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Company Planning Department Internship Summary Report

From the beginning of September to the end of October, I was internship in the Planning Department of Dadi Feige Culture Communication Co., Ltd. After nearly 2 months of internship , I learned a lot from ignorance to cognition. Found a lot of things, not as simple as you think.

When I first arrived at the company, the manager asked us to read the newspaper clippings. The thick dozens of newspaper clippings were just two weeks. At first, I was really impatient. I looked at the newspaper clippings every day and did nothing. I felt very boring. The manager said, "Don’t think that reading a newspaper is not a problem. Letting you read the newspaper is to let you know the situation. I told you that reading the newspaper is not for you to play." In fact, no matter what company you go to, you will not have a job at the beginning. During this time, many people will feel bored and have nothing to do. At this time, you must insist. Giving up easily will only make you regret it.

When I go to the company for an internship , most of the company treats us as students, and generally does not give us any important work, but we don't want us to be idle. Therefore, you should take the initiative to find some things to do, starting with small things, such as taking newspapers, cutting newspapers, answering calls, taking meals, etc., so that company colleagues will accept you faster, leaders will like you. After you work at a company, the key to knowing if you are qualified for the job is to look at your attitude toward work. The attitude is right, even if you have not learned the knowledge before, you can gradually master the work process; the attitude is not good, even if you have a knowledge base, you can't do a good job. When I first arrived at the company, I didn't know what to do. I felt very worried at first, and I was afraid that I could not do well. After learning, during the work process, I saw more, listened more, thought more, and did more. I finally got a more systematic understanding of the work, and slowly I can complete the related work. A lot of things can't be said with a mouth, so you should correct your attitude no matter what you do in the future, so that you can get things done.

When everyone makes a mistake, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake for the first time. The company leader will correct and forgive you, but it is not so simple to make mistakes on the same issue next time. I have a deep understanding of this. Although it has been worked hard to overcome, but the careless problem is still difficult to overcome, the same low-level mistakes made three times, almost was transferred out of the planning department, exiled to the ticketing department to buy tickets, back to think of shame. Sometimes I feel that the company is not good here. Colleagues are not good at getting along, work is not as good as it is, and occasionally complaining, the result affects the mood of their work, not only does not do a good job, but also increases their own pressure. Therefore, we must constantly adjust our emotions, blame, do more things, and find solutions to existing problems in order to maintain the passion of work. In the course of work, there will be many problems, some know, and many don't understand. If you don't understand things, you should be open-minded to ask colleagues or leaders to get the job done faster.

After this internship , I learned a lot from the textbooks that I didn't have, and my mindset changed a lot. I used to feel that I have to do whatever I want, and I don’t want to grieve myself. After the internship , I found that reality is not as perfect. A lot of things are not justified. What the leader wants is the result, and the process is responsible for it. I told you to take pictures. The camera has been used by others. The leader only said that it is your own business. If you are responsible for taking pictures, you must always ensure that the camera has electricity. Don't give any excuses. Call you to interview, call the people to say this, you have to call yourself to ask other responsible persons to understand the situation, to determine that there is really no such thing to go back to life, or to work slowly. Therefore, in any case, we must work hard to complete our own tasks. If we encounter difficulties, we must try our best to overcome them. Any reason is not a reason, and the result is the most important. Now, it is very difficult to find a job that suits your hobbies. It is even harder to have a professional counterpart. Many things are only contacted and learned before we first come to the society. Therefore, we should lose our dependence psychology as soon as possible, learn to be independent in society, dare to compete, and dare to withstand social pressures in order to make ourselves grow fast in society.

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