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Legal maxim

1. Because there are laws to protect good manners, there must be good manners to maintain the law. - Machiavelli

2. Freedom is the right to do things within the scope of the law. - Cicero

3. A sane person is more free to live in the general legal system than in unfettered loneliness. - Spinoza

4. Freedom is a way of life that must have its own authority, discipline, and restraint. - Lippmann

5. The focus of law development is not on legislation, on jurisprudence, nor on judicial decisions, but on society itself. - Ehrlich

6. The law is a constantly improving practice. Although it may fail or even fail due to its defects, it is by no means a ridiculous joke. - Dworkin

7. The Constitution is an inexhaustible discourse of the flow of dialogue in a country’s generation. - Lauren Brad

8. Really want to lift a country's internal worries should rely on good legislation and cannot rely on chance. - Aristotle

9. Whoever makes a law for others should apply the same law to himself. - Aquinas

10. The more a law has a premise of evil behavior in its recipients, the better it is. - Radbruch

11. Under the government of a rule of law, what is the motto of a good citizen? That is “strict obedience and free criticism”. ——Bian Yan

12. The indifference of the people to rights and trials is a bad sign for the law. ——Pound

13. The law provides protection against arbitrariness, giving people a sense of security and reliability and keeping people from being in an ominous darkness in the future. - Bruner

14. The constitutional creator gave us a compass, not a blueprint. - Posner

15. The law shows the story of the country’s development over the centuries, which cannot be considered merely in mathematics textbooks.

16. The law and the method of calculation. - Holmes

17. The legal person, the emperor and the world public. - Zhang Shizhi

18. The power of the most kind-hearted soul is like a spirit that confuses the most savvy mind. No one is wise enough to be given unrestricted power. - Charles Gordon

19. Look at people with compassionate eyes on a ruthless look. - Bacon "On the law" Fourth, the law is a rational existence. - Montesquieu

20. In a just society, equal civil liberties are unmistakable, and the rights guaranteed by justice are never subject to political transactions or a balance of social interests. - John Rolls

21. The basic principle of the law is to be honest, not to harm others, and to give everyone what he deserves. - Justinian

22. The fairness of dullness is actually the biggest unfairness. - Thomas Fowler 8. Good heart is the best law. - McLaren, justice will never be absent, only late - Hughnet

23. The law is a manifestation of morality, and morality is a hidden law. - Lincoln

24. The purpose of legal research is a prediction that predicts the impact of public authority through the instrumental activities of the court. - [United States] Holmes "Common Law"

25. Justice is not a part of virtue, but the whole virtue; on the contrary, injustice is not a part of evil, but the whole evil. ——[Ancient Greece] Aristotle

26. To understand the law, especially to understand the shortcomings of the law. ——【英】Bian沁

27. The deterrent effect of punishment is not the harshness of punishment, but its inevitability. - Beccaria

28. The combination of marriage requires both husband and wife to be faithful and faithful to be the most sacred of all rights. ——【法】Rousseau

29. The law is the crystallization of all human wisdom and wisdom, including all social thoughts and ethics. ——[Ancient Greece] Plato

30. There are only two things in the world that can deeply shock our hearts. One is the splendid starry sky above us, and the other is our inner moral code - Kant.

31. In the eyes of the civil law, each person is the entire country - Montesquieu

32. If you want to convince others, you must first try to make people listen to what you are saying. ——Quan Lilian

33. Among the major civilizations of the world, China is the farthest from the rule of law, and even forms a contrast between the two poles. ——Shihe Xiulan

34. It is as important as possible to spread knowledge about their will among the people, which is the duty of the legislature. ——Bian Yan

35. The social status of the legal profession is a hallmark of a national civilization. - Feld

36. The highest level of the concept of the rule of law is a belief that the foundation of all laws should be respect for human values. ——Chen Hongyi

37. A law without faith will degenerate into a dead dogma, and a belief without law will turn into a maddening. - Berman

38. The rule of law means that the government must not impose enforcement on individuals unless they implement well-known rules. - Hayek

39. The law is the final result of humanity’s human experience following human experience for the common good. - Johnson

40. Explain the beginning of legal law and the foundation of it, a scientific work, but an art. - Savigny

41. If the legislator modifies three sentences, all the books will become waste paper. - Kirchman forty-four, the knowledge of the truth of law, from the cultivation of legislators. - Hegel

42. The legal interpreters all wish to find answers to their time questions in the law. - Larenz

43. The law is about the knowledge of the world and the world, the science of justice and injustice. - "Law of Law" Forty-seven, people are not the same, people can not understand the equality of all people before the law into equality is equal treatment, everyone is equal. ——[Ao] Ludwig von Mises

44. The law was enacted to punish the wicked reciting of mankind, so the law itself must be the purest and pure. ——[法] Montesquieu

45. In my opinion, the crime of murder is still small, confusing beauty and ugliness, good and evil, justice and injustice, deceiving the public and sinning the public. ——[Ancient Greece] Plato "Utopia"

46. ​​Good law should provide more than just formal justice. It should be both powerful and fair; it should help define the public interest and commit to achieving substantive justice. ——[美]Nonet Selznick

47. The fate of all laws that violate the natural feelings of human beings, like the levees that directly traverse the river, are either immediately washed and submerged, or eroded by their own vortex, and gradually collapse. ——[Italian] Beccaria

48. A judge is a law that speaks, and the law is a silent judge. ——[United States] Edward S. Cowen

49. The late justice is injustice. ——West Method谚

50. Only experts have the ability to measure their quality and appreciate their importance. But their judgment - the judgment of the legal class - will be passed on, and it will infect the consciousness and conviction of ordinary people. - Benjamin Cardoso, The Nature of the Judicial Process, p. 19.

51. Ehrlich said: "With the exception of the judge's personality, nothing else can guarantee justice." That is, the personality of the judge is the ultimate guarantee of justice. - US Benjamin Cardoso, "The Nature of the Judicial Process," on page 6.

52. The law should be stable, but it cannot be stopped. ——Pound

53. Support, the law has no power at all. - Phillips

54. What is the law? The law is the expression of the will of the class that wins and grasps the state power. - Lenin

55. The law is the free and solemn expression of the will of the people. ——[法]Robertsbill

56. The power of law should follow citizens, just as shadows follow the body. ——[Italian] Beccaria

57. If there is such a sergeant, then Skynet will be restored, and it will not leak! ——[East Chinese]

58. The best laws arise from habits. ——Jubel’s “Meditation Record”

59. There are two kinds of peaceful violence, that is, law and etiquette. - Goethe "Motto and Reflection"

60. The law stems from the self-defense instinct of human beings. - Ingersoll "Some Mistakes in Moses"

61. If the law cannot push the door of privilege, it must not cross the hearts of the people.

62. The law will never produce great people, only freedom can cause giants and heroes. —— Schiller "Robber"

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