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2019 chemical plant internship experience

In the course of the internship , I learned a lot of things that I couldn’t learn in the textbooks, and I can make myself closer to the society and experience the pulse of the market. If the ivory tower is to see the market, it is more emotional, then When you are in the enterprise and directly contact the production and sales of the company, it is much more rational. Because the competition in the market is bound by the market competition rules, from procurement, production to sales are inextricably linked with the market, how to avoid risks, how to open up the market, how to ensure the survival and development of enterprises, all of this It is such a reality. Then the judgment of reason becomes important. In the internship process of the enterprise, I found myself looking at the problem, and the way of thinking about the problem has gradually developed. This is inseparable from practice. In the process of practice, I feel full and feel growth again.
The following is my summary of the work process and my experience:
Objective To arrange an internship in the xxx workshop to understand the production process, functional department settings and functions, and to understand the internal control of the enterprise.
In the process of more than one month, after going down to the production workshop, we first understand the entire xxx production process, from procurement and storage, to picking production, to the final product into the tank, and have a basic understanding of the production activities of the entire workshop. This lays a good foundation for us to be familiar with the company and conduct practical operations.
Among them, we have almost no knowledge of the production of xxx, but after we went to the workshop, we not only learned about the production process, but also learned more about the production process and use of xxx, because the fatty acid is directly used after the production. Yangzi petrochemical production, so there is a certain amount of production per month. And due to seasonal and temperature constraints, the length and strength of the machine starts to have relevant regulations. In addition, the visit to some assembly lines has also inspired me. Thinking about how to reduce the production cost through the construction of the new assembly line, so, I feel a deep feeling, to be a qualified accountant, to understand the basic and basic operation links, otherwise, it is easy to let the theory Out of practice.
After being familiar with the production process of the workshop, the staff took the previous handover records and intermediate product application forms and statements and other information to us. In the process of reviewing these materials, there are materials that do not understand or are unclear. I actively consulted my colleagues. Under their patient guidance, we have a certain understanding of the program and method of the entire product inspection in the workshop.
Since chemical production is uninterrupted, the production of the workshop must be carried out at all times. The staff of the workshop adopts four shifts and a permanent shift system. There are four people in our workshop who have long classes, and others are divided into four classes, four classes, four classes, four classes, two classes. .
Although we have not officially allocated, we strictly abide by the production discipline of the workshop, and actively ask questions in places where we do not understand, so as to avoid safety accidents. We must first understand the production process in the workshop. We first look at each instrument and Equipment, and understand their name and purpose, the technicians who are not familiar with us will explain with us patiently. For better work, we will draw down the process flow chart to better understand the working environment. Of course in chemical production. The most important thing is safety. So when we first entered the workshop, the director gave us a safety education class.
We were arranged to work with them in Class C so that we could personally participate in the actual production.
And, however, in day-to-day work, whether it is possible to further improve work efficiency through some technical means. The production process fatty acid is a wide range of industrial raw materials, which can be used as raw materials for the extraction of oil and sludge. It is widely used in rubber vulcanizing agents, plastic heat stabilizers, lubricants, textile softeners, chemical fiber oils, etc. For the preparation of various preparations, solvents, moisture absorbents and sweeteners. According to the survey, the annual demand for domestic fatty acids is 300,000 tons, the annual output is 200,000 tons, and the gap is 100,000 tons. The market requires a large amount of fatty acid production method, the raw material is hydrolyzed to form crude fatty acid and glycerin water, and the crude fatty acid formed is formed into a finished product by a distillation process, characterized in that the hydrolysis reaction is a hydrolysis of the raw material through two or more. In the tower, the hydrolysis tower is heated by a heat-conducting oil; the distillation process first uses a vacuum distillation device to first dehydrate and degas the crude fatty acid in the degassing tower, and then through distillation, the product is obtained after condensation.
The fatty acids extracted from the fat of livestock are divided into two types: one is edible beef and sheep oil, and the other is non-edible beef and sheep oil, that is, industrial beef and sheep oil. There are generally five indicators: ffa free fatty acid titre freezing point, Miu moisture and impurities, fac color, bleach bleaching degree.
[Applicable fields]: Ox and sheep oil fatty acids are mainly emulsifiers of styrene-butadiene rubber, soap base of high-grade soap, intermediates for synthesizing various surfactants, widely used in rubber vulcanizing agents, plastic heat stabilizers, lubricants, textiles. Softener, chemical fiber oil, antistatic agent, emulsifier for food, raw materials for cosmetic detergents and various surfactants.
[Packaging]: In barrel or bulk, the barrel is 180kg/barrel. In general, this internship is rewarding and you have a lot of experience. First of all, the deep feeling is that theoretical study is the basis of actual business practice, but how different the actual work and theory are, in the leisure of work, in the conversation with the accounting staff who have worked for many years, deep I know that in the workplace, having good business ability is the basic ability, but how to deal with the relationship with colleagues and establish a harmonious atmosphere for yourself and others' work is so important, so it is better to understand The essence of "people and everything" in the enterprise.
Secondly, as a member of the company, both other staff members and accountants should not only maintain the quality and efficiency of their work, but also have an innovative spirit in carrying out their own work in a repetitive circle. Xida Pesticide Factory is about to face the adjustment of “restructuring”, which means that the company will face the transition from “school-run” enterprises to “social” enterprises. Some preferential policies previously enjoyed will be completed with the restructuring. In this way, the pesticide factory will face more fierce competition in the market, accept the cruel rules, and in order to survive and develop, it will have to innovate, to survive, to promote development with new, West Pesticide Factory In the face of a new round of development, employees should be encouraged to make bold innovations and actively contribute to the development of the company.

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