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Non-mainstream sentence 2019

1. The oath becomes a lie, my heart is torn into pieces

2. The breach is not because it is forgotten, but because it is remembered.

3. Without you, even if you give me the world, I still have nothing.

4. I love the love of your heart, but you hurt me so thoroughly.

5. Youth is a bright sorrow, I didn't cry, but the tears flowed down.

6. In fact, there are not so many in this world. Sometimes, what we lose in a flash is eternal.

7. The sky is already cool. I have grown up, learn to smile, learn to be strong, learn to stop crying, but still learn to forget him.

8. A woman who wants to marry the first person when she is drunk is hurting her the deepest.

9. Being alone is a carnival of one person; carnival is the loneliness of a group of people.

10. Don't bother, don't forget to smile, then bitter, don't forget to stick, be tired, don't forget to love yourself.

11. Don't come back when you roll, I am not breaking.

12. I fell in love with you, but I lost my embarrassment.

13. The world has always been cruel. You can only do dolls without making a play.

14. Without you, even if you give me the world, I still have nothing.

15. You have withdrawn from my world, but still occupy my memory.

16. I will smile hard, just to keep you from worrying.

17. Habitual stay up late, habitually daze, habitually miss you.

18. I will let go of my personality, let go of my self-esteem, and let go of my pursuit, because I can't let go of someone.

19. A lifetime is very short, I am willing to be wrong with you!

20. A person is not alone, thinking that a person will be alone.

21. Love, it turned out to be a laughing drink!

22. Even if the world forgets me, I only need you to remember my existence.

23. Silence is the biggest cry of a woman. After a woman has a thought, she does not want to say more, feels tired to talk, maybe she is used to silence, used to pain, and used to be quiet. When a woman ignores you, she is actually hurt very deeply!

24. It’s dark and you can’t find yourself. Please take me with you.

25. Graduation, youth, we are waiting for the next opening.

26. When it comes to bubble, no one is wrong.

27. The flower fell. I heard the heartbreaking voice.

28. If there is a person waiting for you, whether it is three or three months, please do not rashly choose to refuse. The fate of this world is not as cheap as the air, and ordinary encounters and acquaintances. Outside of family, no one can afford a lonely wait for a person easily and without asking for a return. Even if there is no happy result, it is once too warm and frosty.

29. A knife is seen, the knife is splashing blood.

30. Death, only representative, once alive.

31. The happy time carved into the sea.

32. In the face of loneliness, you are lonely.

33. Faith, love, deception, repentance, a miracle called the "resurrection of the dead."

34. Beware of erosion, when feelings rot, alive and ridiculous.

35. Unclear right and wrong, can't see perfection.

36. Maybe, I am only a part of your life, but you are the whole of my life.

37. I am afraid that time is too fast, but my footsteps are still unable to catch up with the old days.

38. My last love for you is to let go of your hands.

39. The morning fog has lost the last confusion, and I can no longer find your whereabouts.

40. Sugar is still incomplete, sweet, love?

41. Life is like a platform, someone goes out, someone comes back.

42. Ten years of hard work, only a car, when you have a car, where are you?

43. Being able to be a confidante must be a boutique among women! A wise man who is a confidant must be a wise man in a man!

44. A good love should allow you to see the whole world through one person, and a bad love is that you abandon the whole world for one person.

45. Except you, I don’t want the whole world.

46. ​​Why is a woman so sentimental because of an ignorant man behind him.

47. When memories are good, how can you come back again?

48. You are everything when you are there, and everything is you when you are not there.

49. Everyone who speaks heartlessly has been a man with heart and lungs.

50. Time and time again and again, standing up again and again is always so repeated.

51. Memories. It’s always so sweet, but so painful that people can’t breathe.

52. If hurting Russia is a relief for you, Russia is willing to bear this kind of torture.

53. I pretend not to care about you, but it is my own.

54. A person is very good, has no scruples, wants to laugh and laughs, wants to cry and cry. Embrace yourself. Sadness only knows it.

55. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love.

56. Many people, because of loneliness, love one person, but more people, because they love one person, and lonely life.

57. One day you can come to my heart, you will see that there is all the sadness you gave.

58. After the pain, I will not feel pain, and some will only be an indifferent heart.

59. Sometimes love is also a kind of injury. Cruel people, choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt themselves.

60. I forgot how long I have had such a clean smile and a bright sky.

61. Someone always asks you, is there an object? Oh, no. Impossible! Actually, that is true, no one is chasing, but there is no suitable; not high vision, just no feeling. Maybe I want to fall in love sometimes, I want to keep myself from being lonely, but I don’t have that person, I don’t want to casually love. Because there is a kind of single called "Ning lacks abuse", there is a kind of single only waiting for someone...

62. There are no couples who don’t quarrel, only imperfect love; couples who don’t break up, only the third who don’t work hard; no men who don’t care, only men who don’t have the ability to make a heart; there’s no banquet, only a silent ending. There are no parents who do not want their children to become talented. There are only children who are not big. There are no unsuccessful things, only unsuccessful people. Remember, there is no way out of the world, only people who can't figure out.

63. Gradually understand, the person who cares the most is often the easiest to let you cry; gradually understand that many loves can be met and not available; gradually understand that many things can only be once, let go means lost Gradually understand, too much care about a person will often hurt themselves; gradually understand, true love does not need to return; gradually understand, we are a passer-by, because they have not stopped for love, in fact, a person is very good.

64. When you ask you to roll, you will roll. I don’t know if you are tight and you’re all right!

65. You also learn from Tencent, and every time you go online, you call my dear. . .

66. Have you ever read a person’s talks but never commented,

67. I am very lazy. I am too lazy to even the person in my heart is too lazy to change,

68. Male: Can I kiss you? Female: No! Male: What did I just ask? Female: Can I kiss you... Male: Yes!

69. Keeping QQ grouped open and closed. Closed and opened, watching people on the line, but can not find a person who can chat.

70. A love is about his wife and wife. How many more responsible?! A little bit of quotation

71. I discovered that when I can't get through your call, I say "I'm sorry" always moving.

72. A man who can bend over to tie your shoes is always better than a man who will only help you undress.

73. When I got married and drunk, I took my husband’s ex-girlfriend and the unclear woman alone, and then I gave a toast,

74. My future husband. . Don't be so good for your current object, no use!!!

75. You are just a 4, except 2 or 2, minus 2 or 2, really 2 plus 2, remove 2 and 1 2, and 2 times 2!

76. I hate that I have waited for your message for a long time. The result is a "hey". When do you tell a story or tell a joke?

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