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Kafka's famous sayings

1. Everyone lives behind the iron fence they carry, and the animals are closer to us than people. This is an iron fence. It is easier to climb with an animal than to climb a family. The natural life of a person is life, but this is invisible to people. People don't want to see this.

2. Fear of losing the job, this fear corrupts the character. this is life.

3. Substances must be processed with spirit. What is this? This is the experience, nothing more than experience and grasp the experience.

4. Suppressing the externalization of the disease does not eliminate the disease. On the contrary, this is even worse. A tumor that spreads outward is much more dangerous than several surface tumors.

5. We live in an evil age. Nothing is now true. For example, now that the roots of people have been pulled out of the land, people are talking about their hometown.

6. They turn a living, changeable person into a dead, unchangeable file.

7. Faithful people cannot define their faith, and definitions of people without faith hang over the shadow of being disgusted.

8. Despite the crowds, everyone is silent and lonely. The evaluation of the world and of yourself cannot be correctly staggered. We are not living in a destroyed world, but living in a world of confusion.

9. People are free only because they take responsibility. This is the true meaning of life.

10. Yes, people are too poor. Because he is getting more and more lonely in a minute and a minute among the growing people.

11. Human negligence is impatient; when the time is not ripe, the method is rejected, and the arrogance is fixed.

12. A person who does not lie as much as possible because he can't lie, not because the chances of lying he gets are too small.

13. Because interacting with people will induce a person to think for themselves.

14. The whole world is tragic, and the technical iron fist smashes all the protective walls. This is not expressionism. This is a naked everyday life. Like the criminals, we were tied to the execution ground and were rushed to the truth.

15. They broke the wings of imagination. This is very natural. The more perfect the drawing technique, the weaker our eyes are.

16. Looking at these screens, people can only become blind.

17. How much power is included in silence. Aggressive attack is just an illusion, a trick that people often use to cover their weaknesses in front of themselves and the world. The true lasting power exists in enduring.

18. The United States is full of infinite possibilities for magical countries, and Europe is increasingly becoming a country of incomparable narrowness.

19. The civilized world is largely based on a range of training activities. This is the purpose of culture. According to Darwinism, the formation of human beings seems to be the original sin of monkeys, and it is impossible for a creature to completely get rid of the things that constitute the basis of his existence.

20. Hard work is not enough, and ants are also very hardworking. What are you working hard? There are two kinds of faults that are basic, and all other faults are born: impatience and laziness. Category: Diligence

21. There can be no real life. Reality is probably life itself. Category: Life

22. The book must be an axe used to pierce the frozen sea in people's hearts.

23. The power of the state is based on the inertia of people and the need to be quiet.

24. There are possibilities in life, and what is reflected in all possibilities is only an impossibility of self-existence.

25. The Fountain of Desire is his fountain of loneliness.

26. Instead of believing in a household name, it is better to be a source of happiness!

27. In fact, writers are always much smaller and weaker than ordinary people in society. Therefore, his hardships in the life of the world are deeper and stronger than others.

28. The pen is not the tool of the writer, but his organ.

29. The disease is not evil at all, but a warning signal, an assistant to life.

30. Happiness does not depend on property. Happiness is just a matter of orientation. That is to say, happy people cannot see the dark edge of reality.

31. Art has always been a matter of whole body and mind. Therefore, art is ultimately tragic.

32. Art is a mirror. Like a clock, it sometimes “goes fast”.

33. Every piece of real art is literature and testimony.

34. Many so-called scientists have portrayed the world of writers to another level of science, thus gaining glory and being valued.

35. Literature seeks to give things a comfortable, pleasing light, while poets are forced to raise things into real, pure, timeless realms. Literature seeks ease, while poets are looking for happiness, which is a hundred thousand miles away from comfort.

36. India’s religious self-cultivation activities are rooted in unfathomable pessimism.

37. People always pursue what he does not have. The common technological advances of people of all countries have increasingly made them lose their democratic identity. So they pursue democratic features. Modern nationalism is a movement against the attack of civilization.

38. History is made up of mistakes and heroic achievements of every insignificant moment. History is mostly composed of official activities. The luxury life of the rich is at the expense of the poverty of the poor.

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