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Time flies, and the five-month workshop internship is coming to an end. In the past, I have learned a lot and have grown a lot. It can be said that this short five months is not only a small step in the work, but also a big step in my university graduation into the society.

From the hot summer to the cold winter, I feel extraordinary in the workshop; from the tiring and dirty process of the cold rolling process to the pungent smell of the pickling process, I deeply feel the hard work and hard work of the company's employees; I have at least a little understanding of the production process, and I deeply feel the care of the company's leaders and the careful teaching of the employees in each process segment. All of this is the source that inspires me to struggle and make me progress.

The order of the internships in each process segment is almost the same as the production process of the steel pipe, specifically cold rolling, cold drawing - solid solution - cutting - pickling - finished product inspection. Some other procedures between the students also learn from the old staff in their spare time to answer their questions.

After the internship , I also want to talk about my feelings and talk about my personal thoughts with my incomplete knowledge. I feel that the quality of the waste pipe and the quality of the cold rolling process are the guarantee for the qualified finished steel pipe. The quality of the waste pipe raw materials is good, indicating that the properties of various metal materials are good, so that the cold rolling process is easy to process. Then with the standard operation of the non-damaged cold rolling mill, the standard outer diameter, uniform wall thickness and reduced crack generation rate can be rolled out.

Of course, it is not that other processes are not important. To make a finished tube of acceptable quality, it must be accompanied by the correct operation of other stages. For example, the quality of the solution treatment determines the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe and affects its service life; the careful and careful degree of the inspection of the finished product is related to whether or not the non-conforming product flows out.

In addition, the most important thing to say is that a good company must have a good management method. My personally ignorant idea: The best management method is to manage your subordinates by the way you most want others to manage you.

Finally, I want to say the same sentence: Thank you all the friends who care, I will work hard.

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