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Third, the internship unit:
*** Factory director's office.
Fourth, the main content of the internship :
According to the teacher's arrangement, I have developed a corresponding internship program. Pay attention to further consolidating and improving the theoretical knowledge of secretarial knowledge in the internship stage, in order to achieve the purpose of guiding daily work practice according to theoretical knowledge. Received a good result. The main internship report is as follows:
Different offices have different jobs and different areas of responsibility. As the director's office of a company, it is a comprehensive department, directly led by the factory director, with a wide scope of work and complicated tasks. In the internship phase, my main focus is on secretarial work.
The work of the secretary is the main work of the office. The leadership must be scientifically determined and cannot be assisted by secretarial staff. Because the secretarial staff handles a lot of day-to-day work, the leader can concentrate on thinking about big problems. In addition, they can also give full play to their understanding of the overall situation, grasp the advantages of multi-faceted information, assist leadership decision-making, and provide reasonable advice. The secretary has a lot of work and heavy tasks, but he must do the following:
First, take the initiative to coordinate the work between leaders and departments, and help the leaders to plan, step, and focus on the various tasks, so that they are busy and not chaotic. From the past, the emphasis was on doing things, changing to doing things, and making suggestions.
Second, conduct investigations and studies to understand the learning, thinking, work, and living conditions of the grassroots, timely report to the leaders, and make reasonable suggestions. For some problems that need to be resolved urgently, they should be resolved in consultation with relevant departments in a timely manner.
Third, inspect and supervise the implementation of various administrative regulations and the resolutions, systems, methods and regulations of the unit, and verify whether the decision-making is scientific and reasonable, and whether it is in line with reality. Identify problems and report them to the leaders in a timely manner to prevent and correct deviations.
Fourth, organize the drafting of the work plan, report, summary, planning, resolutions and rules and regulations of the unit, and carry out policy and text checks on the manuscripts that need to be reported and issued.
Fifth, the communication to the higher authorities and the reports of the subordinate departments shall be promptly transferred to the relevant leaders. According to the instructions of the leaders, the organizers and responsible persons shall be specifically implemented, and the reminders shall be responsible for handling the results as scheduled.
In addition to the basic conditions of the above staff, secretarial personnel should also have their own special knowledge, skills, morality, and style. Therefore, the secretarial staff should consciously and comprehensively strengthen the cultivation of these four aspects, and strive to make themselves a qualified and competent staff member with both ability and political integrity. And pay attention to the following principles.
1. There must be sufficient policy basis and factual basis. Most of the secretarial staff do things in the real world, either to solve a problem or to guide a job. Therefore, we must adhere to the principles of seeking truth from facts based on the policies and objective facts of the party and the state. Seeking truth from facts is the ideological line and traditional style of our party. It is the norm for all work of the secretarial department and the quality that secretarial personnel must possess. If some leaders do not comply with the party and state guidelines and policies, the secretarial staff should have the courage to make comments and ask the leaders to reconsider to ensure that the spirit of the instructions of the higher authorities is properly implemented and the work is done well.
2, to have accuracy. Accuracy is the requirement for the quality of work. The accuracy of secretarial management refers to correctly embodying policies, correctly expressing leadership intentions, doing things correctly, doing words and deeds, and writing words. It guarantees the readiness of leadership work to a certain extent. The accuracy of secretarial management involves many aspects. To put it briefly, it is: the handling of the text must be accurate, the work should be stable, the situation must be realistic, and the idea should be cautious. To do this, you must be serious, your style is too fine, you can't neglect it, you can't sloppy. For example, to handle official documents, we must ensure the quality of the files, the words should be accurate, the materials should be true, the copying should be serious, the proofreading should be careful, and every link should be made without errors. Otherwise, it will delay work and even cause irreparable damage.
3, to be vigorous and popular. This is a requirement for work efficiency. The realization of any goal is inseparable from two factors, one is accurate and the other is time limit. Any one of these mistakes will make things impossible or not good. The time limit is to shorten the cycle as much as possible and reduce the intermediate link. Secretarial staff must have a strong sense of timeliness in dealing with matters. They must act quickly and must not be procrastinating. They must formulate a scientific working system, straighten out the relationship, clearly define the division of labor, and give full play to the importance and creativity of the staff. It is necessary to simplify the procedures, reduce unnecessary writing and etiquette, eliminate the phenomenon of "Wenshan will sea" and improve work efficiency. It is necessary to use modern technologies such as computers to change the means of work, and to implement office automation, such as using computers to transfer information, retrieve materials, and edit documents.
4. Strictly observe discipline and keep confidential. Secretarial management should produce files, process files and manage files. Most of the various files have different levels of confidentiality, and the secretarial staff at all levels often approach the leadership, look at some important files, and participate in some important meetings. Therefore, secretaries should pay attention to internal and external differences in public activities. I shouldn’t say what I should say about what should be said. China has enacted the "Secrecy Law", and secretarial personnel must study hard, perform exemplaryly, and do a good job of confidentiality.
In the internship stage, I participated in the main work. First, in accordance with the arrangement and arrangement of the director, in the various topics and office meetings organized by the director, the preparatory work was carefully done, and the meeting notice was timely, the meeting minutes were detailed, and the meeting was completed. Be prepared and thoughtful, and arrange the minutes of the meeting for the important meeting according to the arrangement of the director, so that the principles and policies of the party and government of the factory can be quickly transmitted to all units at the grassroots level. At the same time, all kinds of files issued by superiors will be submitted in time, and all kinds of files issued by the factory will be printed and proofread in time to ensure timely and efficient work. The second is the drafting of official documents. In the recent stage, in the discussion of the 11th Five-Year Development Plan of the Group Company, according to the opinions discussed at the joint meeting of the Party and Government of the factory, I carefully summarized the parts involved in our factory and drafted the Datong Coal Mine Group. Several suggestions of the company's chemical plant on the “Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan of Datong Coal Mine Group Company”. After being affirmed by the factory leaders, we submitted the proposal to the secretariat of the group company. Due to the pertinent opinions and relatively strict texts, when the second draft of the discussion draft was issued, I found that the part proposed by our factory was completely in accordance with our factory. The content provided has been modified. In addition to indicating that the recommendations of our factory are more scientific, as a drafter of the proposal, this is also a certainty for my writing standards. The third is to pay attention to your own work in office automation. As a modern enterprise, the use of microcomputers is a must for office workers. At present, I can use the computer to input text and file processing, I can be handy. The secretarial work such as photocopying, faxing, and document processing is basically skilled. The text entry speed can reach about 4,000 words per hour. At the same time, it is also possible to use the Internet to query, transmit, receive, and store relevant information. However, there are still some aspects that are still lacking. For example, tabulation, due to less manipulation, is not very skilled. There is also a MFP that has been widely used at present, and it is not equipped because the unit is not equipped.
V. Internship experience Through internship , I have a deeper understanding of the importance of secretarial work. Especially in the new situation, the secretarial staff must work hard to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the three important thoughts, learn to apply the basic principles and methods of Marxism, and earnestly study the principles and policies of the party and the state. Fully grasp the spirit of the policy, timely understand and master the work deployment and requirements of the superior leadership in different periods, implement the policy concretely into practical actions, and strengthen the organization and coordination ability, professional work ability, inspection and guidance ability, staff consultation ability, The ability to express words and skillful use of various automated office equipment, efforts to improve their own quality, strengthen the transformation of the world view, become a qualified and secretarial staff with political integrity and professional proficiency.
The above is my internship report. If you are not correct, please correct me.

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