Inspirational story

10 words circulating in the elite circle, said really brilliant

1. The tortoise is running on the ground but the rabbit, but the tortoise is always faster than the rabbit in the water.

- Do not misplace your position.

2. The crow learns the eagle to catch the sheep. As a result, the wool is wrapped in the claws, and finally the shepherd is alive and dead.

- Not every kind of bird is called an eagle. You can live by recognizing yourself.

3. One day, the ants went to the elephants. The ants proudly said that they could lift more than a hundred times more than themselves. At this time, the elephant shook the mud, but the ants were killed.

- Never be worse than the wrong object, or it will die very badly.

4. The horse met the camel in the desert. The horse laughed at the back of the camel and said, "Hey, man, your back is really ugly!" The camel didn't have a horse but just continued on the road. Finally, the camel stepped out of the desert, but the horse never came out again, watching the horse's body camel laugh.

- Don't laugh at the appearance of others, or maybe you will become a joke of others someday.

5. A rabbit is lazy, always grazing at his own nest, and finally caught by the hunter.

——Think about the consequences when you eat the grass in the nest. If you think you can eat it, you can’t afford it.

6. The forest held a beauty contest, and the peacock first reported that he was sure to win the championship. The result was not even in the preliminary round. The peacock was very angry and went to the goat review. The goat judge said: "Peacock, although you open the screen, it is beautiful, but it shows the ass!" The peacock left very awkwardly.

——When looking in the mirror, don’t look at the front and look at the back.

7. Summer is very hot, Zebra goes to the river to drink water, just to see the hippo playing in the river, Zebra thinks it can play why I can't play. The zebra jumped to play, but the crocodile killed it after a while.

- Don't play without that strength, because you can't afford to lose.

8. A duck saw that the geese were very comfortable flying in the sky, and felt that they could not fly without any problems. As a result, it ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped vertically. Without a few flutters, it fell vertically and fell into a half body.

- Do not rush to the unknown field before you are fully prepared.

9. The lion invited the tiger to go hunting in the valley and promised to give it half of the prey that was caught. The tiger went to think about it. When the lion came to the valley, the only way out was blocked and the tiger was eaten.

——Cooperate with strong competitors and must think about retreating.

10. A turtle basks in the sun on the beach. At this time, an eagle flies, and the tortoise feels that he has a hard shell. The eagle can't help without it. As a result, the eagle grabbed the tortoise and flew to the height of a kilometer. When flying over a rock, the tortoise fell and the tortoise fell out.

- Don't be too confident about yourself. You can pack more people than you can think of.

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