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The famous saying of Lei Feng’s diary

1. The role of a person, for the revolutionary cause, is like a screw on a machine. Because the machine has a large number of screws connected and fixed, it has become a solid collective, can run freely, play its huge working ability, the screw is small, its role is immeasurable.

2. When a person is alive, he should dedicate all his strength and life to mankind like Comrade Bethune.

3. I want to be a glorious revolutionary warrior in difficulties, and I will never be a shameful deserter; I will be a pine and cypress in the storm, and I will never be a weak man in the greenhouse.

4. I want to serve the people wholeheartedly and always be the loyal staff of the people.

5. People's lives are limited. However, serving the people is infinite. I must devote my limited life to serving the people infinitely.

6. Youth! It is always beautiful, but true youth belongs only to those who always strive for the upper reaches, those who forever forget the labor, and those who are always modest.

7. Treat comrades like spring warmth, treat work like summer heat; treat individualism like autumn wind sweeping leaves: treat the enemy like a harsh winter - cruel and ruthless.

8. Ships can ride in the wind and waves to advance. People can overcome difficulties to survive.

9. Without wind and rain, you can't grow into a big tree. Facing the difficulties, this is also the only way for our revolutionary youth to grow.

10. I must also do my best to do my best, to be unfavorable, to be profitable, to learn from the great internationalist warrior Bethune.

11. We are the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere.

12. The greatness is out of the ordinary, and all for the building of socialism, the light and heat of youth must be issued.

13. Anyone who has only a people in his mind and who does not have oneself will be able to receive high honor and prestige. On the other hand, if there are only individuals and people without people in the mind, they will be cast aside by the people sooner or later.

14. Whoever is a game life, he will accomplish nothing; who can't dominate himself is always a slave.

15. No matter what you do, it is not easy. If you want to get things done, you must go through hard work, not afraid of failure, learn from failures, and succeed.

16. Some people say that life is alive, and eating, dressing, and playing well is the happiest. I feel that life is alive, only hardworking, hard-working, creating wealth with his own hands, and giving his own for the liberation of mankind - communism - this is happiness.

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