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What I said to my father 2019

1. If the mother is water, then the father is a mountain. Maybe sometimes we don't need a lot, maybe sometimes we get bored, but the father will always be there, waiting quietly for us to go home...

2. The reason why the father's love is great is that the father's shoulder is like a mountain, let you rely on it; the father's chest is like the sea, let you swim; the father's hand is like a rudder, let you sail; the father's love is like cotton, let you involve ...and the only thing the father can't give you is his strong and passionate tears!

3. Thank you for giving me precious life. Thank you for taking my hand through every growth process. Thank you for giving me all kinds of care in the storm of life!

4. I am a grandfather, but I still miss my father. Salute the son of Xiaojing’s father!

5. I can't participate in the first half of your life. I will accompany you for the rest of my life. Bless my dear father forever young and happy.

6. I want to say that my father actually loves you all the time. I really didn't mean to make you angry. My biggest wish now is that you and your mother can live forever!

7. Dad, the greatest name in the world, is dependent on childhood, growing up as a friend, and being an adviser in old age. In short, it is the pride of a lifetime, the comfort ofever.

8. Dad, I want to tell you that the quality of my daughter is like you in many places, because your edification, your subtle influence, remember that when I was in the first grade of the country, you met in the village office and asked me I am giving you a meal. Although I was not very sensible at the time, I clearly remember that everyone else was eating in the village nursing home. You said to me: The food in the nursing home is not good, it is not the place we eat. child. "You can't understand these words at the time, but now I understand what it means. Your words and deeds are like educating me, affecting me. Today I am matured a lot. I work hard and live. I know how to be considerate to others. I have your support and influence on the family. I have relaxed a lot and made a lot of progress.

9. Dad, my daughter sincerely wants to tell you that you are so old for us, your body is weak, and the wrinkles are deepened. Children are worried, they are not fake. You just retired from your job position, but your heart is not idle, miss me, miss him, love your grandson, and a group of naughty and lively baby. .

10. Dad, my daughter doesn't praise you a lot, but my heart has always been worried about you, worried about your health, and miss your life. Although there is no distance, I can't go home often. Dad, how are you doing now? Let the call bring my greetings, my thoughts!

11. Spring is the season of flower blossoms. It is the moment of recovery. Let’s take your mother out and go to nature to have a look. Let’s take a look at the willow sprouts and smell the peach blossoms. Take a breath of fresh air on the grass. You are happy, we are happy, Dad, I want to tell you that you should pay attention to your body, take care of yourself, and care for each other to alleviate my concern for you and your mother.

12. From my time, my father’s straightforward character, fairness in dealing with things, and the principle of integrity have influenced me. Until today, I am still learning and working hard in my 30s.

13. Dad is very fond of our sisters. In the days when life was difficult in the 1980s, he gave us a lot of happiness. He took us to the fields to play, took us to the rivers to catch fish and touch the shrimps, and took us to Look at the big, horrible big watermelon in Guadir. Because it is something in the team, so we can only go and see, he is absolutely not allowed to eat melon.

14. I remember that when Dad was angry, it was also very scary. He hated us for not learning well, and most unwilling to see the mistakes we made. In my memory, he spoke out loudly for the divorce of his younger siblings. Because I am introverted and obedient, I care more about me.

15. Dad, I want to tell you, you never said to us, to honor your parents, to love others, but you have touched me with your personal actions, and my grandmother is lying in bed and has more than 1,000. Day and night, you are personally feeding the rice, and personally give her water to drink, as the saying goes: There is no filial son before the bed. But you gave us a boned answer: look at me, every time you go out I will give it to you first, and then I will go out of the home that you are worried about. How many parents and folks will praise you.

16. Dad has influenced me with his character for most of his life. My bones are flowing with his own rules of doing things. Although I have not achieved great cause, I will continue to do what I should do. I should have done it. The river, walk the life path that I should go, to repay your teachings and edifications to me!

17. Father loves nowhere, father loves the sea. Father loves me for the rest of my life.

18. I love my father, he is old, but in my heart he is still very handsome, so I love him.

19. My performance has always been bad, but he never blames me, does not blame me, always encourages me.

20. I love him, and in my heart he will always be my favorite.

21. An old man actually makes me love so determined, long-term, pure, selfless, warm, deep, dependent and revered, always love you, Dad!

22. Dad, you are my most respected and admired person! I am trying to be like you!

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