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Graduation internship summary

The position that the unit gave me was to work on the basic work of the Internet department and some website construction, network program development, etc. Under the guidance of this idea, I undertook the basic work of maintenance of the campus network, including line maintenance and switching equipment. Replacement, new users to work in this area and so on, and quickly mastered the principles and methods, from the theoretical knowledge of the school to the practice of the past year, the role of which can not be separated from the leadership of the unit and colleagues Help and guidance.
In terms of website construction, and ** jointly carried out the transformation of the ** website, using a new background, so that the function of the ** website is more powerful, management is more organized and convenient. A good social effect has been achieved.
Actively participate in various activities organized by the organization, including bowling, billiards, badminton competitions, and participate in the ** basketball game on behalf of **. Participate in various cultural activities and so on.
Participated in the study of "** training" and learned the basic ideas and methods of "**" construction. In practice, I have mastered the use of the ** construction software "**". On behalf of ** to introduce the basic concepts and methods of ** to the ** leadership, it is a great promotion and improvement for themselves.
After the practice and internship of the past year, I am full of good prospects for the future. In the days to come, I will try my best to do the following:
First, continue to learn and constantly improve theoretical literacy.
In the information age, learning is constantly absorbing new information and gaining motivation for career advancement. As a young comrade, learning should be an important way to maintain work enthusiasm. After embarking on the job, I actively responded to the unit call, combined with the actual work, constantly learning theory, business knowledge and social knowledge, armed with advanced theory, improved ability with sophisticated business knowledge, and broadened horizons with broad social knowledge.
Second, work hard and consciously carry out role transformation.
"The theory is gray, the tree of life is evergreen." Only by putting the theory into practice can the value of the theory be realized, and only by putting the theory into practice can the theory be tested. Similarly, the value of a person is also achieved through practical activities, and only through practice can the quality of the person be exercised and the will of the person manifested.
The primary problem facing the transition from school to society is the issue of role transformation. From one student to one unit, on the level of thought, it must be recognized that there is a big difference between the social roles of the two. The student era is simply learning knowledge, while social practice means continuing to learn and applying knowledge to practice. In the student era, you can choose the objects of communication, while the social people are more chosen by others. These kinds of differences. Too many to mention. But it is not enough to recognize this at the level of thought. It is necessary to experience it in actual work and life and consciously carry out this role transformation.
Third, improve work enthusiasm and initiative
The one-year internship has passed quickly, and it is the beginning and the end. Shown in front of himself is a fertile ground for his own gallop, and he clearly feels the heavy responsibility. In the future work and life, I will continue to learn, practice in depth, constantly improve myself, strive to create performance, and continue to create more value for the center.
Finally, I would like to thank the unit leaders and department leaders and colleagues for their support and help. I will continue to work hard.

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