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Since the creation of words by human ancestors, various kinds of classic books have been published one after another, and reading has become the most beautiful and fascinating cultural landscape in the world. People who are eager for cultural knowledge have entered various books; various cultural knowledge has entered people's hearts. Throughout the ages, the literati have been like the rivers and rivers, and they have come to the fore, and they have been boiling and chilling, and they have read hard, and they have formed a generation of heroes, and the prosperity of Junxian Weixing.

It is the tradition of the Chinese nation to study hard and study hard. Throughout the history of China, the stories of cantilevered thorns, fluorescent window, and light transmission are numerous; the story of "as long as the kungfu is deep, the iron smashed into a needle" is even more endless. Among them, book idiots, book fans, book mad, there are many people, like a shining star of the Chinese literary world.

The development of history to this day, the prosperity of the motherland has propped up a clear sky for the people's reading, and opened up a quiet grassland. The spring of modern science and knowledge has created a beautiful and warm paradise for people to read. The various colleges are full of flowers and flowers, and the tide of reading is coming.

People are eager to read, love knowledge, and regard reading as the fundamental way for adults to become talents, and use books as a magic weapon to light up life. Use reading to broaden your horizons, enrich your mind, expand your chest, and reach your life and insight into the world. Therefore, I love the books, sleepless nights, study hard day and night, and get hunger and thirst for knowledge. In the study of knowledge, I work tirelessly, study hard, and enjoy it, forming a good atmosphere of "learning from time to time, not talking about it."

Most of the reading is to apply what you have learned, or to arm your mind, to increase philosophical dialectical knowledge, so as to control your life scientifically; or to carry forward your own cultivation, to strengthen your own ideological and moral sentiments, or to have wisdom, strategy, and chest. There are great ambitions, good intentions in the abdomen, and even pointing to the mountains and rivers, stimulating the words, and absorbing the ambitions of the heavens and the earth; or for increasing skills. Talent, enhance the ability to use the land, and pave the way for doing something.

Of course, among the readers, because of the different purposes of reading, the attitudes of reading are different, and their effects vary widely, making the world of reading a huge world. Some people use books to decorate their facades and dress themselves up as poets to read themselves. Cultural taste; some people study for the purpose of stimulating, anesthetize their boring life with low-level fun; some people study for fun, use books to pass the time.

Therefore, some people think that reading is a kind of happiness. Some people think that reading is a kind of bitterness; some people are happy in reading, some are reading in happiness; some people read magic from plainness, some read happiness from bitterness, and taste sweetness of knowledge. .

To read happiness from suffering, we must first understand why reading and for whom to study. As a patriot, I must study for the revitalization of China. As a descendant of the Yellow Emperor, I must study for the great rejuvenation of the nation. As a citizen, Should study for the development, progress, and civilization of society. No matter how hard this kind of reading is, it is a happy face.

No matter what kind of reading method is adopted, reading must be hard and hard work. Only when you are not afraid of hardships and willing to endure hardships can you read happiness and taste the joy of reading. Reading is like roaming the sea, and there is no end to it. Only those who are turbulent and daring to tide the tide can enter the ideal shore. If you are studying, you can only reach the culmination of the glory if you are not afraid of danger and danger, and you will continue to climb and work hard.

When we ride a boat, swim in the ocean of knowledge, pick the waves of knowledge, and feel the profoundness of knowledge; when we climb the peak of knowledge, listen to the teachings of the sages, dialogue with history, and talk with modern technology, from which we can understand The true meaning of life, pick up the key to knowledge, open the door of a maze, harvest once and for all, take off... Yu Yu, because of feelings of life, what regrets this life? This music is extremely!

Reading bitter, happy? Book Mountain has a road to the path, learning the sea without a hardship to do the boat.

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