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1. Desire is like a weed, a virtue is like a flower. Whether it's a wild grass or a flower, it depends on your lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle, what kind of life map.

2. The most important thing is grace, temperament, and knowledge. If you don't have it, you can only rely on courage.

3. In fact, some words hidden in the bottom of my heart are not intentionally to be concealed. However, not all pain can be shouted.

4. He loves not to love you, ask your heart, don't ask your ears; you love not to love him, ask your tears, don't ask your smile.

5. The so-called growth is to force you to be alone, awkwardly injured, stumbling and strong.

6. Break up, he lost someone who loves him, and what you lost is a person who doesn't love you, why bother to be sad.

7. When someone is sick, someone is accompanying. When you are bored, someone talks. When you cry, you have a shoulder. When you go home, you have a smile on your face. This is the sense of security I need.

8. Baby, I count the stars, your IQ is almost, you count the moon.

9. The most tiring thing in the world is to watch your heart break, and you have to stick it yourself.

10. Don't be depressed, life is like an electrocardiogram, and it's easy to prove that you are hanging.

11. When we were young, we cried and cried and laughed. When we grew up, we laughed and cried.

12. Love is a disease, I caught up; you are my medicine, I am addicted.

13. Some people say: The person you can see with your eyes closed is your favorite person.

14. Don't worry about the ambiguous future, just work hard for the sake of clarity.

15. The difference between a lie and an oath is that one is the person who listens to be true, and the other is the person who said it is true.

16. Once I was so passionate and scarred, I finally learned to be ruthless. One day, it’s not so young, and it’s still you who love, but I always say to myself: “I can live my own life.” But only when it’s so disappointed and lonely, I can’t shed tears. I can't afford to wave, smile tells myself that it's not that you are not good to me, but that love is vain. How strong it was, how lonely it is.

17. Good men can withstand temptations, and good women can withstand loneliness. Love can be simple, but not casual. Proud women are mostly married to humble men, and proud men are mostly humble women. There are no beautiful angels in the world, only good women. There are no two people who can't be together, only two hearts that are not close together.

18. Life is alive and is bound to suffer many wrongs. The more successful a person is, the more wronged he is. To get the ultimate value of your life, you should not care too much about grievances, and you should not let them tighten your mind. To learn to laugh, you must learn to be detached, and learn to transform potential energy. The wise man knows how to forbear, let us grow in tolerance.

19. If you have love, don't touch it. In the face of precious love, we need to do it all the time.

20. With the temptation to endure loneliness, only in this way can we give each other the greatest sense of security, and the road to love will be flat and flat.

21. Life is a journey, a whole! But we often feel that we have grown up. Now is the time to come to the result, so if the fruit of the knot is lost, it will be disappointed with life. Don't worry too much about the gains and losses at this time, know that growth is the most important thing!

22. Some people started out as a myth and later became a joke; some people, at first, were jokes and later became myths.

23. [Life can't communicate with these ten types of people] 1. People who are always complaining; 2. People who are overly dependent; 3. Extremely sensitive people; 4. Aggressive people; 5. Unscrupulous people; People; 7, people who don’t talk about quotas; 8. people who are selfish and self-interested; 9, people who don’t understand the feelings of cherish; 10, those who refuse to make promises and don’t let go.

24. If possible, be stronger, prefer to be enviable, and not too weak!

25. The only thing in the world that can be obtained without hard work is age!

26. Seeing yourself from the big sorrow and seeing your friends.

27. When you are happy, you will laugh. If you are not happy, you will laugh later.

28. It is not necessarily an enemy that pulls on your head.

29. People can't bring money into the grave, but money can bring people into the grave.

30. It is always a dream before departure, and it will always be a challenge after going on the road.

31. On that day, you are the end of the world, I am the cape, the two sides are facing each other, the despair that cannot be interdependent; that the world, you are the bright moon, I am the clear spring, the shape is wrong, can not be intertwined; in that life, you are On the banks of the Qingshui River, I am at the bridge of Naihe; you are calling deeply, and I have deep love. Sansheng Huafa, worried about life, we are not a fairy tale after all, with you, just a comic that I missed in my life.

32. Sometimes, I feel that I have nothing at all, as if I have been abandoned by the world. Sometimes, many friends around me still feel lonely. Sometimes, when I walk through the familiar corners and see the familiar back, I suddenly think of a person. Face; sometimes, suddenly want to cry, but sad to cry out; sometimes, when the night is quiet, suddenly feel lonely into the bone marrow; sometimes, suddenly can not find themselves, lost themselves.

33. There is a book that says that a woman can have no love, but she must not have a job; she can have no job, but she must not have no friends; she can have no friends, but she must not have no loved ones! Originally, love is a very insignificant thing.

34. Love is wrong, every day is April Fool's Day; love is right, every day is Valentine's Day.

35. My world has not been with you for a long time. Occasionally think of you, remember the past, those that are no longer clear, those things that are gradually drifting away, I have no big joy, no big sadness. I don't expect to have a strong love, and I am afraid to swear. People grow bigger and more lonely. Love, the more you grow, the weaker you are. The reality of this world is terrible. After witnessing countless gatherings and disperses, we dissipated the courage of youth. Who can be as desperate as it was at the beginning?

36. Many times, it’s not as good as a child’s heart.

37. Growth is a cruel plunder, robbing innocence and taking it away.

38. Sometimes crying is not weak, but because it is strong for too long.

39. When time bury your footprints, fate reshapes your face, stops, and suddenly finds loneliness on the left and memories on the right.

40. What is happiness? It is to hide your sorrow and smile at everyone.

41. After getting used to loneliness, one person is the whole world.

42. Every greatness is more controversial; every perfection has infinite regrets.

43. When you get destroyed, you are regretting when you lose.

44. A truly successful life is not in the size of achievement, not in the level of status, not in the amount of money, not in the presence or absence of fame; but in whether it is to work hard to achieve its goals, whether it is full and happy to live!

45. The weather is just like a woman, fickle! The weather forecast is just like a man, not reliable.

46. ​​Living in the Eight Commandments, I want the body of the Monkey.

47. No one cares about your youth, and don't let others control your youth.

48. Don't forget to promise what you have to do, and don't forget to promise where you want to go, no matter how hard or how far.

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