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The second summary of college students' graduation internship

Yunnan Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Yunnan Yingmao Group Co., Ltd., which was established in October 1993. At that time, the registered capital was 3 million yuan. At the beginning of its establishment, it was mainly engaged in the wholesale, retail and procurement of medicines. However, due to the lack of enterprises Strategic planning, low management standards and errors in the work of distribution channels, Yingmao Pharmaceutical Company missed the critical period of 98 years and intervention in the pharmaceutical industry in 1999. It did not develop and grow, but suffered losses and losses. It experienced many twists and turns. After Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. resumed its strategic adjustment in July, 60 million yuan will increase its capital and expand its shareholding to 6 to prepare itself for the OTC drug market. It will take three to five years to build a bio-industry chain system in line with national standards. The strategic development pattern of the trinity of Keke Industry and Trade.
During the period from May to August 2003, I entered the internship of Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and became interested in the status quo of the company's OTC distribution channel management. We conducted extensive and in-depth research and conducted related business leaders, sales departments, and enterprises. The communication between the department and the finance department, understand the path development planning, business status, business processes, channel members and sales personnel in the entire distribution channel construction process, and go deep into Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places, In contact with the sales staff and dealers in the first line of the company's sales, during the research process, the results of the company's distribution channel construction process were outstanding:
1, the length and width of the distribution channel is more reasonable in most areas. Yingmao Pharmaceutical Company according to the company's current production of drugs as a common variety, low value, the intermediate links can not be too much, the distribution channel costs can not be too high, and the company sales staff shortage The actual situation, combined with the characteristics of dealer distribution channels in various regional markets, the initial three-level distribution channel model has better solved the problem of rapid product flow to the market and extensive coverage of the market; and compensated by looking for no more than three provincial distributors. The blind zone between the distribution channels maintains the stability of the distribution channel, reduces conflicts, and maximizes the market coverage while stabilizing the distribution channel.
2. The market coverage of distribution channels has been greatly improved. Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has rationally constructed the length and width of distribution channels through the selection of provincial-level regional distributors, which has restricted Yingmao Pharmaceutical's product distribution channels from the original. Yunnan Province has reached the southwest, more than a dozen provinces in South China, and the market coverage has been greatly improved in various provincial areas, and product awareness and loyalty are gradually improving.
3, the distribution channel layout is more reasonable. Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. temporarily limits the development planning of provincial distribution channels to the area south of the Yangtze River according to product characteristics, and concentrates on these provincial markets to achieve the training sales team and accumulate experience and The purpose of deep cultivation of the existing market.
4, the distribution channel network flow trend is more reasonable. In the process of distribution channel construction, Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. did not relax the management requirements, and formulated a series of corresponding contract review, dealer quota evaluation, delivery approval, payment risk Control, return and other systems and process specifications, laid a good foundation for the normal management of distribution channels.
5. Established the prototype of the "win-win" distribution channel relationship. Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adopted the distributor's responsibility for delivery, payment and customer visits in the construction of distribution channels; enterprise sales personnel are responsible for the distribution terminal work and market vividness. Work, good cooperation with dealers.
Although Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has achieved outstanding results, the problems at the same time also affect the safety of the distribution channel, and may cause harm to the normal operation of the company. The specific problems are:
1. The distribution channel structure is chaotic. In some areas, total distribution, special distribution and direct sales exist simultaneously, and there is a tendency to spread to multiple sales areas. The simultaneous existence of multiple distribution path modes makes the distribution channel network state diverse and complex. Chaos, causing chaos and blindness in the market planning, execution, promotion, monitoring, information feedback, etc., invisibly reduce the profit margin of dealers, dampen the enthusiasm of dealers, and enable dealers to distribute their products. And interest is reduced.
2, the distribution channel control is unsafe. In the process of the construction of Yingmao Pharmaceutical Company's distribution channel, because the distribution relationship between Yingmao Pharmaceutical Company and the distributor is loose and cooperative, only the goods are required to be safe for the dealers, and the payment is timely. When you return to the cage, when Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. hopes that the members of the distribution channel will help adjust the product structure and increase the sales of new products with high profits, there will always be more or less conflicts.
3, sales staff management is out of control. Sales information feedback is not timely, the government order is not smooth, sales expenses rise sharply, there are problems with the dealer's customer file collection, so that the management of the company is out of control.
4. The dealership is deteriorating and the loyalty is reduced. With the development of the work, the dealer's settlement cycle becomes longer and the collection rate decreases, which makes Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have excessive receivables outside the company, giving the company normal production and sales work. Bringing great pressure, but also increasing the risk of funds in transit; and dealers complained about the company or simply exited the distribution channel when product sales fell.
5, the dealer selection criteria are not scientific. Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. chooses the dealers in the process of seeking for the best, only the "big" is from, but based on the overall sales and size of the dealers, not its The ratio of the business that occurs with the company to its overall business volume, and the amount of profit generated by the business is a measure. As long as the dealer is willing to distribute the products of the enterprise, it will become a member of the distribution channel, lacking a clear and systematic The standard has a certain degree of confusion in the selection and division of dealers.
6, the terminal work is not meticulous. In the process of the terminal work of Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., there has been a phenomenon of laissez-faire and perfunctory things. The sales of promotional materials are not in place, the maintenance work is not serious, and repairs are not carried out according to regulations. When you don't answer patiently and patiently, the service attitude is bad.
The problems existing in the distribution channel of Yingmao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have already threatened the survival and development of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to re-design the principles of the distribution channel of the enterprise, determine the countermeasures for the adjustment of the distribution channel, and make the distribution channel of the enterprise efficient and smooth. The business creates benefits and lays a good foundation for the development of the company.

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