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1. The world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu

2. As a certain person, a real person, you have regulations, have a mission, and have a task. As for whether you realize this, it does not matter. - Marx

3. Freedom does not lie in the illusion of independence from the laws of nature, but in the understanding of these laws, so that it can plan to make the laws of nature serve for a certain purpose." Moreover, "freedom of the will is only by means of knowledge of things. The ability to make a decision. - Engels

4. He can take full responsibility for his actions when he is fully free to act with his will. - Marx

5. There is no right without obligation and no obligation without rights. - Marx

6. The prestige of the teacher is first established in the sense of responsibility. - Macalenko

7. The major responsibility of modern business management lies in the alignment of corporate goals with individual goals. - Mao Zhongqiang

8. People with conscience have a sense of responsibility and dedication. - Suhomlinski

9. Real managers must have a spirit of not shirking responsibility. - Anonymous

10. Responsibility and effective assignment of duties are among the elements of successful business operations. - Lord Ford

11. Being humble to the boss is a responsibility. - Franklin

12. Art should take responsibility for feeding ideas. - Bai Langning

13. The discovery of truth or the completion of moral responsibility will arouse our joy. - Croce

14. The first meaning of liberty is to take responsibility for yourself. - Alai

15. Responsible for life, you must know the responsibility of doing your duty. ——Liang Qichao

16. Life is connected with the lofty responsibilities of the times and will last forever. - Chernyshevsky

17. The true IKEA spirit is based on our enthusiasm, our constant innovation, our cost consciousness, our commitment to responsibility and our willingness to help others, our professionalism, and our succinct behavior. - Ingvar Kamprad

18. The docile young people grew up in the library, and they believed that their responsibility was to accept the opinions of Cicero, Locke, and Bacon; they forgot that Cicero, Locke and Bacon wrote these books, but Young people in the library. - Emerson

19. We make advertisements for the sale of products, but please also remember that advertising has a broad social responsibility. - Leo Burnett

20. Mr. should not teach books. His responsibility is to teach people to be human; students should not study exclusively. His responsibility is to learn the way of life. - Tao Xingzhi

21. If a person does not have enthusiasm, he will accomplish nothing, and the basis of enthusiasm is responsibility. - Tolstoy

22. The noble, great price is responsibility. - Churchill

23. Although responsibility is sometimes annoying, it is only a coward and a waste that does not fulfil its responsibilities. - Lewis

24. Everyone is questioned by life, and he can only answer this question with his own life; only “responsible” is used to answer life. Therefore, “capable of being responsible” is the most important essence of human existence. - Victor? Frank

25. Everyone should have the confidence that the responsibility that man can bear, I will be able to bear; the responsibility that man cannot bear, I can bear. In this way, you can temper yourself and seek higher knowledge and enter a higher realm. - Lincoln

26. Responsible for life, you must know the joy of doing your duty. ——Liang Qichao

27. We should not waste our lives and should be able to say: "I have done what I can do." - Mrs. Curie

28. How much success can a person achieve?

29. Society is like a boat, and everyone has to be at the helm. - Ibsen

30. It is better to reform yourself than to ban others. - Lu Xun

31. We serve the motherland, and we cannot all use the same method. Everyone should do everything they can according to their qualifications. - Goethe

32. For one person, what is expected is nothing else, but only that he can go all out and dedicate himself to a good cause. - Einstein

33. We are the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere. - Lei Feng

34. If a person does not have enthusiasm, he will accomplish nothing, and the basis of enthusiasm is the responsibility. - Leo Tolstoy 15. To make a person show his essence, it is the most effective way to ask him to take responsibility. - Maugham

35. This society respects those who have fulfilled their responsibilities for it. ——Liang Qichao

36. Responsibility is a love for what you ask to do. - Goethe

37. Responsibility is directly proportional to opportunity. -- Wilson

38. Responsibility ends here. - Truman

39. The world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu

40. Life is associated with lofty responsibilities. - Chernyshevsky

41. When labor is a responsibility, life is slavery. - Gorky

42. History and philosophy have many eternal responsibilities and are simple responsibilities. - Hugo

43. The real responsibility is to believe in yourself. - Anonymous

44. A high sense of responsibility for nurturing young children. ——Xu Waiti

45. The responsibility of the gentleman is to teach people to be human. - Tao Xingzhi

46. ​​Friendship is a responsibility. - Gibran

47. Friendship is always a sweet duty. - Gibran 29, the goal is to manage the responsibilities of the staff, in fact, this is his main responsibility. - Barnard

48. Any achievement I have is entirely attributable to a high level of responsibility for the client and the job. - Leo Burnett

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