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Kobe's famous sayings

1. I don't want to be Michael Jordan, and I don't want to be a "magician" Johnson. I just want to face the mirror after my career, I can say to myself with a clear conscience, I am still the Allen Iverson. .

2. I never intended to back down, my dictionary did not compromise.

3. Don't be like a kind of sullen face, how many times you have been knocked down, pat the dust on your body, smile and stand up, then laugh and put into battle.

4. After I leave, you will really understand my value.

5. You can not love me, but you must at least be afraid of me.

6. I can be taller than me.

7. Life is life, you will encounter many things. I used to frown and want to change everything, but now I prefer to smile, or a lot of ridicule. You may know the taste of life.

8. This is my life, no one wants me to live.

9. I want to engrave two words 'misunderstanding' on my tombstone.

10. I live in my own way, playing in my own way, and I swear I have never been tired. Since I joined the league, my teammates have said that I am 'unique.' Maybe one day I will stop and rest, that day is the moment of the end of life.

11. Maybe one day I will stop and rest, in a gorgeous elegy, lying under my tombstone, it will become a monument in the hearts of basketball fans all over the world.

12. If you accidentally passed last night, you may be able to see the parting party being held. There is a gorgeous elegy playing there. If you can, at my funeral, please use your cheers on the court to make a requiem. This is the most beautiful and beautiful music in the world.

13. I've learned to play when I'm struggling,I think that's what being a professional and growing up is all about. You realize you're not going to play well every night. You keep fighting and something good will happen. In the process of struggle, I learned how to play. I think that is all as a professional player. You understand that you can't play well every night, but you will continue to fight for good things.

14. I am what I am. I am my "I am not a great person, a morally innocent person, a well-dressed person, I am not an obedient son, a due diligent father, a kind husband, a good friend, even I am not at all A good person. The troubles of ****, ****, violence, and strikes are all related to my name. Many people say that I am apostasy...but no one can deny that I It is a great player, not even God.

15. If you want to know a person completely, the best way is not to be friends with him, but to be his enemy and fight him.

16. I am the best.

17. I am the best defender in the league. Maybe I am not the best player, but I don't think anyone is better than me.

18. Always face life with a smile.

19. Who said that I am finished, and those who are skeptics are stupid.

20. "I got a blessing because I got a blessing and I can have this kind of performance in the game. I am so lucky." said after the game.

21. When talking about his achievements, Kobe said: "I try not to let myself think about it. I just try to play my highest level. As I always said, I am eager to be a great player. I feel very fortunate to see what happened and I feel really lucky."

22. Scoop Jackson told Kobe: "After 10 years, 10 years later, the world will know your greatness." Kobe: "Even if it is Jesus, someone will hate him, so I don't need to explain anything."

23. Yes, there is an opportunity, as long as there is no end, there must be an opportunity. I believe the results will be different.

24. Jackson: "If you can't help me, tell me, I will put you in." He didn't get the answer to Kobe's words, he got a waving hand gesture. "I don't have to pursue 70 points, I just want to win," Kobe said. "When you have thrown the victory into the freezer, there is no need to take risks."

25. Since the opponent has given up, then I have to show off myself.

26. I don't want to be enveloped by his aura forever.

27. I don't care if I get 50 points. Kobe said: This is not important at all. The NBA often has some incredible things, this is just one of them.

28. Even if the world abandoned me, at least I still have basketball!

29. "I dont want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant." I don't want to be Jordan II, I just want to be myself.

30. I don't want to be like everyone else, even this one: Jordan.

31. Jordan: "Kobe is the second to fly," Kobe: "There is always only one flying man."

32. You are not my opponent.

33. Kobe Bryant has my own way of playing, I don't want to be Jordan II, I want to create my own myth.

34. We have a champion heart.

35. Who wants to prevent me from crashing, I will let him crash before I collapse.

36. "I can't play on the game. It's so uncomfortable to watch TV at home." Kobe said, "I am fidgeting while watching. I can't sit and watch the team."

37. Thanks to Chinese fans for me, I am proving that I am the best player.

38. Love me or I am chosen by you, this is life. Some people hate my game, hate my arrogance, hate my back jumper, hate my madness about the game, hate me always have a championship ring... but there are also many people who like me, but the reason is to hate me. same.

39. Kobe: No one is Jordan, I am only myself.

40. Just have enough heart!

41. Some of life, you have to go to the great challenges. Sometimes life, you have to challenge the great

42. Set the goal of training to a place that will never be reached, but still reach the level of fatigue, hesitation, and even depression, but you are not allowed to give up, because victory will not be a miracle, there is a kind of genius only from firmness. The belief of shift was born. . . . . . .

43. Before you step into the paradise of victory, you must go through the training of hard training, stream all the sweat, use all your strength, don't let the body stop...

44. You have to survive this. It was a terrible time, but it made our relationship more intimate and it made me stronger. Everyone will meet the crossroads in their lives, and everyone has to make a choice. If you look at some of the experiences of others—the loss of children, the death of a loved one, etc.—these twists and turns that I have encountered are simply pediatrics. I still have my own family, my family is very healthy and our relationship is very good. Therefore, I am more confident to go through that period of time, I believe that the sun will eventually appear.

45. No matter what , just do not give up .Always believe that your dream can come true & just keep working for what you want to achieve . Don't give up anyway. Always believe that your dreams are achievable and work hard for it.

46. ​​I do not know what a pure point guard is , I just play the game & do whatever is necessary to win even it means I have to be selfish . I don’t know what a point guard is, I only know how to do it. To win, even if you have to be "selfish."

47. I'm far from a hater. You got talent, I love you. I am not a person who hates jealousy at all. If you have talent, I will love you.

48. who can stop me is me. Only I can stop myself.

49. Only The Strong Survive. The strong survive.

50. I am what I am. I am who I am.

51. I do what i want to do. I live my way.

52. I do not to respect and fear. I don't have to respect and fear anyone.

53. I play every game as if it is my last I treat every game as my last game.

54. They can not break me . The only way to break me is to kill me,And everything that does not kill me makes me stronger. They can't beat me unless they kill me, and anything that can't kill me will only Make me stronger!

55. I always think I could miss 20 shots and believe that the 21st is going in, I just keep fighting. I always think that I will miss the first 20 shots, and believe that the 21st goal will definitely enter! I just keep fighting.

56. I've learned to play when I'm struggling,I think that's what being a professional and growing up is all about. You realize you're not going to play well every night. You keep fighting and something good will happen. In the process of struggle, I learned how to play. I think that is all as a professional player. You understand that you can't play well every night, but you will continue to fight for good things.

57. It's all about always believing, I've seen the bad side of life and I survived.Now, I plan to enjoy the good side. And I don't plan to look back. My past has taught me a lot, and I'm not ashamed of it, it taught me how did things that be taken away from you. It taught me how important it is to believe in yourself even if others turn their back on you. It wasn't easy waking up in a Cell. But it would've been easier to quit. I didn't do that. I fought through the hard times. Those are all about faith, I have survived the dark side of life, I want to enjoy the good side! I don't want to look back! My past taught me a lot, I am not ashamed, It makes me understand that things around me are lost in a blink of an eye. It tells me that I always believe in how important it is to look at others. It’s not easy to wake up from the original world, and exit is much simpler, I don’t have Exit. I struggled to survive the most difficult period!

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