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1. The simplest thing is persistence. The hardest thing is persistence.

2. Learn to be strong and be a camel that never dies in the desert!

3. Please pay attention to the difference between tolerance and tolerance, the former is the calm sea, the latter is the volcano to be sprayed.

4. The world's largest container is called the mind.

5. Tolerance is a harbor where you can park your love.

6. Learn the sea, Nabaichuan, and let yourself have unlimited capacity.

7. The greatness of the sea is because it can accommodate thousands of rivers; the ordinaryness of the sea is because it comes from bit by bit.

8. Many people who look like friends are not friends, and many people who are friends do not appear to be friends.

9. Like the dead wood is the most flammable, the old horse is the most tame, the old book is the most interesting, the old wine is the most mellow, the old friend is the most reliable.

10. Friendship is the mitigator of our sorrow, the relaxing agent of passion, the vent of our stress, the sanctuary of our disaster, the negotiator of our suspicion, the refreshing agent of our brain, our thought Dissipating the mouth is also the exercise and improvement of our contemplation.

11. There is a window that separates you from me. It is you outside the window, it is me in the window. On that sunny day, I pushed open the window and let the wind blow my hair. At this time, I saw your familiar figure. Suddenly, as soon as you turned around, I saw me in the window. We watched silently, knowing without words, and sending each other a sincere blessing to each other...

12. I hope that every spring breeze will bring my thoughts to you. Every drop of summer rain reflects my sincerity. Every autumn fruit represents me and your happiness. Every winter snow symbolizes my blessing to you. .

13. A leaf makes friends with caterpillars, and the whole tree suffers.

14. Check the friendship between the two chickens and wait for a bug to appear.

15. Sincerity is the highest skill of making friends. Insight is an important safety guarantee for making friends. Tolerance is the fertile ground for friendship.

16. Sunlight can drive away the cold, and friendship can resolve sorrow.

17. Flowers should be watered, and friendship should be cherished by people.

18. Pride is the egg of victory, but it is a failure to hatch.

19. Entrepreneurial hardships must be worked hard, and seeking knowledge should be modest.

20. Passion, this is the wind that is full of sails. The wind sometimes blows off the sails; but without the wind, the sailboat cannot sail.

21. The blue of the sky is your pursuit of the future. The ambiguity of the sea is your yearning for the future; as long as you persist in your struggle, you will create a better tomorrow.

22. It is not the mountain, but the life that needs to be climbed is life; it is not the abyss, but it is the one that needs to be crossed.

23. Reefs are able to inspire beautiful waves because of their firm beliefs; youth is exceptionally colorful because of its pursuit of sublimity.

24. Life is a circle. Some people have not walked out of the circle drawn by fate for a lifetime. He just doesn't know that every point on the circle has a tangent line.

25. Unremitting struggle, life will be brilliant; study hard, and ideas will have awe.

26. Don't wait for every light to go out, look forward to the light; don't wait for the wings to break, just miss the vast blue sky.

27. People will cry when they are born, and laughter is learned later. So sadness is a low-level instinct, and happiness is a more advanced ability.

28. A flower can't bloom forever, a grass can't be green forever, and a person's life can't be smooth forever. However, I know that the flowers are withered and the flower buds will be open; the grass will be yellow and the new sprouts will sprout in the spring; the unsuccessful life will hold up the sails that will continue to advance. Friends, don't let the tears stay in the face, don't let sadness occupy the soul, don't let despair stop us from advancing. Let us look at the world from a different angle in pain, and you will feel that the world is so colorful!

29. You see the people around you as devils, you live in hell; you see the people around you as angels, and you live in heaven.

30. Two people have a pain and only half a pain. Two people share a joy but have two joys.

31. Life is precious for a short time, and friendship is precious because of its sincerity.

32. The peony in flowers is the most vivid, and the friendship between human beings is the most valuable.

33. It is a kind of safety to have friends and peers. It is a kind of strength to have friends’ support. It is a kind of encouragement to have friends, and it is a kind of happiness to have friends.

34. The reunion is a sincere parting.

35. Time is to dilute the parting wine, but it is not a friendship; the distance is to open the hands of friends, but to pull the heart of love. What has changed is the face, and the constant is the state of mind.

36. How much is the value of belief? Faith is not worthwhile, and sometimes it is even a deliberate deception. However, once you stick to it, it will appreciate quickly.

37. Keep aspirations and sincerely write the Spring and Autumn Period.

38. The ideal is a banner, and the belief is a torch.

39. Use ideal papers and diligently write pens to write magnificent youth.

40. Those who are aspiring have long-term ambitions, and those who are unconscious have long been determined.

41. Strengthening a belief, success is at hand.

42. Wild grass can't cover the light of the sun, and the difficulties can't stop the footsteps of the brave.

43. Without a reef, there is no beautiful spray; without frustration, there is no magnificent life.

44. A calm lake, no skilled sailors can be exercised; a comfortable life can not create a great man of the age.

45. If you have sang the dawn, then please embrace the night.

46. ​​“Heavenly rewards,” you may not necessarily get a return, but you will not get a return.

47. The fallen leaves care about their own dance; the meteor pays great attention to the last moment of light; we should cherish the whole process of our life.

48. A person who wants to know and cares about whether others think they have knowledge; a person who does not care about knowledge but is very concerned about whether he can be regarded as knowledgeable by others.

49. If you treat every day in your life like the last day of your life, life will be more exciting.

50. The beauty of a meteor lies in the process of burning. The beauty of life lies in the process of struggle.

51. It is not always possible to get a job, but it will not be obtained without it.

52. People who lived yesterday lost their past, those who lived tomorrow lost their future, and those who live today have the past and the future.

53. Happiness has no tomorrow, no yesterday. It does not miss the past, nor does it yearn for the future. It is only present.

54. Know how to arrange yesterday, today, tomorrow, you know how to grasp life.

55. Don't sigh again yesterday, even though it was the day before tomorrow; don't think about tomorrow, because it will be the day after yesterday.

56. There are three days in life: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday has passed and tomorrow has not yet arrived. We can only grasp today and cherish today to add brilliance to life.

57. Yesterday was a cheque, tomorrow is a futures, only cash is available today.

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