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Respect the teacher's famous words

1. The teacher, the model of the person also. - Yang Xiong

2. The teacher is easy to ask, and the teacher is rare. - "North Zhou Book"

3. The disease is to respect the teacher. - "Lv Spring and Autumn"

4. The ancient scholars have a teacher. Teacher, so preaching, teaching, and confusing. - Han Yu

5. For the sake of learning, it is more important than respecting the teacher. ——Tan Yutong

6. Lovers don’t dare to be evil, and respecters don’t dare to be slow.

7. It means: If you love your own old man, you will not dare to be bad for other people's old people. If you respect your own old people, you will not dare to neglect other people's old people. From the filial piety. The Son of Heaven

8. Those who are not teachers, the abandonment of learning.

9. The country will be prosperous.

10. The ancient scholars have a teacher.

11. The disease is to respect the teacher.

12. The gentleman is a teacher and a relative.

13. Teacher, so preach, teach, and confuse. - Tang. Han Yu, "Speaker"

14. A teacher of one day, a father for life. ——Yuan. Guan Hanqing

15. For the sake of learning, it is more important than respecting the teacher. ——Tan Yitong, “Exhibition of Liuyang Mathematics Institute”

16. The gentleman is a teacher and friends. - "Scorpion Slim"

17. The disease is to respect the teacher. - "Lv's Spring and Autumn Advice"

18. The sorcerer of the sect is also the father. - "Lv's Spring and Autumn Advice"

19. Respecting the teacher is rich and poor. - "Lv's Spring and Autumn. Persuasion"

20. The study of the classics, Mo speed is good, followed by Long Li. - "Xunzi. Persuasion"

21. The grace of the Master is sincerely too heavenly and heavier than his parents. - Jin. Ge Hong, "Qi Qiu"

22. The country will be prosperous, and the heart will be master and heavy. - "Xunzi. General"

23. In the trio, there must be a change from the teacher who chooses the good. - "The Analects"

24. The gift of the words is also the teacher. ——Liang Qichao, “The Study of Chinese History. Preface”

25. The teacher is both respectful and self-study. - Kang Youwei, "The Collection of Political Theory. Speech in Zhejiang"

26. The book of good is teaching, and the teacher is the teacher. ——[Song] Li Wei’s “Huang Qiang Book”

27. It is better to be a teacher than to study. -----Yang Xiong

28. The sage is an impermanent division. -----Han Yu

29. It is difficult for a teacher to encounter a teacher. -----Sima Guang

30. The ancient king, there is no one who does not respect the teacher. -----Lv Weiwei

31. The teacher is the soul engineer of human beings. -----Stalin

32. The world is not a teacher, so the road is beneficial. -----Liu Zongyuan

33. The learner should ask for a teacher. -----Cheng Wei

34. One day is a teacher, and life is a father. ---- Guan Hanqing

35. Learning to be a teacher, but also a friend. -----Tang Wei

36. It is more important to respect the teacher. -----Tan Yutong

37. The ancient scholars are strict with the teacher, and the teacher is strict and then respected. -----Ouyang Xiu

38. Nothing is innocent, no length, nothing, the existence of the Tao, and the existence of the teacher. -----Han Yu

39. The three-person line must have my teachers; choose the good ones and change them from the bad ones. -----Confucius

40. People are not born to know, can not be confused? Do not confuse, but also confuse, and ultimately do not solve. -----Han Yu

41. Everyone I meet is more or less my teacher, because I have learned something from them. -----Emerson

42. Instead of looking for a confused tutor, it is better to go on your own, you can save the effort of finding it, and he doesn't know anything about it. -----Lu Xun

43. A good student can find his teacher's mistakes, but respectfully keep silent, because it is these mistakes that benefit him and make him go on the road. -----Tugunev

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