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Social practice: advantages and disadvantages of after-sales service

In the summer of 2005, I practiced social practice in Baoding “New Century Auto Group”. In the new century, the repair in one month made me sell the vehicle, spare parts supply, after-sales service, maintenance technology and information feedback to the repair station. Have a certain understanding and deep understanding. Now I introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the "4S" store in a car with a practical understanding and understanding. In the new century, I am doing auto repair work. The vehicles to be repaired are basically Hafei Lubao, Hafei Racing, Changhe Big Dipper, Qinchuan Flyer and Kia Maxima. The maintenance project is basically to replace some maintenance items such as oil and some small maintenance items. Although the eight-hour work is a three-point, one-line mechanical work, I have learned a lot, at least the real "real combat experience" I can't learn in school, and I also recognize the pros and cons. Although the automotive after-sales service market is developing rapidly, there are still many problems. I think the main drawbacks are as follows: 1. A weak service perspective is a common problem. Most of the various types of specialty stores have been established soon. Considering the large number of car sales, the service for the users is small, the team has not undergone rigorous training and education, the quality is poor, and the idea of ​​serving the users wholeheartedly has not been established. Service system and methods. The quality of the elimination and maintenance of automobile faults is not enough. The new latecomers who have joined the automotive service market are mostly engaged in profit-making services and lack of service awareness. 2. Most of the repair parts suppliers entering the repair market are looking at the promising prospects of this industry. The purpose of making money is to expand the scale of operations and sales volume, but not to pay attention to after-sales service and product quality. Low and high in price, resulting in serious counterfeit and shoddy products. 3. The manufacture of auto repair parts has a glimpse of the situation. A large number of auto repair parts manufacturing plants have been developed in industrially developed areas. The production capacity has developed rapidly and the quality of the products has been poor. It has become the source of many counterfeit products. Although it has alleviated the contradiction of the shortage of maintenance parts, it has affected the quality of vehicle maintenance. 4. A variety of maintenance factories, fast repair shops are not standardized, many of them are part-time sales of accessories, not only sell accessories at high prices, but also in the maintenance and repair. 5. The maintenance cost is high and the user burden is heavy. Due to the gradual adoption of replacement repair and repair costs, the user's burden is increased, and even some of the parts replaced by specialty stores have evolved from consumable parts to some assembly parts. For example, some famous brands of cars actually change to turn horizontal tie rods. The assembly component has increased the burden on users, which is not the case today when implementing brand strategy. There are also some problems in financial aspects such as automobile insurance and car purchase credit. The main reason is that the system is not perfect and the practices are not standardized, and further improvement is needed. 6. As an after-sales service industry downstream of the automobile, after China's accession to the WTO, the operators have gained an advantage because of their unique "localization" nature. However, from the current point of view, these innate advantages are not enough to become a strong competitive force to participate in market competition, and it is not possible to compete with foreign operators. The following is a detailed analysis of the domestic and foreign after-sales situation with my shallow understanding. First: the status of foreign after-sales From the development of the world economy over the years, the role of the chain business model in economic development has received more and more attention, but also affects people's lives everywhere. The success of chain operations in the service, retail and catering industries is obvious to all. It should be said that franchising is a very successful business concept in history. The service field of automobile after-sales service is a big market. In the future, it will definitely be an important position for competition of all parties. Especially the entry of foreign service industry, due to its strong financial support and advanced management concepts, it will be domestic after-sales service. The market has had a considerable impact. For example, the car rental industry will eventually embark on the chain of business operations. Well-known foreign car rental companies have thousands of chain stores, which are very competitive and well-known. If domestic companies want to grow and develop, this process of gathering sand into towers is indispensable. In foreign countries, most of the automobile after-sales market is operated in a chain operation mode, and the profit return rate brought by him is also higher than that of selling the whole vehicle. Regardless of foreign experience or domestic status, chain operation is the only way for domestic auto service operators to develop in the future. Each chain of foreign service industry will have several sites, like Wal-Mart chain stores. Thousands. However, China's chain stores are too small compared to them, and they do not have well-known brands. This result has resulted in weak competitiveness and poor consumer awareness. As far as foreign experience is concerned, commercial vehicles and corporate leasing will gradually increase. There is a strange phenomenon in the domestic car rental industry, that is, there are very few people who rent cars on holidays and rent cars at ordinary times. This situation is exactly the opposite of the leasing industry in countries such as Europe and the United States. With the increase in the number of private cars in China, there will be more and more people leaving private cars on weekends. This phenomenon of public and private “upside down” will also change. The experience of the development of foreign automobile after-sales service market shows that the advantage of after-sales chain operation is that operators who can join the chain can quickly expand their business system without requiring a large amount of funds, and at the same time, they can make the alliance business lack. In the case of industry experience, we can reduce risk investment and solve many problems in the business process. We can start a business with a mature appearance at the beginning of the business. Second: domestic development is not standardized In fact, in the domestic automotive service industry, there have already been some enterprises with a large-scale chain of trade, these enterprises have a certain degree of experience in management, and also have certain customer resources in the development of outlets. These basic work done in the early stage will become the premise of competition and cooperation with foreign companies in the future. [1] [2] [3] Next


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