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Mechanical and electrical professional students internship summary

Taizhou Xinyongtai Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of ir/uv/tl drying equipment, printing materials, painting equipment, flocking equipment and water-based coatings. In XX, the company introduced the world's leading special light wave radiation drying technology, and developed a new generation of Shengtai special light wave heater products with independent intellectual property rights and high-efficiency energy-saving drying equipment. The main drying equipment products cover glass drying equipment, food drying equipment, wood floor drying equipment, sauna drying equipment, printing and drying equipment, metal drying equipment. And coating equipment, coating equipment, water treatment equipment, water-based materials, printing machines, screen printing, flocking equipment, etc.

In January 2019, New Yongtai Company established the St. Tyco Special Light Source Manufacturing Plant and Yingchuang Equipment Factory together with Germany and Canada to successfully develop the world's leading medium-wave, short-wave, carbon wave double-hole gold-plated tubes. China's best drying ir/uv/tl machine and module combination; New Yongtai company is responsible for sales throughout Asia. St. Tyco's special lightwave heaters use high-purity quartz from the United States, high-temperature gold-plated materials from Germany, and high-quality filaments from Japan to ensure its world-leading quality and technology. Can be widely used in textile printing and coating, water-based materials coating, printing, plastics industry, flocking, membrane switches and electronic circuit boards, automotive industry, food, glass industry, furniture industry and other industries drying.

The purpose and significance of the internship

The theory and practice are getting more and more people's attention. As a college student in the sky, how can the knowledge learned in the classroom be connected to real life? How can we bring the knowledge in the classroom to social practice and better serve the society? These have all received widespread attention from society. In order to better combine the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom with social practice, in order to make a meaningful holiday, many college students have used the summer holiday to go out of the school and participate in the practice of all walks of life. The knowledge learned in the classroom serves the locality, allowing practice to test the theoretical knowledge that one has learned. Choosing to Xinyongtai Technology Co., Ltd. for summer social practice internship is also to better integrate the things I have learned in the classroom books into social practice and better serve the society.

Internship methods and content

This social practice is mainly carried out by going to the company to go to work, working with the company's colleagues to work and get off work, and experience. Our work, we must first publish information on the Internet, so each time we take the new exhibition project information from other places, we must check whether the expression of the words meets the correct tone and punctuation of our company before the release, and we It is also necessary to do the same typesetting work with the logo of our company logo for different exhibition projects. Secondly, we will send our organized project information and company information on the Internet, and send relevant information about the exhibition project to relevant enterprises via e-mail. At the same time, we will also find information related to the exhibition project and the country where the exhibition project is located. The economic information, etc., analyzes the attractiveness of the exhibition project. Finally, we targeted to spread our products to customers by phone.

Internship summary

In the fierce market competition, some people say that telemarketing, as a marketing model that can help companies to obtain more profits, is increasingly used by many companies and has far-reaching implications for social development. However, some people say that telephone marketing, as a marketing model, has been considered by many people to be an outdated, too traditional and inefficient marketing method. But in any case, fashion, outdated, and through the reality, telephone sales is still an effective sales model to help companies increase profits.

By using communication technologies such as telephone and fax, telephone marketing is a means of planning, organizing, and efficiently expanding customer base, improving customer satisfaction, and maintaining market behaviors such as customers. As a marketing method, telemarketing enables enterprises to quickly transmit information to target customers within a certain period of time and seize the target market in a timely manner. It is also the most direct and efficient marketing method adopted by modern enterprises. However, specific issues require specific analysis. Different industries have different focuses on telemarketing. As an emerging industry, especially the overseas exhibitions will be introduced to Chinese companies to attract Chinese companies to participate in the exhibition, then it naturally has its own unique and distinctive telemarketing program.

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