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Teacher's education internship summary

The two-month internship in the blink of an eye is over. I still remember that I was looking forward to the end of the internship every day, and when this day came, I realized that although it was only two months, I had already used this environment unconsciously and integrated into it. This group has already regarded itself as a part of this group. Thinking of leaving yourself is so sad. I saw students and teachers who have been together for two months, and I can’t see each other again in the future. I really don’t want to go. Suddenly I found everything here is very kind, and my students are very cute. Seeing their reluctant eyes really want to stay. Time flies so fast, and it has passed in two months. Recalling what happened in this short two months and what I experienced, I really learned a lot.

Internship is a very important thing in the university stage. Internship has exercised our practical teaching ability. Raised awareness of the work of education. In practice, I realized the great responsibility of teaching and educating people. During the two months of internship , I seriously studied with my instructor. Listen carefully to the teachers' comments and suggestions. Listen carefully to every lesson in the teacher and learn from the teacher's valuable teaching methods. Seriously, fully prepare each lesson and listen to the teacher's advice and teaching. Seriously, carefully correct the daily work of the students and do a good job in the homework review. Help students who have more mistakes in their homework to give individual explanations and do their best to be a responsible teacher. In the work of class guidance, observe the attendance of students in class. Patiently teach students about problems in their studies and life. At the same time, I also got the help and concern of other teachers at work. Get the cooperation and support of the students. In just two months, I have left a lot of good memories. These have made my internship life memorable and colorful.

Through these two months of internship , I deeply realized the greatness of the teacher's career and the hardship of the teacher. At the beginning of the internship , my main task was to listen to the class, listen to the instructor, and then review the teaching methods of my class teacher. I learned a lot of valuable experience and found that each teacher has a different teaching style. Perhaps this is Teach the true meaning of inconclusive. I deeply admire the teacher's coping in the classroom. He talked about the stories and examples around him, and the humorous language, the classroom atmosphere is very active. During the course of the lecture, I deeply felt that teaching is an art, and classroom language is the way of communicating this art. The process of listening to the lesson is the process of accumulating experience. While understanding the teaching process, we should also pay attention to the accumulation of teaching methods and organizational teaching ability. After listening to the class for a week, I began to walk to the podium and began to adapt to the classroom atmosphere. Due to lack of experience and lack of resilience, these lessons are purely instilling knowledge and have no artistic sense. I got to know my own deficiencies, and I was targeted in the lectures. However, when I was in the first class, I still had problems such as "the focus of the class is not prominent" and "the order of lectures is not clear." At this time, the instructor asked me to attend more classes. And pointed out the lack of teaching plans and the shortcomings and shortcomings in class. As time went by, I began to make some progress through lectures and practice. At this time, the instructor gave me many opportunities to exercise and train my teaching skills at different levels. The initial and biggest feeling brought to me was that the students sitting under the podium were not their own classmates but real students. They don't answer the questions we ask as quickly and easily as their classmates, but they really think and wait for our answers. They suddenly ask questions when they don't understand, or simply lie on the table reading and sleeping. In the course of class, I also encountered difficulties. Such as classroom order. It is these small setbacks that made me more and more brave and let me know that as an educator, we must find ways to create a democratic and harmonious teaching atmosphere, establish an equal teacher-student relationship in teaching activities, and teachers must Think of yourself as a member of the activity, a good teacher and a friend of the students. Teachers must teach both knowledge and classroom discipline, and communicate with students individually. Some of the team members were particularly nervous at the beginning. Due to lack of experience and lack of ability to respond, the classroom appeared to have problems such as "the focus of lectures is not prominent, the teaching ideas are not smooth, and the cooperation between teachers and students is not tacit." In response to the problems, the instructor of the department asked these players to attend more classes, learn more from experienced teachers, study teaching materials and other teaching materials, and face-to-face pointing out the shortage of courseware and the shortcomings in class. For students who already have a certain degree of self-learning ability and can think independently, my experience is to fully mobilize their subjective initiative and use their interest in learning to make them learn in happiness. I use heuristic teaching with students as the mainstay and teachers as the supplement. I outline the outlines, set the thinking questions, and dial them. As a result, their enthusiasm and initiative in learning began to play a role, from the "I want to learn" teaching method to the "I want to learn" learning style. Let this group of students learn to be relaxed and happy. Before, everyone may complain about the teacher's class. However, the internship was over, and I personally experienced it before I realized that it is not an easy task to have a good class. When the teacher is not as simple as he thought before. Only when you put on his shoes for a mile can you truly experience the experience of others. After the experience, everyone has their own feelings about the word teacher, but I believe that one must be the same: it is not easy to be a teacher. There is still a lot to be left for the character in my mind. In fact, teachers are both great and very difficult professions.

During the entire internship , I felt that the work of the class leader was the most memorable. When we saw the 13-year-old youthful and lively students, we all felt that we had to go back to the middle school years six or seven years ago. Students in the middle school still do not lose their innocence and are good at thinking about problems, but they still have to develop in morality and emotion. Maybe our age is similar. They regard us as teachers and friends. Many of our problems are willing to communicate with us. Students already have their own ideas and logic, and they have their own ways of thinking and solutions to problems. They don't like the teacher taking them away, nor do they like the teacher to teach them how to do it. Because of my age and their small gap, they are very willing to discuss issues with me. At this time, I will talk to them in the role of a friend and give them advice. Using their inner world as my platform, I will compare my heart and they will be treated with the same respect. Day-to-day supervision of morning reading, inter-class exercises, eye exercises, and evening repairs, serious class work is very tiring. The school is a place of discipline, and the education that students receive is under control and purposeful, with the aim of perfecting morality and forming a good personality. The syllabus of the class is mainly reflected in daily behavior. The class guide should be based on the rules. do as promised. Classes and students of the class guides are in the eyes, asking students not to litter, and they must first do not throw garbage. The class guide can reflect the psychological characteristics of the class leader's character, temperament, ability, etc. The class guides through the good students to conquer the students, so that the students can have love for the class guides, and then they can receive the management education of the class guides. Russell can make students have a subtle educational effect. The well-trained personality of the class can inspire students, probation students, and students, so that teachers and students can resonate with each other and mutual trust. The class guide can only be trusted and convinced by the students, and the teachers and students can communicate harmoniously. In order to change the students' thinking in the direction of truth, goodness and beauty, the class leader did not know how much sweat and effort he would spend. Looking back on the class work in the past two months, I am grateful. I want to thank my students, who let me feel the joy of growing up at work and the self-confidence that I have built up for myself. You are the support point for you to find professional development as a teacher - practice-based learning and reflection. You gave me a lot of sparks about education, about life, about learning, and about life. I want to thank the teachers in the school. The serious and responsible attitude of your dedication has given me the power of example. I deeply feel the importance and greatness of the class work.

This internship experience has benefited me a lot and I have done a good test of myself. As a teacher, the basic knowledge should be solid, the knowledge should be broad, and you should always be thoughtful, observe your life carefully, pay attention to the things around you, and infiltrate them into the teaching. As a class leader, patience and perseverance, understanding and respect are very important factors in dealing with students' work. No matter which role, I deeply understand the principle of teaching and learning. In fact, the students are also my teachers, and we grow up together. Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees. Although the internship life is over, my teacher career has just begun, and knowledge is endless. I will never forget to surpass myself. In the face of education, I will continue to move forward with enthusiasm. There are also some regrets about internships . They are mainly role-positioning problems. Sometimes they ignore the identity of a trainee teacher and set themselves as an observer. They have more spectators and less involvement and guidance. In addition, the internship life is not as enriched as I imagined, and there are some reasons for myself. As an intern, the lack of initiative, and the preparation of the previous work is not in place. Two months of internship , there is pay, there is gain, reflection, and gratitude. Finally, I would like to especially thank my kind teacher, Mr. Kai Kai, and the group of lovely and lovely students.

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