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Who wakes up his sleeping heart

Who awakened his sleeping heart <br />I want to tell you a story today. This story is very touching and philosophical. This is a typical inspirational story. I hope that through this story, we can inspire everyone's self-confidence.
In other words, Brown Phelps is an ordinary citizen of Michigan, USA. For a while, he often received calls from strangers and mistaken him for the great swimmer Michael Phelps.
One day, Phelps went to the hotel to get drunk and went home, opened his mobile phone and found several newsletters. One of the citizens who claimed to be a "fish fan" wrote: "Mr. Phelps, can you reply to my message?"
If the memory is good, this person called "Fish Fan" will send him a newsletter almost every day, but he knows that the person he is looking for must be Michael Phelps, that is, who created the Olympics. The great swimmer of the miracle. Phelps was too lazy to deal with this kind of thing, but he felt a little excited.
He lay down on the bed for a while, and Phelps was a little bored. He took out his mobile phone and looked at it. There was a lot of information on it. He didn’t want to remove it. When he went to the message of “fish fans”, he couldn’t help but feel a little heart. , replies: "Hello, thank you for your concern."
Soon after the information was sent, the other party came back: "God, you really replied to me, I am not dreaming?!"
Phelps replied: "Yes, not a dream."
After the information was sent, Phelps was a bit dazed. He said to himself: "Is this not a dream? People worship Michael Phelps, not myself."
The other party replied to the newsletter and said: "I heard that you like basketball in addition to swimming. I also like basketball. Can we talk about basketball online?"
Phelps replied: "Okay, please wait, I will log in immediately."
Phelps turned on the computer and quickly met with the "fish fans". The other party was very talkative and talked about his feelings about basketball. Unconsciously, Phelps showed a sexy and charming girl in front of her eyes, as if it were the shadow of a "fish fan."
Since then, Phelps has met with "fish fans" almost every day in the chat room. In order to communicate with the "fish fans", Phelps began to make up for basketball knowledge. He saved the next part of his living expenses, bought a lot of basketball books, and learned about NBA teams and those great players. Two months later, he finally dared to talk on his own initiative.
One day after half a year, Phelps went online, but found that "fish fans" were not online. He looked at the computer in a daze, waited for a while, couldn't help but send a message to the "fish fans" and asked what she was doing. "Fish fans" replied, saying yes, they are looking for a competition notice for a TV station.
For three days, there is no more information about "fish fans." On the fourth day, Phelps opened the computer. Unfortunately, the "fish fans" are still not online, and he is somewhat lost. I sat until noon, and suddenly someone knocked at the door. When I opened the door, I was a courier and sent a letter from the express. Phelps opened it and it turned out to be an interview notice from the TV station. Phelps felt a bit strange, he did not sign up, how can I send an interview notice?
Phelps was originally an employee of a car company, but soon after the financial crisis swept the United States, he was laid off. After being laid off, Phelps was sluggish and unwilling to do things, relying on the living expenses of his father. After seeing the interview notice, he felt a move and didn't have a job. It is better to try it. Phelps worried that his knowledge was not mastered enough and he had made up for a few days.
A total of twelve people participated in the competition interview, and Phelps ranked sixth. He was a little restless, nervous and sweaty.
The interviewers tried to explain the NBA game video one by one. After more than an hour, it was the turn of Phelps. The host asked: "Your name is Brown Phelps?"
Phelps said: "Yes."
The host smiled: "Your name is very close to Michael Phelps."
Phelps associates with the "Aventure" in these months, and some blushes, saying: "Yes, but I am not him, otherwise I will not come to compete for the commentator."
The host asked again: "What else is there in your family?"
He replied: "There is only one father who lives in Arkansas."
Speaking of this, Phelps sighed. The host asked: "Why do you say your father sighs when you talk about it?"
Phelps said: "My father, he was originally a sports channel commentator for the Arkansas TV station. He always wanted me to inherit his career. Unfortunately, I failed the old man."
Next, it is the time to try and explain. A video appeared on the TV screen, a piece of Michael Jordan’s game that led the Bulls to win in 1998. This game is also the last one of Brown Phelps's father, Brown, who explained before retirement. Recently, "Fish Fan" and Phelps have discussed it many times, so he is familiar with it. (Inspirational story) Just, associate with the father and "fish fans", at the beginning of the explanation, Phelps was a little excited. However, his commentary still received rounds of applause. In the end, he was accepted by the TV station.
Afterwards, Phelps returned home with excitement. Just turned on the computer and saw the message of "fish fans" congratulating him. He asked awkwardly: "How do you know the results of the competition?"
"Fish fans" said: "I am the name I gave you, and of course I know everything about your interview."
Phelps was even more surprised. He replied quickly: "So, do you know that I am not Phelps?"
"Fish fans" replied: "Of course, I not only know that you are a fake, but also understand your situation clearly."

Phelps was shocked and asked: "Who are you?"
“Fish fans” said: “When you officially go to work on TV tomorrow, you will see me.”
The next day, Phelps wore a new one and walked to a new job. When he walked to the gate of the TV station, he saw a person who could not be familiar with it in his life, that is, his father, Old Brown. Old Brown greeted with a smile and embraced his son and said, "Congratulations, my child."
Phelps was in a hot chest and suddenly understood everything. It turned out that the "fish fan" was his father, and his father awakened his sleeping heart.
In fact, there are many people in us who are also in a stage of sleeping heart. This stage can be long or short. The key lies in yourself and the people around you. Will they also come out to pull you? Will you call you out loud? Wake up your sleeping heart. Looking up, full of confidence to a brilliant tomorrow?

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