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Philosophical words 2019

1. I don't think about whether I can succeed. Since I have chosen a distant place, I will only care about the wind and rain. I don't think about it. Will there be cold and cold rain behind me? Since the target is the horizon, the world can only be back.

2. Regret is a mentally consuming emotion. Regret is a greater loss than loss, a bigger mistake than mistake. So don't regret it.

3. At sunrise, the East China Sea falls to the west, and it is also a day, and it is also a day. When you don't get a horn, you are comfortable, and your heart is comfortable.

4. Every successful person has a beginning. Be brave to start, you can find the way to success.

5. The world will give way to those who have goals and visions.

6. Before making things, you must make people first.

7. It is better to retreat to the net than the squid.

8. If you don't set limits on yourself, there is no limit to your limits in life.

9. There are many ways to make money, but if you can't find the seeds that make money, you can't be a business.

10. The ant nest is small and collapses.

11. The most effective capital is our credibility, and it works for us 24 hours a day.

12. The stumbling block is the step of entering the body.

13. In addition to tears, it is time to wash away everything. It takes time to change feelings. The longer the time, the lighter the conflict, as if the tea is constantly diluted.

14. Complaints are the greatest offerings of human beings and the most sincere part of human prayer.

15. The price of wisdom is contradiction. This is a joke about life's outlook on life.

16. The girl in the world always thought she was a proud princess.

17. If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you still have no grasp of him.

18. If a friend makes you angry, it means that you still care about his friendship.

19. Linghu Chong said, “There are things that we can’t control and we have to control ourselves.”

20. I don't know what I am doing right now, those are wrong, and I only know when I am finally dead. So what I can do now is to do everything I can, and then wait for the old.

21. Some people are very hateful and some are mean. And when I set it up for him to imagine, I realized that he was more pitiful than me. So please forgive everyone you have met, good or bad.

22. The fish said to the water that you can't see my tears, because I am in the water. The water says that I can feel your tears because you are in my heart.

23. Happiness should be accompanied by sorrow, and there should be fine weather after the rain. If it rains after the rain, if it is still sad after sorrow, please let us calmly face the parting after this separation. Smile to find an impossible person!

24. Death teaches everyone everything, just like the results announced after the exam - although suddenly realized, but it is too late ~!

25. When you were born, you cried, the people around you smiled; when you passed away, you smiled, and the people around you were crying! Everything was reincarnation!!!! We are all in reincarnation!!!!

26. There are very few women who feel that they are suitable for themselves before they get married. There are many women who feel suitable for themselves after marriage.

27. Among the thousands of people, meet the people you meet; in the thousands of years, the endless wilderness of time, there is no early step, no late step, just happened to catch up.

28. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easy: it is covered by habits, blurred by time, and consumed by inertia.

29. Life is an irresistible advance.

30. Optimistic people: When I was a child, I felt that my father was not simple. Later I felt that I was not simple. Later I felt that my child was not simple.

31. The so-called enzymes are a big scorpion, and then look back and flash again.

32. Those things that I thought I never remembered were forgotten in the process we never forget.

33. There are no euphemisms in the world, only the undead.

34. As a single friend of a couple, the only thing you need to do is to be a spectator.

35. It is basically a shame to learn from this.

36. We are always too polite to strangers and too harsh to intimate people.

37. Life is a business, some people run their own feelings, some have business interests, some have business happiness, and some have business conspiracy.

38. I have seen the baby laughing and laughing, only to feel that the growth is particularly sad.

39. True grief cannot be calculated in days, it permeates through a long life.

40. It is a mediocrity that you are not tempted by the sky.

41. The significance of the existence of a ship lies in the sea, while the meaning of the existence of the sea is not in the ship.

42. Life does not lie in length, but in life.

43. Everything should be better than nothing.

44. Don't talk nonsense--you can still be the master of words before you go out. After you say it, you become a slave to words.

45. Going out to friends, relying on yourself.

46. ​​Pain is a catalyst for character. It makes the strong stronger, the weak weaker, the benevolent more violent, the violent more violent, the wise more intelligent, the fool more foolish.

47. The reason why the world has an unwavering love, the spirit of loyalty and loyalty, is supported by the time. There is no dutiful son in front of a long illness bed. It is not easy to last for a long time. The beauty of everything is "no time to get bad."

48. The phrase "hold" is better than ten sentences "I will give you".

49. Divide life into two, do not hesitate in the first half of life, do not regret the second half of life.

50. Everyone in the world is lonely, but everyone's loneliness is different.

51. To fill your stomach, it is the reason why people cannot easily see themselves as God.

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