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1. Harvest is the rain gauge of the cause; it gathers every drop of sweat that the struggler has spilled.

2. The infinite greatness begins with "one."

3. Although the life of the flower is short, it embraces spring after all.

4. The boat of genius, set off in the sweaty river.


6. Walking on the tree-lined road is not worthy of praise. It is only fun to climb the dangerous peak.

7. Laziness involves permanent disappointment.

8. Hope is beautiful, she is fascinating, pursuing, but hopes to accompany the storm. The person who is covetous and comfortable, his hope is nothing but a road, a illusion, only those who dare to fight with the wind and waves, hope to open flowers and bear fruit.

9. Xiaoxi---In the long river of life, the pace of your progress moves the strings in the heart of the sea all the time.

10. If you compare talents to heaven, self-study is the ladder of success.

11. Only the people who are down to earth, the earth is willing to leave his footprints.

12. The collision of steel and hard stone is a song of the power.

13. The boatman who is eager to save effort, the goal is always downstream.

14. The secret of the wave never dying: always pursue an uneasy life.

15. If your heart is burning, then if you need it, you can use it as a torch.

16. The tracker left a series of footprints on the riverside, which is the ellipsis of the life of the trekkers.

17. When there is no pursuit in the eyes, it must be the time when the heart is gray.

18. When you are bitter, you are silent. The one that is presented is finally the pearl.

19. Instead of repeating the illusory rose-like dreams innumerable times, it is better to go to a quiet lakeside to pick a golden wild chrysanthemum.

20. Stepping on the footprints of the past will not add new footprints.

21. The painful memory is that tears can't be washed, only sweat can wash it away.

22. Spring water, the twists and turns of the road to struggle, the purer the soul.

23. If there is a lack of courage to break through the ground and fight with the wind and snow, the future of the seed is no better than the leaves.

24. Although the bamboo shoots are tender, they are not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle and dare to take the lead.

25. Don't let the boat of pursuit park in the harbor of fantasy, but raise the sails of struggle and sail to the sea of ​​real life.

26. The dream of a wise man is no more beautiful than the footsteps of a fool.

27. The sweat of the cultivator is the milk that feeds the growth of the seed.

28. If you don't cultivate, don't plant, and fertile fertile soil can't grow crops, don't struggle, don't create, and beautiful youth can't bear fruit.

29. Keep the corals away from the turbulent waves? It is no different than to bury their beauty.

30. No matter how good the seeds are, they will not be planted, and they will not bear fruit.

31. If hateful setbacks make you taste bitter, friends, and rise up will make you taste the joy of life.

32. Waterfalls---In order to rush to the rivers and lakes, even if faced with the abyss of Baizhang, still whistling forward, never shrinking

33. For the warriors, poverty, embarrassment, blame, jealousy, cynicism... all oppression is the driving force for progress.

34. If you don’t take a step from the muddy path, you can’t step on the road full of flowers.

35. Fantasy people who sailed in the long journey of life, his end is downstream. Only the warriors who dare to raise sails and top the evil waves can fight for the upper reaches.

36. Telescopes - you can see far targets, but you can't take a step instead of you.

37. Don't laugh at the iron tree. In order to make a flower, it paid a longer effort than other trees.

38. The seed of tenacity, never sings a curse to the earth.

39. As long as you don't give up your efforts and pursuits, the grass is also a bit of a spring value.

40. It is most likely to leave footprints on the soft beach. It is also the easiest to be wiped off by the tide.

41. The exclamation point is the blood of the Warriors dripping on the road to climb, and the tears of the rogue when they are disappointed.

42. A smooth ride does not mean that it is a flat route.

43. In the desert, only the pace of advancement is the symbol of hope.

44. The foot force of climbing the top of the mountain is born out of the sturdy heart of “Let's want to be a thousand miles” and the will to “not the Great Wall is not a hero”.

45. The hard-working cattle are the clearest footprints.

46. ​​The pride of the sail is to stand up in the wind and waves.

47. Stupid people always regret for yesterday and pray for tomorrow, but unfortunately, they have lost their efforts today.

48. Since you are looking for a road, why bother to find out how long it will take.

49. If you are not with the sea for safety, the ship loses its meaning of existence.

50. If a butterfly wants to have the joy of flying in a hundred gardens, then it must first endure the pain of breaking with the shackles.

51. Although the light spot of fireflies is weak, it is a challenge to the darkness.

52. Rejecting severe smelting, the ore is no more valuable than it was before it was discovered.

53. If you want to be strong, you must never bypass the thorns of the road and cannot avoid the rush of wind and rain.

54. Passers-by, replace the sigh with foot sounds!

55. If you have never been afraid, victimized or hurt, it is good that you have never taken risks.

56. The cultivators are most convinced of their own sweat, and each drop is bred with a seed of hope.

57. Only those who are down to earth can say: The road is at my feet.

58. The beautiful blueprint, falling in the hands of the lazy, is just a piece of waste paper.

59. Temporary setbacks can often become learned and insight through unyielding fighting.

60. Efforts to develop upwards have turned the curved bamboo whip into straight bamboo.

61. Bamboo roots---even if you are buried in the ground, no one can see, and will not stop exploring and strive to emerge new shoots.

62. I hope that only with diligence and companionship can you be more powerful.

63. The person who indulges in hope is no different from the coward who waits for the rabbit.

64. There are no winds and waves, no brave tides; no thorns, no unyielding pioneers.

65. All the good feelings in the world together cannot be matched by a noble act.

66. Struggling feet have opened up a path of creation while breaking their own hotbed.

67. Standing on the shoulders of giants is to surpass the giants.

68. Those who only fantasize and do not act will never realize the instant joy of harvesting fruit.

69. Diligence is the code of your life, and you can translate your magnificent epic.

70. It is not a pity for the climbers to lose their past footprints. It is dangerous to lose the direction before they continue.

71. The strugglers drove the boat of their careers to the ideal shore in the rivers where the sweat gathered.

72. Bees who are busy collecting are innocent in front of people.

73. The warriors rushed out of the storm without sinking, and the coward would drown in the calm.

74. The climbers who are aiming at the peaks will not be enchanted by some footprints along the way.

75. The waves traveled for the hurricane and the hustle and bustle, and were buried for the drifting canoe.

76. The mountain road is not as crowded as the people.

77. The rushing forwards can appreciate the wonders of the rivers and rivers.

78. If both feet of the compass move, there will never be a circle.

79. If you want to climb the peak, don't use the rainbow as a ladder.

80. How can the footsteps continue to move forward? Keep your footprints behind you.

81. No matter how steep the mountains are, there is always a way to climb for those who are not afraid of hardship.

82. Those who are surrounded by the full stop of life cannot be half-step ahead.

83. As long as you can harvest sweetness, there will be busy bees in the thorns.

84. Enterprising and sweating is a song of struggle and hope.

85. Things often go against people, and things are always artificial.

86. The horse is running out, and the strong soldier is playing.

87. The rudder of controlling fate is a struggle. Don't hold a little fantasies, don't give up a little chance, don't stop working hard every day.

88. If you are afraid of the rock that has fallen in front of you, life will always be a pool of stagnant water.

89. A weak person can only stand still, and a savage person can only be led to burn, and only a truly brave person can be invincible.

90. In our world, we will never award a medal to a sad laggard.

91. The ladder steps are never used to rest the feet. It just puts people's feet on for a while so that the other foot can go up again.

92. It is not easy to carry out a 100-meter sprint when it is not running to defend the kilometer.

93. There is no torrent, it can't be called brave, and no mountain can't talk about climbing.

94. The mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends towards the top.

95. Only when you climb the top of the mountain can you see the scenery there.

96. Even if the road is bumpy, the wheels will move forward; even if the rivers are rough, the ships will sail.

97. Only creation is the real enjoyment. Only hard work is the fulfilling life.

98. Those who dare to declare war on the darkness must be filled with light.

99. A lofty ideal is like a flower growing on a mountain. If you want to get it, diligence can be the rope of climbing.

100. The seed keeps in mind the shackles of the raindrops and enhances the courage to take the lead.

101. There is no ups and downs in the natural world, and the earth will not be spring and autumn.

102. Life is sweet or bitter, but not boring. You can win or fail, but you can't give in.

103. To your wonderful hopes and pursuits to open the Internet cafe, 999 times lost, and a thousand times...

104. Opportunities are only open to enterprising people, and mediocrity can never be patronized.

105. Those who walk only on the concrete floor will never leave a deep footprint.

106. The meaning of vitality lies in hard work, because the world itself is an arena.

107. The character of the waves is that it has been crushed by the reef countless times and countless flashes to the reef.

108. Because the eucalyptus is rooted in the deep soil, the green shade of life will grow longer and flourish. The scorpion enjoys the same treatment as the seedlings, but the grain is not the grain.

109. Pride is a kite that has been broken. It is fleeting. Inferiority is a bird that has been cut with wings. It is difficult to get to the sky. Both of these are taboos.

110. If the sapling refuses to pruning because of fear of pain, it will never be mature.

111. After a tempering of the sea, the pebbles became more beautiful and smooth.

112. The rapids of life have emerged into the cliffs, and as long as they go further, they will become magnificent waterfalls.

113. Go ahead, swing the boat of life, do not have to be attached and trustworthy, the waves of the ship will open all the way to new flowers.

114. The bonsai show is just because it was loved, it broke the dream of becoming a pillar.

115. If you compare talent to sword, then diligence is a sharpening stone.

116. The baptism of the fire will also have a strong body.

117. The spring water of the mountains sang a wonderful song after a twist.

118. The waterfall is exceptionally majestic when it crosses a steep wall.

119. Through the roads in the clouds, only the climbers' footprints are kissed.

120. The colorful clouds float in the air, naturally smug, but at most they can only exchange a few praises; only by turning into sweet rain and rooted in the fertile soil can we create the Philippine.

121. Education is the mother of talent, and society is the home of talent.

122. The streamers on the laurels are not made of genius fibres, but are made of painful, hard-staple silk.

123. There is no flash of a pearl that is smeared by others.

124. The footprints in the desert quickly disappeared. A piece of hard-working songs has been stirring for a long time in the hearts of the trekkers.

125. The faster you run yesterday, the greater the resistance to the wind. Resistance is accompanied by achievement.

126. Talent is the gold buried in the mine to be a miner who mines the mine.

127. The spring that is eagerly awaited belongs to nature, and the spring weaved by hand belongs to oneself.

128. The will of the warrior must be as firm as the reef, and the character of the warrior should be as gentle as the wind.

129. Who regards ease as a happy flower, then he can only wait until the result season, he can only look at the empty sigh.

130. Although the sun has black spots, it has created a glorious image in the burning.

131. Effort is light, success is shadow. Where is the light?

132. The exotic flowers on the shore are unstoppable.

133. When you follow the path of others, you should step on the thorns on the side of the road, because if you go too far, you can widen the road.

134. The new road is often narrow, but it is the prelude to extending itself.

135. Leisure and tranquility mean death for the waves.

136. If the fragile heart hurts too much, friends, the pursuit is the best medicine to heal your wounds.

137. The horses are soft and easy to lose their hoofs.

138. The slack of the strings will never be able to play the strong sounds of the times.

139. Sprinkle into the fertile soil of struggle, a drop of sweat is a good breed of hope.

140. The root extends an inch in the depth, and the risk of the tree being pushed down by the wind is reduced by one point.

141. In the eyes of a lazy man, sweat is bitter and dirty. In the heart of the diligent, the sweat is sweet. In the heart of the diligent, the sweat is sweet and beautiful.

142. Stress--On the road to career success, you are the prelude to the ignorance of the ignorant, and the prelude to the forge ahead.

143. In the sheltered harbor, no high-spirited sails can be found.

144. Empty talk about households to decorate themselves, and do what they do to create performance.

145. The cause of a hero must contain hardships and dangers. If there is no danger, it will not become a hero.

146. If the blade is afraid of hurting itself and is not in contact with the sharpening stone, it will never be sharp.

147. Those who have made achievements do not have better conditions than the average person. On the contrary, they have to go through more hardships and take more difficult roads.

148. The doer can also open an oasis in the desert, and the lazy will not get a bumper harvest in the wilderness.

149. If you don't walk, you don't keep the fence, you don't take your legs, you can't get on the mountain.

150. Depressing a monotonous brush on the corner, only to give the future a layer of gray.

151. If the coward is afraid of thorns, the ship avoids the storm, and the blacksmith fears Mars, then the world will become another look.

152. Without the courage of the wolf, don't shepherd.

153. After a night of effort, the street lamp received the comfort of the first morning light.

154. If you are uncomfortable with the status quo and are not willing to be mediocre, you may play a beautiful life in the struggle of forging ahead.

155. Once the trickle stops, the vast sea will stop breathing.

156. As long as you are a hard bee, you can find honey everywhere in the vast wilderness of life.

157. The meaning of diligence is the blood of today, not the determination of tomorrow, the assurance of the day after tomorrow.

158. The soles are worn out, which does not mean that the road has come to the head.

159. A building that lacks perseverance can only be a castle in the air.

160. Only by harvesting can we test the meaning of farming; only contributions can measure the value of life.

161. There are only castles in the air in the minds of the imaginary, and there is a skyscraper in the chest of the cadres.

162. The long vine plant climbs upwards depending on the attachment. When it climbs to a height that is not higher than the support that supports it, it looks at another branch.

163. Those who look at the ocean and sigh will never reach the other side of success.


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