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Medical school nurses internship summary

The university I went to was a medical university. After graduation, there was no other choice but to be a doctor. However, if you don't go to the hospital, then your college time will be spent, and it will be difficult to find another job.

I just admire the doctor, so I am reporting to a medical university, so I will become a doctor after graduation.

But to be a doctor is not that simple. You must be a formal doctor if your skills and medical skills meet the requirements of the state. Therefore, I must go out for an internship during my college years. I don’t have any medical experience without an internship .

Internship is an expectation, an expectation for one's own growth, an expectation for the transformation of one's own character, and an expectation of one's own dreams; learning, there is also a fear, there is a lack of confidence in oneself, and there is no way to adapt to it. The fear of the new environment is even more fearful that I will be at a loss of anxiety.

I came to the xx304 hospital with a copy of Yixi and a sneak peek and started my internship . Since then, my identity has changed from a student to an intern nurse, and the living environment will be transferred from school to hospital. From teachers and classmates to doctors, nurses, and patients. For these three major changes, how to be a qualified intern nurse, although the teacher is already a thousand miles to us, but my heart is still uneasy, strange, not adapted, afraid Being taught by a teacher, I am afraid that I am afraid of doing something worse than others. I don’t know where to start...

Now I am entering the fourth rotation of the departmental bone. I thought I could adapt quickly, but the reality did spill my cold water, I felt that I became more stupid, I don’t know what to do, and the teacher felt that we had been intern for so long. I am also a university student. I should be handy when I start to do things. I am really helpless in the face of the teacher’s helplessness! I once fell into a trough and returned to a life without a brain. I did not do anything. But He Ting Knowing that because of inferiority, not taking the initiative and not getting exercise, she told me the importance of operating technology and helped me find opportunities for exercise. It was the teacher who once again inspired me, I really thank the teacher for my Care, I will work harder and live up to the expectations of the teacher!

Now, for the internship , I am still embarrassed and scared. The reason is that the internship is an opportunity to connect theory with practice. It will be very fresh and interesting to apply the theory of four years to clinical practice. Then, to operate on the patient. If you really want to see the nature of the disease through the symptoms, but you don’t have the bottom of your heart, you will inevitably get scared. I have also asked a lot of intern students, and they have different opinions. In short, people drink water, knowing and drinking. But one thing is The clear use of knowing the true mastery of knowledge is to use it for practice, to verify and consolidate what is learned by practice. Learn how to communicate with patients and teachers. It is my weakness, not timid and unnatural to be in contact with people. It will make me lose a lot of learning opportunities, so I think communication is also an art. If you learn well, you will benefit a lot. After nearly five months of internship , I also have this experience. Here, I summarize the following point:

First, the role of the conversion problem. At the beginning of the internship , many things are not understood, although I have been in the past, but the real operation, I still feel that the lack of confidence. I will not make a mistake, in case of a mistake What to do. Doing things is always shrinking, and the students who have an internship with me perform very well. I think the teachers like them. It seems that things don’t seem to be on my head. I am blindly following the basic care and follow the operation. Let me try it, but I don't dare. Therefore, I think the role transformation is a hurdle, I must try to overcome this. The main method is to take the initiative, I found that as long as the initiative to ask questions, take the initiative to ask for the operation, the teacher They are very happy to teach. They can no longer wait for what the teacher asks for in school.

Second, the problem of theoretical knowledge: the former has always been a student, the school is student-centered. And Chinese-style education has always been crammed: passively accept so much knowledge, although the exam has been tested so many times, but Now my knowledge seems to have disappeared in my mind, so I have to continually flip through the book. When I was dumbfounded again and again under the teacher’s question, I realized that I remembered the shallowness. The memory without time passed was like the footprint on the beach. It seems to be profound and obvious, but it can't stand the cleaning of time.

Third, the concept of sterility and standardized operation. During the period of surgical internship , each teacher emphasized the concept of sterility. Because of this, I deeply understood the concept of sterility, and I did not consciously obey it during the operation. The standardization operation is also very conservative. And safe practices! As for new methods, innovative thinking, then you have to be familiar with the situation.

Fourth, smile service: Here, I saw a smiley face, I also feel particularly beautiful and cute, let me have a feeling, if I am a patient, I will not hesitate to choose to live in Here. Therefore, I also ask that I do not bring my emotions to work, keep a sunny smile every day, and make the patient feel warm!

Fifth, the exercise of timidity. Facing the patient, especially the surgical patient, seeing the blood is very frequent, seeing the patient suffering from pain, especially in the operation, the heart will always mention the eyes of the scorpion, so be careful and beaming On the contrary, it will cause more pain to the patient. Therefore, the timidity has to be exercised a little bigger and bigger. The timidity is the goal I pursue, and only accurate and rapid can solve the patient's pain earlier.

All in all, these five months are the process of adaptation. Many deficiencies need improvement. This is the process of learning. Many concepts have been revised. Although I am tired and tired, I believe that I can certainly overcome it. This is just the beginning of the internship . I still need to constantly explore and have to ask for myself, and I will gain something. I think the next internship is a challenge and an opportunity. I must take this opportunity.

In the future study, with the experience of this internship , I can focus on learning what I don't understand. During the internship , I found many shortcomings in my knowledge. I need to improve my knowledge.

I will be even better!

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