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Grateful mother's words

1. Strong beliefs will win strong people and then make them stronger.

2. Let us change the pre-existing worries into pre-thinking and planning!

3. Obstacles and failures are the most stable stepping stones for success. If you study and use them, you can cultivate success from failure.

4. There is no education that can stand up to adversity.

5. The curtain of the stage of life may be opened at any time. The key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.

6. It’s nothing to do bullfighting when you are not afraid; it’s not a big deal when you’re scared not to go bullfighting; it’s really amazing to go to bullfighting when you’re scared.

7. Money can be recovered if it is lost. Once it loses its reputation, it will be difficult to recover.

8. Those who can seize the opportunity to walk in front of them will succeed in all likelihood.

9. A long way, you can finish step by step, and then you can't reach without a short foot.

10. The unlikely event may be realized today, something that is impossible at all may be realized tomorrow.

11. Those who have aspirations have thousands of things, and those who have no ambitions only feel that it is difficult.

12. I succeed because I am successful!

13. Ordinary steps can also go through great journeys.

14. The qualitative change of any performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative changes.

15. The cold stone will be warm for three years.

16. Taunt is a force, a negative force. Praise is also a force, but it is a positive force.

17. The speed of leadership determines the efficiency of the team.

18. Sincerely, the other half of the word "honest" is success.

19. The key to the probability of success is that you can stick to the moment when success begins to appear.

20. Defeat yourself is the saddest failure, and defeating yourself is the most valuable victory.

21. Imaginary will come up with a lot of wonderful ideas, but I can't do anything.

22. Face with the saint's chest, use scientific methods to control, use the emperor's royal rice to raise the stomach, wash the lungs with clean air, sleep with the baby's feelings, and use the bright sun to dry, the disease will take the initiative to retreat.

23. Today, you are sick, I will worry; tomorrow you are angry, I will be sad; in this life you are healthy, I will be relieved; in this life you will be happy, I will be happy. Think about your parents, take medicine is not bitter; think about friends and family, injections are not painful; think about the heart... the disease will be good! I wish you a speedy recovery, become alive and kicking.

24. When you are sick, I feel that the world is not angry. Get well soon!

25. Your health is my greatest happiness, your happiness is my greatest happiness! When you are happy, send me a newsletter, and look at my greetings when you are alone!

26. God said: Happiness is a grateful heart, a healthy body, a kind of work, a person who loves you deeply, a group of trusted friends, you will have it all!

27. If God can do something, give all the happiness to you and give half of your pain.

28. When I was sick, my pain was awkward, but when you were sick, I couldn’t get it.

29. The stars will fall for a second, the moon will rise for the sky, the earth will revolve for a year, if you want someone to be an hour, you will love someone for a lifetime, but if you care about it for a second, take care of yourself and be happy with you!

30. A soft greeting, don't want to disturb you, just want to know that you are all well! May every mobile phone tweet bring you luck and happiness, I hope every newsletter will bring you happiness and warmth! Missing your people!

31. The sound of the fall of the flower knows, the feeling of tears knows, I hope that the mobile phone gently shakes, can make you feel joy and joy, do not say impossible, do not want impossible, just want to ask you: my Do you insist that you saw it?

32. If the heart is close, the road far away is also short. If you are happy with honey, the bitter sea water is sweet. If you receive my newsletter, I hope that it will be fun to be tired again today. I wish you happy every day.

33. I don’t know how long I have been in my life. No one can prove how far this road is and it doesn’t matter. Even if you can’t walk with you, I cherish every second of you as my friend. .

34. Love, it turns out to be easy, just put you in your heart; love, it is not easy, it is impossible to come to your heart. Please, draw a map for me!

35. The adventure makes me know you. The fate makes me like you. I have something to tell you in my heart. I am afraid that I will lose you. I will not forget you in this life. Even if I can't have you, I will miss you every day, miss you!

36. Love is always around, my world is wonderful because of you. I will give you cool in the summer, I will give you warmth in the winter, I will take care of your world, I wish you happiness every day!

37. I am bright in the valley, I am clouded by the forest, I put the snow on the mountain, I make the sun shine, I say to the shy flower: Open! I say to your heart: love!

38. Those who try to do something but fail do not know how much better than those who try not to do it.

39. Everything in this world is done by hope. The farmer will not strip a corn. If he does not want it to grow into a grain, the bachelor will not marry his wife. If he does not want to have children, the merchant will not go to work. If he did not hope to have a profit.

40. Belief is strong, suspicion only suppresses ability, and faith is power.

41. Take a risk! The whole life is an adventure. The person who goes the farthest is often the one who is willing to do and is willing to take risks.

42. Sometimes the distance between success and unsuccess is very short – as long as the latter moves forward.

43. A person cannot bring confidence to others unless he has confidence.

44. Praying with action is more sensible to God than words.

45. Those who applaud others are also fueling their lives.

46. ​​Successful people learn from others, and those who fail only learn from their own experiences.

47. Success is not something that will come in the future, but it will continue to accumulate from the moment you decide to do it.

48. Don't ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.

49. Many days are destined to be "life"; but you can decide how to face it, that is "transport"!

50. Your love of the day may bring thanks to others for the rest of their lives.

51. There is no end to struggle, and it is a starting point at any time.

52. The roads are not up to date, and the wind is so strong that men are trained.

53. The mountain does not resign, so it can become its height; the sea does not resign, so it can become deep!

54. Those who fear their own suffering have suffered because of their fears.

55. In real life, every great cause begins with confidence and takes the first step by faith.

56. Those who lose money lose little, those who lose health lose a lot, and those who lose courage lose everything.

57. The “safe” ship has never been able to move away from the shore.

58. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools of success. Without it, genius will be in vain in the inconsistency.

59. Without enthusiasm, there is no progress in the world.

60. In the history of the world, every great and noble moment is a kind of zealous victory.

61. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm, it can touch the stone, it is the essence of sincerity.

62. A person can succeed in almost anything he has infinite enthusiasm.

63. If you don't want to do something, don't want to reach anywhere in the world.

64. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It is through all the roads to failure, leaving only one way, that is the road to success.

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