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1. Longshantou stands like a tomb in the night.

2. The mountains on both sides of the Xiajiang River rise straight and rise, making people feel dizzy.

3. The secluded deep valley shows the quietness and coldness of the monks.

4. The ravine was filled with snow, and it was as high as the mountain back. It became a long-grained morning light of a flat snow shop, while the mountain was like a shy girl, looming, the sunset and the mountains, the light was shining.

5. Standing here and looking at it, it’s strange that the mountains have changed. Their shapes are very different from those in the plains or the mountains. They are very layered, messy, majestic and strange. Looking up, the mountain is the sky, the sky is also the mountain, and the mountains are left and right, as if your nose can touch the mountain at any time.

6. I saw a fascinating peak in the distance, and there are dozens of small pinnacles around. Take a closer look, the giant peak is like the Monkey King holding the golden hoop, the little peaks are like the little monkeys who catch the ear. Hey, Sun Wukong is leading its children to kill Nantianmen. Under the white sky, the mountains are dark and irony, solemn and solemn. The red sun rose and the peaks of the mountains were blue. Then, the smog rises, and the milky white yarn separates the mountains, leaving only the cyan peaks. It is like a fresh, dense and beautiful landscape painting. After a while, the fog was scattered again. The exposed rock wall and the steep stone were reddish by the glow of the sun, and gradually turned into bronze. They were against the green trees and the green fields.

7. Overlapping mountains, you can't see a village, you can't see a paddy field. These mountains are like some drunken old men, one by one, sleeping for tens of millions of years, and always awakening their dreams. No one ever dared to go deep into their hearts, the most adventurous hunters, and only at their feet, chasing goats, wild boars and birds that ran down the hills and never climbed its peak.

8. Nothing is more fascinating than the green hills after the spring rain bathing. The entire hillside is full of green and green, and the mist that has not come to the end is like a light silk, wrapped around its waist, and the sun shines each piece. The raindrops on the leaves have turned into colorful pearls.

9. A sharp-knife-like hill, with a few milky white mists, a smoky line in the smog.

10. This stone wall is like a skyscraper that is pressed against the back of the sky. It is as high as it is about to collapse and be aggressive. On the foothills, the dense forest seems to be a huge black blanket cap attached to the cliff. Black and green, from which a cluster of unknown wildflowers is drawn.

11. Rain changed the mood of the park. In the clouds in the northwest, it is a distant mountain of ink painting. This is quite praised in the garden architecture.

12. In July, the blue sky, the sun like a fireball, the clouds seem to be burned by the sun, and disappeared without a trace.

13. The naughty little star draws a golden arc in the blue night sky, throwing a brocade like a weaver.

14. On the night of the harsh winter, a few naked stars groaned with pitiful trepidation, and shivering almost audibly heard their teeth cold and caught the sound of beating.

15. The little star swayed in the cold, as if it was cold and trembling.

16. The stars are full of emotions, like naughty children, watching the world in a childish, obsessive manner, as if to tell a beautiful and moving myth with that bright scorpion.

17. Too white stars appear like a candle that someone carefully walks away, appearing quietly on the sky.

18. The dark blue sky shines with a white star that shines like a diamond - the star.

19. The sunlight in the early summer is transmitted from the dense layers of the branches and leaves, and the ground is covered with copper-colored spots.

20. The wind blew with a slight warmth, and the cry of the cuckoo was always sent. It told us: "Spring has gone."

21. Grass, reeds, and red, white, and purple wildflowers are steamed by a hot sun hanging high in the sky, filled with a sweet and intoxicating atmosphere.

22. In the early summer season, wildflowers of all colors are opened, red, purple, pink, yellow, like brilliant spots embroidered on a large green carpet; groups of bees are busy in the flowers, sucking the flowers, hard work Flying around.

23. In the midsummer, the sky is so hot that even dare to fly in the shade of the trees, as if the sun is hurting his wings.

24. There was no cloud in the air, there was no wind, and there was a hot sun on the top of the head. All the trees were languid and lazily standing there.

25. In the midsummer of July, there was no cloud in the blue sky of the blue sky, the hot sun was roasting the earth, the water in the river was hot, and the soil in the ground was smoking.

26. When the sun is shining, on both sides of the road, the mature grain is bent down hot and head down. There are many grassy leaves, and then wheat and rye fields, in the wheat and rye fields, in the reeds on the shore, a weak and noisy sound.

27. The sun is like a boss's fireball, the light is burning, the road is baked hot in the hot sun, and the foot is stepping down a string of white smoke.

28. The weather was so hot that there was no wind and the air seemed to condense.

29. The entire city is like a brick kiln that has been burnt out, making people breathless. The shit spits out a bright red tongue on the ground, and the hippo's nostrils are particularly large.

30. The fiery umbrella is high in the air, so the fish in the river are not afraid to shine out of the water, and the birds do not dare to fly out of the forest. The dogs in the village just stretch their tongues and endlessly.

31. That day, it was so hot that it was mad. As soon as the sun came out, there was already a fire on the ground. Some of the clouds, like clouds and fog, were foggy and foggy, floating low in the air, making people feel guilty.

32. It was a long, dry and rainy summer. The old mud in the hot sun was turned white. The creek near the village was a few inches lower. The stones that were exposed to the water changed steeply. Big.

33. The birds don’t know where to hide. The plants are dejected, like cockroaches; only the one knows, and the broken hair is shouting in the branches; it’s really breaking the drums and cheering for the sun!

34. The willows on the street are sick, the leaves are lit with dust on the branches, and the branches do not move. There was white light on the road, the small vendors did not dare to sip, and the plexiglass signboard at the entrance of the store seemed to be sunburned.

35. The beautiful starry night, there is no floating cloud in the sky, the dark blue sky is full of diamond-like stars.

36. The sparkling stars, like gems, are densely covered with vast expanses of night sky. The milky white Milky Way, from the northwestern horizon, traverses the sky, slanting to the southeastern land.

37. The stars of summer are just as cute as naughty children.

38. A few large and bright stars hang in the night sky, as if the people in the sky were carrying lanterns to inspect the vast space.

39. The starry sky is reflected in this raging sea, and it dances up and down with the waves.

40. The earliest Venus star flashed on this dark blue sky. It is so big, so bright, there is only one of it on the vast desert sky, radiating a striking brilliance, like a bright light hanging from the sky.

41. In the early morning, the blizzard stopped, but it took a long time to dawn. A few stars sneak open their eyes and pee into the white world of white.

42. Gradually, the star closed his sleepy eyes and disappeared in the morning air.

43. A good meteor draws silvery lines in the night sky, just like exploring the best future in the world.

44. The stars are more than ever, big and bright. They are neither blinking nor flashing. They are quiet and serene.

45. How cool and clear autumn night is! The stars are brighter than ever, big... just like the silver-gray skylights are adorned with dazzling gems, scented with crystal and soft radiance, everything on the earth They have become so elegant and so quiet.

46. ​​Mountain hills and mountains on the hills of the mountains and mountains?

47. Thousands of mountains and mountains, mountains and mountains, mountains and rivers, mountains, mountains, mountains, waters, mountains, mountains, waters, mountains, mountains, rivers, mountains, mountains, rivers, mountains, mountains, rivers, mountains, mountains, rivers, mountains, mountains, rivers, valleys, mountains, mountains, rivers, valleys, hills, hills, mountains, mountains, rivers The mountains of the mountains and the expanses of the clouds are suspended like a cluster of islands.

48. The surrounding mountains are like a colorful flower cloth.

49. The mountains and waves are stacked on top of each other.

50. The mountains and the black mountains are not along, and the cliffs are cut to the top of the cliff.

51. The rolling hills of the Loess are really like the waves of a flood.

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