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Spring Festival blessing

1. I wish the motherland prosperity and prosperity, the new year has a good weather, and the country is peaceful. Pinghe National Primary School, a class of five years

2. Heart and joy! A soft greeting, don't want to disturb you! Just want to bless you: Dragon Year, good luck!

3. When the Year of the Dragon arrives, I wish the motherland more powerful and prosperous, good weather, and Guotai Min'an.

4. New Year's Newsletter: Beginning in the new year, I wish you good things to pick up 2 consecutive 3, mood 4 seasons like spring, life 5 colors 6 colors, 7 colorful, occasionally 8 small money, troubles thrown into 9 clouds! Please accept me 10 The heart of the 10 wishes. Happy New Year

5. We are the Royal Police of Hong Kong. You have been surrounded by our Happy New Year and all the best. Accepting the blessing is the only way out! Otherwise, there will be more dragons and rains every day and happy shots to you! Happy Spring Festival! !

6. The clouds can't stop the breeze, the walls can't stop the air, the road can't stop the carriage, the cold can't stop my worry! The Spring Festival is coming, I will only give you a heartfelt blessing: May you be happy every day. Don't forget!

7. New Year Newsletter: Let me bless this mountain across the mountains, pass the stinking ditch through the traffic lights, skip the big road and cross the small alley, flash the old lady selling popsicles, and get into your ear: Happy Chinese New Year!

8. Yesterday, I dreamed of you, the sky is clear, the sun is shining, you stand on the blue sea, I take a small stick - you: Hey, this little king, the shell is quite hard. I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

9. When I wandered my heart and turned away, you cried helplessly behind me. This pain made me understand how much I love you. I turned and hugged you: this pig is not for sale. I wish you a happy Spring Festival.

10. We use the blue sky as the paper, the breeze as the pen, the blessing as the star, the sincere star, the white clouds, the moon, the motherland, and the motherland motherland 2019, good things, and the dragon year!

11. Zheng Zhongming's reputation: This newsletter has not been forwarded, never seen, the packaging is simple, the true feelings are strong, the original genuine, the piracy must be investigated, if there is similarity, it is a coincidence. Happy Year of the Ox!

12. The Year of the Dragon is approaching and I wish the people of the whole country a happy New Year and happiness. In the new year, everything goes well and the family is full!

13. Congratulations on your fortune, congratulations, he is wonderful, every year, good luck, everyone comes together.

14. Chinese New Year blessing: New Putuo national small three classes Hu Xinyu: "New" hi came to "Year" years are wonderful "Fast" happy smile "Le" in every second "Christine" congratulations "Happiness" Good "fat" is willing to cover the "goods" source of good luck!

15. This year is a good day, 1.3 billion people are happy, you set off firecrackers, I play drums! Be happy with the New Year!!

16. May the new year take it to the next level, the new year and the new weather, the adults work smoothly, the children learn and progress, happy Chinese New Year!

17. The clouds are beautiful, the rain is transparent, the wind is persistent, the moon is affectionate, the thought is lingering, love is eternal, the stars are brilliant, you are unforgettable. I sincerely wish you all a happy New Year!

18. Only those who know how to live can appreciate the chilly frost of the plum. The tempting fragrance is long. Only those who know how to care can feel the beauty of life. The happy mood is full of happiness. Only those who have worked tirelessly Only deeply know that happiness is hard to come by. I wish you a toast in the days of the Spring Festival reunion!

19. The lonely moon of the stars knows that the shame of the sunset knows that the fragrant butterfly of the flower knows that the gentle wind of the grass knows that the lingering heart of the dream knows, the tears in the heart know, my thoughts you know! My blessing please Remember: Happy Spring Festival!

20. Meet is the first melodious song, acquaintance is a cup of mellow wine, get along with the geese of Nanfei, knowing that it is the root of the ancient vine, always silently bless you when you are quiet, wish happiness and peace with your sweet honey Life. Happy New Year!

21. Pick up a thousand stars to illuminate your future; plant a thousand roses to intoxicate your mood; fold a thousand paper cranes to let go of your joy; find a thousand reasons to make you happy and peaceful; say a thousand sentences wish Your Spring Festival reunion is festive!

22. If I am a tear in your eyes, I will slide down your face to the depths of your heart. If you are a tear in my eyes, I would rather not want to lose you in this life. During the festive season, I wish you a happy and happy Spring Festival!

23. This is my blessing to you: the dream of the distant light illuminates a light, listen to my wish, I hope that your life will never have any scars, I hope you will go safely and again, I hope all of them. Beautiful filled with your dreams, wish you a happy new year and happiness!

24. The Spring Festival is the most solemn festival of the Chinese nation. Fill a car with happiness, let the peace clear, abandon all troubles, let happiness surround you, store all the warmth, drive the cold away, release the true feelings of life, let happiness always smile for you! New Year's Eve eats dumplings!

25. There is a hundred flowers in the spring and the moon in the spring. In the summer, there is a cool breeze in the winter to listen to the snow. If there is no trouble in the heart, it is a good time for life. I hope that you will be accompanied by the Spring Festival and happy, so that peace and happiness will always meet.

26. Silently missed deeply, silently blessing the most true, silently remembering the hardships, silently worried about forever, silently waiting for the Spring Festival to come, silently... Blessing the Spring Festival and happy reunion!

27. The mountains can block the sky from the heights, but they can't stop the deep thoughts; the latitude and longitude can open the distance, but they can't stop the sincere emotions; the years can pass the Chinese New Year, and the friends will be intimate. The Spring Festival is coming to send my blessings!

28. The footsteps of the past year have left the hardships and hardships to climb. In the coming year, you still need to continue to pay with higher ideals. Be brave and determined from now on, and wish for greater progress in the new year.

29. With the heart of thanks and the radius of sincerity, give you a round blessing, let the people who love you love you more, and the people you love know more about you! Wish you and your loved ones and beauty, bless your parents. Health and happiness!

30. The birds at the Swan Lake are flying, and there is no double line. Double wood is not connected with Lin Xin, if you do not have the heart to fly first. Great! You must have guessed it! The prize is the blessing above. Please take it home and share it with your loved ones. Congratulations on a happy and peaceful Spring Festival!

31. I wish my motherland auspicious Year of the Dragon!

32. Chinese New Year greetings: Celebrate the age of the tiger, blow the tiger flute, drum up the tiger's strength, follow the tiger force, hit the tiger's luck, screaming, holding a tiger's ear, the dragon is more tiger!?? One middle school, high school, six classes, Guan Qi

33. People rely on each other to feel warm; things and mutual help become easy; mutual concern is irritating; roads, walking together to have beautiful scenery! I wish the dragon year healthy and happy auspicious!

34. Tigers and tigers, the Year of the Dragon

35. 2014 is moving away from us. The new 2014 is coming to us. Let us work together to create a better poem in 2014. In 2014, our great motherland will be more prosperous! Let us work together and share Work hard to present our most sincere blessings to the motherland of the motherland!?? The second middle school of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province

36. New Year's greetings: Gao Xuyang, Grade 5, Grade 5, Gaobeidian, Hebei: What is the year? The year is a family reunion. What is a tiger? The tiger is the king of the forest. The Year of the Dragon is the day of the reunion of the king of the forest. I wish all the kings of the world a happy new year, career, and learning to a higher level!

37. New Year greetings: Missing is a ship returning home. The concern is the raised sail. The harvest is the day that passes. The splendid is the face of the parents. The love is the fate of cultivation. The wine is sweet tonight. If you ask what year is it, the tiger and the tiger will welcome the dragon year!

38. The land of Shenzhou is full of flowers, and the music of the motherland is like a wave. In the prosperous era, the family and the industry are booming, and the Year of the Tigers is booming. The descendants of the Yellow Emperor celebrated China, and wished the motherland Ryan auspicious?

39. Year of the Dragon, this is a year of harmony; the Year of the Dragon, the beautiful 2019; the Year of the Dragon in 2019, the protagonist of the tiger is indispensable, I hope that in each subsequent year, the protagonist will always stand on the stage that belongs to it!

40. Spring Festival Newsletter: You use your hard work and struggle to show your strength in front of the people of the world; how much difficulty you have experienced with your tenacious character; the year of the storm has passed, the new year Coming soon, in the new year, I wish you the motherland of your motherland: prosperity, diversity, happy new year!

41. Send you sunshine, evaporate your exhaustion for you; send you drizzle, wash your tiredness for you; send you a meteor, bring you a good dream; send you Caixia, give me a message: everything in the Spring Festival what!

42. New Year's greetings for the Year of the Dragon: The sound of flowers, spring knows; the feeling of warmth, the heart knows; the blessing of the New Year, you know; and the cell phone gently screams at that time, that is what I give you with health and happiness. A sweet hug!

43. Beginning in the new year, I wish you good things to be 2 and 3, and the mood is 4 seasons like spring, life 5 colors and 6 colors, 7 colorful, occasionally 8 small money, troubles thrown into 9 clouds! Please accept me 10 hearts 10 blessing of. Happy New Year!

44. Blessing the newsletter Daquan: There are faint poems in the long clouds; there is a joy in the faint poems; I have a light greeting in the joy of the moment. I wish you a happy new year!

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