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Teacher internship summary

" Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees." In the past three years, I have been aiming to be a high-quality student of the high school. I am strict and strict with myself, constantly pursuing progress, constantly improving myself and constantly surpassing myself.
The internship in the past two months has made me truly appreciate the fun of being a teacher. At the same time, it has turned my teaching theory into teaching practice, making virtual teaching a true face-to-face teaching. Internship in the past two months, now recalling, a short internship life, I feel good, really good. When I walked on the internship campus, the student said, "The teacher is good." "The teacher is good" feels so good, I sometimes feel that I am being addicted. Ha ha.
I have been very impressed by the internship in the past two months. My internship class is Class 201 in the second grade. A large group of eight or nine-year-old children are cute, lively, active, and naughty. I remember the first day I arrived at the classroom. In the afternoon, my classmates sent me pictures of myself. I'm really touched.
After listening to the class for a week, I started to go to the podium and started my first "virgin". Of course, at the beginning, the mood was particularly tense. Due to lack of experience and lack of ability to respond, the class appeared “the emphasis of lectures is not prominent, the order of lectures is unclear, and the cooperation between teachers and students is not tacit.” In response to the problems, the instructor asked me to take more lectures, learn from experienced teachers, and face-to-face pointing out the shortage of teaching plans and the shortcomings in class. Helping to modify the lesson plans, they don't have the slightest shelf, and there are more friendly conversations like friends.
In order to make up for my own shortcomings, I strictly follow the requirements of the school and the instructor, carefully prepare the lesson, write the lesson plans, actively learn from other students and teachers, ask more people, grasp the opportunity of each class, exercise and Develop your own teaching skills.
In the course of class, I encountered many difficulties: For example, if students do not cooperate, it often makes me sad. Someone suggested that I use a mandatory method. Such as penalty stations, fines and so on. Admittedly, this method can barely maintain classroom order. However, this has undoubtedly deepened the gap between teachers and students, and even made students feel tired of learning. As an educator, we must find ways to create a democratic and harmonious teaching atmosphere and establish an equal teacher-student relationship in teaching activities. Moreover, the teacher should regard himself as a member of the activity, and is a good teacher and friend of the students. The teaching results I got were not bad. There were a few very naughty students who were more serious in my class and also raised their hands to answer questions.
Eight or nine-year-old children are very moving, and their attention is very easy to distract, which makes it easy to open up the gap and affect the teaching effect. In order to improve this situation, I will give each group a small red flower on the blackboard. Which group will listen to the class carefully, and which group will be given a small red flower. This method has achieved good results. In the past, because students were under the gap, I couldn’t control the shouting. Now I can control the class well and benefit directly from the classroom.
As the saying goes: "Knowing is not as good as knowing, and knowing is not as good as knowing." Interest is crucial for a small country. My experience is that I must mobilize the students' interest in learning so that they can learn actively in happiness. Whether it is Chinese or mathematics, I adopt a teaching method based on students and teachers. The classroom is mainly based on students' reading and asking questions, and then let the students act as the teacher's role. I will add and correct them. . Because the classroom is mainly based on students, it fully mobilizes their initiative and enthusiasm for learning, from "I want to learn" to "I want to learn" teaching methods. Inspired students' strong interest in learning.
Students in the second grade of the National Primary School like to show off themselves, so I am very focused on encouraging them according to their personality and age. As long as they answered the questions, I said to them in an encouraging language: "It's so good," "Really loud," "Not bad," and so on. They got the praise of the teacher and their enthusiasm improved. Over time, they developed the habit of dare to raise their hands to answer questions. Moreover, when the students answered the questions very well, I asked all the students to use "sticky, great, you are awesome!" Encourage words to encourage them, so that the classroom atmosphere is fully active, students are full of emotions, and play a very good teaching effect.
It is very important to correct the mistakes and correct the students' mistakes. When I correct every mistake of the students, I write inspirational comments, and emphasize the importance of revisions in the comments, and encourage them according to the situation of each student. For those students who still do not correct after I request correction, I will write on my homework. My guiding ideology is to constantly give students the opportunity to correct mistakes until they know the mistake and correct it. For individual students, I will coach them until they take the initiative to correct the mistake. As an educator, it is necessary to have such patience in order to correct the shortcomings of the students.
During the entire internship , I felt that the work of the class leader was the most memorable. Because the second-year students are still small, self-organization and restraint are still very poor, especially the backward students are even worse. This requires the teacher to take them away and tell them what to do. I pay special attention to the work of the underachievers, and to realize the educational ideal of “unsuccessful students”, because I believe that students who have not taught well can only teach bad teachers. Therefore, I pay great attention to my own quality. improve. In this respect, I will never reprimand them, but educate them patiently, chat with them, understand them, and prescribe the right medicine. Make opportunities for them to participate in the activities of the class and let them know that the teacher values ​​them. Good academic performance is only one aspect of a child's healthy growth. You can't doubt your child's ability because of poor performance, because it can be multifaceted. With my careful efforts, several of the students in the class have made remarkable progress. They have failed in the previous exams and passed the two unit tests in the following languages ​​and mathematics. From this, I deeply understand that for those who can't just reprimand, punished, and punish, they need to understand their inner world and prescribe the right medicine.
Time flies so fast, and the short internship life of nearly two months is over. This nearly two-month internship has made my teaching experience a qualitative leap. I have learned a lot of knowledge that I can't learn in books. "Knowledge is never-ending." While achieving good results, I will never forget to surpass myself. The enthusiasm for education will encourage me to keep moving forward.

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