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Educational internship personal summary

The school where I am internship is Heyuan City Peace Middle School. The basic content of the internship consists of three parts: classroom teaching, class guidance work and education investigation. The basic situation is as follows:

1. Classroom teaching: 28 teaching cases are completed, and the number of classes is 31, of which 3 are repeated;

2, class guidance work: responsible for managing the daily affairs of the class and organizing class activities;

3. Education report: Complete an education survey report.

After an eight-week internship , I tried the hardships and joys of being a teacher. I also deeply understand the responsibility of a teacher. In these days, I can strictly demand myself as a teacher. Be a teacher, pay attention to your words and deeds and instruments everywhere, care for the students, and do everything in your teaching and class with the attitude of being responsible to the students. At the same time, as an intern , you can abide by the internship school. Rules and regulations, respect the internship school leaders and teachers, humbly listen to their guidance and complete our internship tasks.

First, mathematics teaching work

I teach mathematics in the first class. Because there is only one class, I can spend more energy to teach this class. At the meeting, the instructor Chen Mineng said to me: "The mathematics of this class is very poor..." The original class teacher Liang Zhichuang also introduced me to me. In the past two years, he has been expanding his enrollment. There are 20 classes in the first year of high school. Among them, the class is divided into 8 classes and 12 classes according to the students' admission scores. Our class is a regular class with a poor foundation. After two days of understanding with the teacher, from the analysis of the transcripts and the contact with the students, it is true that the mathematics foundation of this class is relatively weak, and the knowledge of this part of the function is very poor. How many students even judge the letter There is no such thing as a formula. The domain and value range of many simple functions will not be sought. For the segmentation function, there is no way to start. I think that the emergence of this problem is that students do not understand the concept of the function. I can grasp the key points and their essence; there are many students who tell me that they have not learned the mathematics knowledge of the country. I am really not optimistic about this situation; and students complain to me: "Teacher, Chinese mathematics It’s quite good. Why do I study so seriously when I go to high school, but I can’t keep up with the results. Many of the teachers in the class told me that I can understand, but let me do it myself, but I don’t know where to start. "For these students, I encourage them with a firm tone: "I am not afraid, everything is difficult at the beginning. High school knowledge can be said to be a qualitative leap in terms of difficulty. As long as you stick to your teeth, you will continue to explore the rules of high school learning in the usual way of learning and find a suitable learning method. You will slowly find the feeling of learning mathematics." Give them the confidence to learn mathematics while suffering in their hearts. I am thinking about how to help them to change their learning style from the middle to the high school as soon as possible, and adapt to the difficult high school mathematics learning.

I mainly improve their mathematics learning ability by cultivating their mathematical thinking ability and problem solving ability. It is reflected in the usual guidance and method summary of their class and Q&A. Based on the serious disconnection between the knowledge of the middle school and the high school knowledge, they are supplemented with relevant knowledge, such as cross multiplication and quadratic function. The solution of the value problem, the solution of the quadratic inequality, and so on. At the same time, pay attention to cultivating students' interest in mathematics. Pay attention to the mobilization of students' emotions during class. In addition, they also pay great attention to students' confidence in learning mathematics. I found that many students have lost confidence in mathematics. I will encourage them and encourage them from time to time. They have to be confident.

In order to give students more after-school tutoring, mathematics after work every Monday night, weekly self-study classes and physical education classes in the classroom, I will go to the class to answer questions. Most of the students' enthusiasm for learning mathematics is not very high. The problems encountered in the places, homework, and workbooks that are not understood in class are not very reasonable or are not dare to come up. The students who often ask questions are those students. From the students' problems, I found that their classroom efficiency is very low. Repeated several questions in the class, or do not do the same type of homework, such as the maximum value of the quadratic function, the monotonic interval of the compound function, The nature of the exponential function and the logarithmic function is still not understood by a large number of students. There are also big problems in the learning style. I don’t have the habit of reviewing in time after class. The formulas, theorems, and the knowledge points of the book have not been memorized. I don’t understand the work and do the homework, so I can’t start the formula or make the formula. The students also complained that I did a few math problems in a class or even a whole self-study. I didn't have time to do more questions. In response to this question, when answering questions, I will let this type of students review the relevant knowledge in the book before doing homework. If they still don't understand, explain them to them and avoid letting them rely too much on teachers to cultivate their habit of independent thinking. .

In the work of correcting the work and correcting the test papers, keep abreast of the students' learning situation, the outstanding problems, and make a record. When the students' practice is not very sure, they will voluntarily ask Mr. Chen for advice and then correct it. At the same time, in the markings, I learned how to give points as appropriate. In addition, I also learned how to use the excel software for statistics and ranking.

During the class, the tutor gave me a very good class, a total of 28 sessions, and many times a new class every day, which requires me to make full use of the after-school time to carefully study the textbook, I and another teammate It is often to discuss teaching methods, examples, problem design, etc., to prepare lessons, and then to write the lesson plans in detail, and each must be closely combined with the teaching objectives and student learning, try to make the students understand in the classroom, so that Better absorb relevant knowledge and strive to maximize classroom efficiency. Then hand it to the instructor for approval, make corrections under the guidance of the instructor, and familiarize with and even recite the entire teaching process before class.

Every new class in my class, Mr. Chen, will be very responsible to listen to it, make a comprehensive and meticulous evaluation, and carefully point out the shortcomings and shortcomings in the course of my class and effective practical teaching suggestions. Mr. Chen is a humorous and experienced teacher, so in the classroom, he also pays great attention to my language expression ability, and requires me to use the vivid and humorous language to attract students' attention and arouse the interest of the students. Indeed, every time Mr. Chen attends classes. The students will be very interested, this is the charm of humor. Under the careful guidance of the teacher, my teachings, language, blackboard, questioning skills, interaction with students, and the guidance of students' thinking have all been significantly improved. I think that I still have a lot of flaws. For example, I don’t have a good time in class. Sometimes I want to give more points to the students, Ignore the time for students to think, the classroom atmosphere is not active, and the language is not lively and humorous.


In addition to the class, I also actively listened to the lessons of other teachers in the school, such as the open class opened by the math teacher of this grade, another mathematics instructor of the internship team, the record of the lectures, the strengths of the teachers and the rich teaching experience. In addition, for the mathematics open class, other teachers will point out the inadequacies in a targeted manner. This also allows me to learn a lot of things. Among them, one lesson does not require anything first. The first and most important thing is that you can’t make knowledge. False, this is the top priority of the class. It also requires us to be careful and rigorous in preparing lessons, to prevent knowledge errors, and then to tell students how to tell.

Second, class guidance work

In terms of work preparation

I took the internship class of the first class. First of all, I learned the characteristics of the whole class and some daily work of the class through the class guidance teacher Liang. The first to eighth classes of the first grade are the improvement classes, and 9 To 20 classes is a regular class. In addition to the poor foundation of the regular class, the style of class is also poor, and the discipline is relatively poor. Specifically, there are 62 students in 10 classes, 26 boys and 36 girls; among them, 46 are students, 17 are students, 50 are students, 30 are girls, 20 are boys, and there are specific The dormitory and room number of these students.

Secondly, I am more familiar with and master the situation of the students through more contact with the students and careful observation. Every morning and evening, I go to the classroom and slowly integrate into this class. Students also like the internship teacher and can chat with me like a friend. Later, I also found that the collective sense of honor of the 10 classes of students is not good, relatively self, and many students complained to me that the class is too poorly disciplined, and the style of the class is not good. There are also many students who have no confidence in learning and think that they are themselves. It is not the material of reading at all. It is not their own will to study in high school. It is forced by parents and there is no interest in reading. Therefore, they often go to bed to talk and violate classroom discipline. There are also three students who are psychologically compared. Serious problems, there are 2 boys with autism, one does not communicate with the students at all, the other is that some students reacted that his speech is very hurtful, no one is willing to communicate with him; there is a girl who sleeps every day, In addition to talking to the same table, I simply ignored other people. Later I learned that my relationship with my parents is also very tense.

In the daily management of the class

In the eight-week period, I am more about catching students' study, discipline and hygiene. Every morning, I go to the classroom to check the morning reading situation, supervise the doze, daze or write the students who work the night before, improve the morning reading. effectiveness. Register late classmates and educate them about time.

In terms of student discipline, 10 classes of students are more active, some students are very naughty, self-study self-study classes often have problems discussing chats, occasionally seeing extracurricular magazines, five minutes after class, noisy, affecting quiet students . After detailed observation and the reaction of the students, I also learned a lot about the students who often violated the discipline of the classroom. I used the method of changing seats to isolate these students. One of the advantages of adjusting the seats is that these students They are all just entering school. Many of them don’t know each other. They can change seats so that they can meet more new students. Of course, just changing seats is not enough to solve some students' violation of classroom discipline. Therefore, for individual students, I have also adopted individual education methods.

In individual education, let them first self-evaluate and see if they realize their shortcomings and shortcomings. Students still have a certain understanding of their shortcomings, and some still clearly understand, but they cannot restrain themselves to correct. If I don’t know where I’m getting, I’ll talk to the students in a way that “the teacher you you think?”, to give students a chance to defend, to avoid one-sided understanding of the students and hurt the students’ self-esteem. It even caused rebellious psychology. Although the students are very naughty, they all have one thing in common. They are convincing and serious, and they are not allowed to exaggerate the teacher. However, they are brave enough to admit. At this time, they will be guided and educated, so that students can lay down their defense weapons, truly accept the teacher's education from their hearts, seriously consider the teacher's teachings, and really strive to improve.

For active students, classroom discipline is difficult to manage, and being late is also a big problem. In these weeks, students are late every day, and that is, there are several, and repeatedly criticizing education has no effect, but the class guidance teacher takes "deduction points. After the measures, the phenomenon of being late has been calm and calm until now. In the 10th week, 10 classes also received the "Mobile Red Flag" award. It seems that for naughty students, appropriate hard methods should be adopted.

Of course, for students who have three psychological problems, they should also take the form of individual conversations and try to understand what they think; I have also repeatedly sought opportunities to approach them. In addition, for a more serious boy, Teacher Liang finally decided to go. Home visit, so, that time, the English teacher Li and I also went. The parents are very welcome. In his home, we also learned more about him. It turned out that his grades are still very good, but then because Online games, he is addicted, playing games every day, and he can't sleep at night, he can sleep well during the day. For this, his mother also said that he would take him to see Chinese medicine, and the time on the Internet will be slowly controlled. I hope that the school and the parents will work together to bring him out. Later, when he came back, everyone encouraged him together, affirmed him, and euphemistically said some of his problems. The boy was also silent and seemed to be thinking about something. Really, in the days that followed, his performance was really good. He didn't sleep in class, and he no longer ignored the teacher. It seems that for students with problems, home visits are still a very good way.

In addition, to manage the entire class, the management of the class cadres is very important. The first is to train the class and pay attention to the work of the class. Emphasize that they must strictly demand themselves. To manage others, we must first manage ourselves so that the students will obey the management of the class. For the new class, it is emphasized that they must be strictly controlled from the beginning, in order to establish prestige among the classmates, which is conducive to the next work; then the division of responsibilities of the class should be clear, the management of the class is very much, so the class guides one person. It is also very hard to do, let the class do some work, one can exercise their ability, and the second is the dispersion of power; finally, to better understand the situation in the class, we must make good use of the functions of the class, the class does not guide It may be in the class all the time, but the class is in the class, so they are more clear in the class. They are also very easy to master for the class performance of some classmates. Therefore, as a class guide, you must use a good class. cadre.

The school is a labor class every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. My class is responsible for a construction site and a multimedia classroom. The students are generally more responsible, but some boys are lazy, procrastinating, working, and sometimes lazy, for these students. They will be assigned clear tasks. After they are completed, they will be inspected and qualified before they can leave. If they do not, they will adopt a "deduction point" system. Let the students realize that they are a member of the class, and actively cooperate with the activities in the class and take a serious attitude.

There is also a duty system in the school, which also requires that each floor of the class shifts on duty, asking for morning and afternoon preparation bells to go downstairs to register late students, and to go to the student dormitory for inspection at night. When it is the turn of Teacher Liang to be on duty, I will follow the students of the 10 classes. The student dormitory in our residence is very good, and there will be no smoking or noisy phenomenon. In addition, I also found that the accommodation conditions of boys are very poor, 12 to 16 boys have a dormitory, and they are still public baths, sometimes there will be water shortages, so some boys can’t stand the test. I moved out and lived. In this regard, the school also adopted a non-intervention policy.

Of course, there will still be some conditions for this high school male dormitory. I remember that once again, the entire male dormitory was stopped, and many boys did not take a bath. The result was a slap; later, there were two small water stops, and the students started again. The most outrageous one was that the boys’ dormitory was actually closed. After the lights, I sang in a specific way. For such a situation, the school also made a speech asking the students not to start squatting. Some problems can be solved without squatting. They are required to calm down. For the problem of water stoppage, the school will solve it as soon as possible. After that, there was no more embarrassing situation. It seems that for some situations, schools still have to adopt some tough policies.

Third, education survey

The research topic of our internship team is “The Causes and Countermeasures of Learning Disabilities of High School Students in Peace Middle School”, and a questionnaire survey was conducted among the students in the regular class and the students in the improvement class. The teammates actively cooperated, divided the work and cooperation, and completed the questionnaire distribution and recycling, data statistics and analysis, and finally successfully completed the writing and completed the writing of the investigation report. Here we also realized the importance of division of labor and cooperation, as well as the understanding and care between teammates. I remember that in the statistics, because the teammates in charge of this piece did not explain to each other in advance, they chose men and women separately. The multiple options for this problem have to be dealt with. The result is that many teammates have made mistakes and have to re-statistic. For such a situation, everyone did not complain, but forgiveness, knowing that this teammate is actually very hard, it is not surprising that a little omission, so seriously re-statistically.

Fourth, the conclusion

In this educational internship , I successfully completed the teaching work, class guidance work, and the internship task of education investigation. I have achieved the internship goals of inspection, practice, and improvement, and accumulated some valuable teaching and class guidance work for future education work. experience. And I realized the key role of "love" in the teachers and students. Only by paying the students heartily can we obtain the respect and trust of the students. However, I have not yet achieved a good combination of "love" and "strictness". We must also pay attention to the degree of love for students. We must not be over-recognized. We must combine love and strictness in order to better serve our teachers. Responsibilities; but also learn more good educational methods, educational wit, in order to manage and educate students efficiently. In general, this educational internship is a successful internship .

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