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Distressed sentence 2019

1. I love you, just as you do not love me.

2. Once upon a time, I thought I found the happiness I wanted, but when I paid for nothing, I realized that it was always my wishful thinking.

3. Beautiful love is also mixed with sorrow, and the story of beauty is also ending, destined to fall in love with you will hurt yourself! Should this love should let go?

4. When I shed tears, you are also crying. I don't think you are alone. When I smile, you are still crying. It turns out that you are lonely than me.

5. Don't believe in memories so much, the person inside doesn't necessarily miss you.

6. I am used to waiting, so I can't resist the origin of the waiting in the reincarnation. I don't know, so I have to wait a long time to see an answer; I don't know, so I can still wait for how long to wait for a result? Missing, very powerless, it is because I can't see the result of missing. Maybe, missing does not need results, it just proves that there are individuals in the heart that have existed. Can you miss a certificate and prove that it used to exist?

7. Once the dream was broken, picked up, tried to piece together, then broken, then pick up, piece together, until one day will not piece together.

8. One person thinks that the memories are unforgettable, and others have long forgotten.

9. Don't waste new tears for the old sadness.

10. At the crossroads, we walked away. You take my tears, I walk your hate.

11. When a relationship does not belong to you, it does not have any value to you at all, so you don't have to think of it as a loss.

12. I like you, for a long time, waiting for you, for a long time, now, I have to leave, longer than a long time.

13. I am in love, can't tie it, try to let go, walk and not go, stay and stay, I don't want to understand.

14. Some losses are doomed, and some fate will never be fruitful. Love a person does not necessarily have to own, if you have a person, you must love her well...

15. There are many things in this world. You think that you can continue to do it tomorrow. There are many people. You think you can meet again. So, when you temporarily put your hands down, or temporarily turn around, you are in your heart. What I think is just the hope that I will reunite tomorrow. Sometimes, even this kind of hope can’t be felt, because you think that since the day comes like this day, of course, it should be like this day. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow should be no different, but there will be one time. When you let go, the moment you turn around, some things will completely change, the sun will fall, and before she rises again Some people will never say goodbye to you.

16. Please cherish the people around you who love you silently. Maybe one day when he really left. You will find that it is you, not him, who cannot do without each other.

17. If it is not possible, then it is just perfunctory.

18. Love is like two people who are pulling rubber bands, and injuries are always unwilling to let go.

19. I am reluctant to give in, but I am only scarred in exchange for it, and my world will no longer have you.

20. It is wrong to meet, to know is wrong, to be wrong together, to be tempted to be wrong with you, to be in love with you or to be wrong, to fall in love with you is even more wrong, all are wrong...

21. An unacceptable love requires not sadness, but time, a time of forgotten. A deeply hurt heart needs not sympathy but understanding.

22. Lost is not coming back, and coming back is no longer perfect.

23. When happiness ends, indifference begins, there is no reason, no reason is needed, everyone obeys silently; thin transparent glass, separated by two worlds, no one resists, no one escapes...

24. There is a kind of fate called love, there is a feeling that once owned, there is a kind of ending called destiny, there is a kind of heartache called no time.

25. There is always a heart in the world who is expecting and calling for another heart.

26. After leaving, I don’t think you should forget one thing: don’t forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.

27. Going to a place and missing a place is because of the people there; not the scenery there, a city will connect with itself; because there have been many good friends there...

28. At some point, miss the palm print of a time; hide in a certain place and miss someone who cares about me.

29. In youth, there are always chats, and we can't tell the love that was past friendship or missed in the past years. Vaguely remember, in my heart I had hoped that the fireflies would take us away.

30. In fact, all the missed loves have the same reason: not that you can't keep up with me, that is, I walk too fast and accidentally leave you behind. In fact, all the missed loves have the same reason: not that you can't keep up with me, that is, I walk too fast and accidentally leave you behind.

31. We have never stayed on the same road, like the flashing figure in the dim light, just in an instant drowning in the endless darkness.

32. If a thousand people stepped past me, I can also hear your footsteps, because the feet of 999 people are on the ground, only your footsteps are on my heart.

33. Night and night, hurt and hurt, accompanied by the text, walked through the lonely years, I hope that you can join hands with us to the summer solstice, to feel the beautiful and gorgeous pain, the most incomplete Love.

34. Love is a feeling, even if it hurts, it feels happy; love is a kind of experience, even if the heart is broken, it will feel sweet; love is an experience, even if it is broken, it will be beautiful. Falling in love with you is just a moment, forgetting that you need a lifetime. Whether you still remember me or not, in your heart, there will always be a tear that I shed for loving you, always there forever...

35. You are gone, take all my love and leave, just don’t say a word to me, I really want to see you once, I want to say "I love you" to you once.

36. Truly heart is closest to sadness.

37. The heart is broken and there is no trace. I am moved by the sky and I am unable to move you.

38. Since you have lost love, you must die. It is impossible to recover the kite that has been broken.

39. The other side of the flower, the flowers are open without leaves, the leaves are raw without flowers, but they can't meet each other.

40. How to make you meet me at my most beautiful moments. For this, I have asked for five hundred years before the Buddha. Asking the Buddha to let us end a period of dust, the Buddha then turned me into a tree, growing on the road you must pass. Under the sun, the flowers are carefully filled, and blossoming is the hope of my past life. As you approach, please listen to the trembling leaves is the enthusiasm I am waiting for. And when you finally walked by ignorance, falling behind you, friends, it was not a petal - it was my dying heart.

41. Knowing that you are wrong at the beginning, the fault is that you love you too deeply. In this life, you only want to follow you. In the lifetime, you are the only person I love.

42. Once I met, the total victory was never met.

43. The greatest loneliness in the world--not a single form; it is not a crowd, it is unrecognizable; it is a resonance of the piano, but it is not a harmony.

44. Time will slowly precipitate, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment.

45. I am not really used to refusing, but I am afraid that once I have to hold hands, when I return to a person, I can’t stand the loneliness and sadness. If I don’t have it, I am not afraid of losing.

46. ​​Love but not love, love but not love. We love each other and fall in love, but we can't live together for a lifetime.

47. Your heart is my cape and the horizon, I can't go further. We have traveled to the ends of the earth in this life. It is not a journey around the earth, but a world.

48. Blue curtains, glass-like hearts, are transparent to you, but easy to be sad.

49. Missing a person's taste is like drinking a cold glass of water, and then condensing into tears.

50. My life, the broken, the firm, the pride, and the things I never forget or dare to forget, they are far faster than your turn, eyes... covered with a layer of cinnabar, overshadowed a When is the ancient city, when will you come back?

51. In your past life, who you have hurt, has long forgotten, but the person you hurt will never forget you. He will never remember your strengths, but remember your hurts.

52. Heart, waiting for the faint beauty. The snow is frozen and the heart beats... Love dies because of the freezing of the heart

53. Just just sad, just decided to give up, just just forgot to cry, just happened to meet you.

54. If you love you is hurting you, I choose to like you. If you like you are bothering you, I choose to leave you. If you can use everything I have to change your happiness in this life, I am willing to pay for everything, all because I love you!

55. If the stone will also shed tears, I want to make a stone to cry in your heart, at least, you can feel your temperature.

56. Actually, I have been standing behind you all the time, but when you turn around, I squat down, and as soon as I breathe, you can't see me.

57. All the endings have been written, all the tears have already started, but suddenly forgot, what is the beginning. In the old summer, no longer coming back, no matter how I go to pursue, young you are just like a cloud. And your smiling face is extremely shallow and light, and gradually disappears behind the sunset. With tears, I read it again, but I have to admit that youth is a book that is too hasty.

58. What you have lost has never really belonged to you, and you don’t have to regret it.

59. If one day we are not together, we must be together.

60. There is a kind of love called no chance, not no love, but no fate, and there is also a kind of love called perfection! To fulfill others and fulfill themselves.

61. Life is like summer flowers, who will subscribe to my sorrow. The future you are talking about is the scenery that I can't touch. My departure has made everyone's vast sky.

62. There is no humble love in this world. It seems to be humble but because it loves you too much. In the end, it is silent, there is no perfection, no resentment, no blessing, only a bleak look, floating in the wind.

63. I like you, I have been waiting for you, I am blessing you every day, I miss you all the time, and you have received it, I don't know if I can have you, I don't know who you like, maybe, fallen leaves It is my reincarnation!

64. The heart is dead, the tears are dry, and it is unbearable to return to the soul. The dream is awakened, no love, and the past is like a smoke. It is also true and false, and it also loves and hates. The only way is to find 觅觅, cold and clear, miserable; but helpless, forever and forever, this hate is endless...

65. If there is no waiting for a thousand years, there will be no short-lived embarrassment in this life, and perhaps a thousand years of obedience can be exchanged for the hands of this life!

66. Some people meet like a meteor, and they instantly make an enviable spark, but they are destined to just pass by.

67. If I have never met you, if I have never fallen in love with you, if I didn't believe it at first, maybe I would not be this one myself.

68. The dream is gone, the heart is broken, leaving only to prepare for the departure.

69. If one day the world betrayed you, at least I will betray this world for you.

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