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Who will study me?

When I was in school in the county, my family was going to let me go to work as a soldier. After my parents had this idea, they didn’t tell me first, but first sought advice from the fortune teller. According to my birth, my husband calculated that I should at least be a head. This makes my parents full of hope for me. At that time, I knew too little about the head of the team, so I felt that it was a great thing. First of all, I think that the head of the team can command a thousand troops and is a great general. This is my understanding from the movies I don't see. Then neighbor Yang, the old man, used to be the militia platoon leader. He often said that "the county-level county-level group" is the head of the county, if you return to the place, you can be the county magistrate or county party secretary. The result of my further inference is: I may be written into the county.

How is this done? Therefore, when I first arrived in the army, I felt that I should do less things that I didn’t adjust. If I was remembered in the county, I wouldn’t have been stinking for a long time. It’s a bad thing, or a bad thing that I can’t help myself. Everything is covered in the past, and no one tells. But later, the two military school entrance examinations did not succeed, and I was not so concerned about the head of the team. If you don’t know what to do, the thought is that you will be able to pass the leadership for a while, and the county’s county will not be able to limit it.

When the officers are not in the army, it is not a matter of trouble in the army. At that time, I didn't have a computer. I wrote it on the manuscript paper. I wrote it one after another. I sorted it out, and even the revision process was kept. It was the first draft, the second draft, the third draft, and even the final draft of a manuscript. All stay well.

At that time, there were two thoughts: First, there were children in the future, and they were shown to the children as a living material for revolutionary tradition and inspirational education. Second, in the future, if I became a writer, I could use it for literature.

When I left the army, it was really difficult to handle those things. I first put it in my sister's house, and she was in another unit in the same station. I told her that after I went back to settle down, I took the documents away. But after making a living too hard, I forgot about it. Last summer, I took my son to my sister's house. The older sister also pointed to the neat manuscript paper and told my son: See how hard your father is and write so much useless. I am very embarrassed. I said, forget it, and sell it for two cans.

Suddenly, I found out that some friends around me have already begun to write an anthology. There was a guy who didn't see the published work. The result was a six-volume one. Although he didn't wait, he almost waited for the knee. Soon after, I found out that a more fierce one, even the diary has published eight or nine volumes, each volume is two inches thick. My first thought is: This is not too low carbon.

In order not to let the people who study me trouble, I also made great efforts to remember the diary, which was written very long, just like the protagonist's monologue in the novel, but I couldn't write it for a few days - because I was lazy, I really insisted. Not going down, but it is a habit to develop a diary of Lu Xun: write the diary into a bill. This bill is very useful now. Now the money is the same as the day. If you accidentally find it is not so much, and you don't know how it is.

In order to perfect ourselves, we can be a little scared to supervise ourselves, but it is indeed a bit ridiculous to continue to plasticize ourselves. Just grab a beautiful piece of cloth and sew it on the body. Finally, I found that I was wearing a hundred robes.

We are all ordinary people. Some people are fascinated by their gods. Apart from the fact that they did create "miracles", more reasons may be because they "see the end of the dragon" and there are not so many related documents left to us. Humboldt probably said this: A writer should not always write about the literature. This is too playful and too harsh, but quite thorough.

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