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No matter what you experience, please be sure to keep going.

I remember that there is a classic line in "The Wind is Harvard Road": "The world is changing while you're just a stardust. The earth turns arround with or without you. Reality doesn't change according to your will." It has been passed down, affecting people from generation to generation, including me.

Before going to bed last night, I used to open WeChat. I saw the Western Business News subscription number. There was a brief news that "Dad has died, he is waiting for his father to buy new clothes for him." This child’s home is in Lanzhou. Yuzhong County, just five years old this year, has been dead for two years. After reading it, I can't help but ask myself: I have the ability to buy him a new dress, but when is his father still standing in front of him, maybe this child will no longer be in the cold wind, running away The family is far away to wait for his dear father. When he is no longer bullied, he is proud to say to his friends: "Dad is going to the big city to make big money, and will buy me and my brother a lot of beautiful new. Clothes." But everything is just what we expect.

At 11:40 on December 20, 2019, a landslide occurred in Hengtaiyu Industrial Park, Fenghuang Community, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The nearby West-East Gas Pipeline exploded, and the damage was still due to this Christmas season. . But if we go to the snacks, it is not difficult to find a common ground. Under the urban-rural dual structure system, the losers are all coming to the city to look for a living space, looking for a wealth to support their families, but they pay the price. It is to let their family burst into tears and wait for a lifetime.

Seeing this, we are heartbroken, we are sour, we are uncomfortable, we are sad, but we can do nothing.

I, twenty-three or four years old, have no experience, no experience, no value, no ability, no talent, no pursuit, no ambition, and no understanding of the true meaning of life. Just like this, a deep foot, a shallow foot, rushing on the road, every place where the emotions and sorrows are passing, every day, rushing into the wind, full of heart, firm pace, waiting for the warm wind in this cold baptism, The spring landscape of birds and flowers.

I thought that the failure of an exam was a collapse. I thought that the mistake of a job was that the sky was gone. I thought that the misunderstanding of coincidence was that the sky was gone. I thought that the blame of the leader was that the sky was falling. So we are careful, we are trembled, we are on thin ice. But when the bright sunshine discs were lonely, and we ushered in a new dawn, we heard our own laughter.

I know that life is a unique one, and it is a duty without fear or regret. Compared to them, we still experience too little, too much thinking, the world is too small, too much to care about.

It is often heard that those who are unlikely to succeed succeed, and those who are low in the dust are popular. In repeated encounters, there will always be unexpected surprises. However, we did not realize that the people who accompanied them walked away and lost. But they endured the loneliness of struggle, and finally stood under the most dazzling spotlight. We saw the aura on their heads, but they never saw it. There was a road running there, all the way to the ridge, all the way to the acid, it was a scar to them all the way free and easy, it was a drop of tears to win them all the way, is again and again Helpless to let them get through the way, is to insist on the final award.

So when we are in love and hate, passion and dullness, persistence and abandonment, when we fall into the trough of our own life, when we meet a bumper, as long as life is still there. Why can't you look at the mistakes, take the pressure, and be reborn with frustration and suffering? Why don't you uphold the light of faith and don't be a victim of adversity? Why can't you look down on yourself, use a normal heart to get rid of negative energy, and step on your feet to go up?

One more adversity, one more mature, one more adversity, creating a miracle. No matter what happens, please remember to keep going. When you can't go on, think about those who are struggling in the desperate situation of life, think about those who are blocked by health, think about those who used to be jokes and later become myths. No matter what happens, please remember to stick to it, not to be a big fan, not to fame and fortune, not for the future, but to ask for innocence, but not to worry about this life.

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