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Engineering survey internship summary

Harvest experience: Through the actual measurement internship , I learned a lot of real things, such as the more proficient operation of the experimental instruments, learned the mapping of topographic maps and the measurement of broken parts, etc. Greatly improved the ability to do hands and brains, but also expand the ability to communicate and cooperate with classmates. Once a measurement internship is completed, it is not enough to rely solely on the strength and concept of a person. Only the cooperation and solidarity of the group can make the internship complete quickly and efficiently.
2. Lessons learned: The exhibition site is very important, and the quality of the exhibition site determines the speed of measurement;
The leveling of the experimental instrument has a great influence on the error of the experimental data;
Both the leveling and the leveling angle measurement need to check the closing difference, and the difference must be re-measured when the difference is exceeded;
The thickness of the drawn grid pencil should be checked repeatedly to reduce the error according to the regulations, and the grid line has a great influence on the topographic map;
The cooperation of the team members is very important, and the atmosphere of the internship team largely influences the progress of the experiment. The copyright of the "Engineering Measurement Internship Report" is owned by the author; please indicate the source!

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