fortune in good times is for people's hopes; good fortune in adversity is surprising. ---Bacon

41. There is no way to re-request the mountains and heavy waters. ---Lu You

42. The misty morning does not mean a hazy day.

43. Although there are dark clouds in the sky, there will always be a sun shining above the clouds. ---Miura 绫子

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